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Impact of English Communication in the Workplace

University: UKCBC College

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Table of Content

  1. Introduction
  2. PART 2
  3. PART 3
Question :

English is considered the most important language in an organization. The project deals with the problem of the use of mobile phones. It is an important aspect in the workplace where all communication can be made easy with the help of cell phones. The project includes the following-

  • description of present situation and identification of problems.
  • Description of the need for the changes and cost involved in it together with benefits expected.
  • Evaluation of change and necessary recommendations.
Answer :
Organization Selected : 4Com Plc


Mobile phones have everybody's expectations and attitudes. Rituals, new customs, and routines are emerging all around. Most importantly, it has made the people free from the restraint of space. Now, a call can go anywhere and people can fix telephonic calls to any part of the world. Small children are using mobile phones in their hands. It has become a powerful source of human communication (Alemán, Sanchez-Pi, and Garcia, 2015, pp. 115-123). Incorporate world, mobile phones are useful tools for fixing appointments with business partners. Employees can easily make decisions and receive as well as make calls to other team members. Complete customer service is based on mobile phones.

Cell phones have made the work in society easier and faster. People can do transactions of bank easily on phones. This is a safe way of transferring money to accounts. It helps in digital transactions which is cheaper in developing countries. Cell phones can perform many tasks such as sending documents, e-mails and accessing internet which save the time of managers. For perfect business practice, healthy communication is needed.

Cell phones provide faster uploading of documents and connection with clients. It has the ability to do multitasking which is essential in business world. Business managers are wondering due to massive adoption of technologies all around the world like how to position their organisation so that they can be benefited from the latest trends. Company resources and data are used by mobile technology without being tied to a particular location (Barca and 2016, June, pp. 1-4). It helps in making the presentations, interacting with clients, real time communication and getting immediate feedback. Most importantly, it has introduced a new platform for marketing and advertising. These advertisements can be customized to target the audience in a more specific way.

Being the manager of Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, this report presents the criteria in which mobile phones are used in various fields along with the advantages and disadvantages on society. Currently, all transactions and interactions are happening on mobile phones (Duncombe, 2016, 213-235). Those days are gone when people sit on one table and spend quality time. Today, each and every child carries mobile phone which is a topic to think. Parents allow their children to access certain applications and limit to particular websites only. They want their children to have prepaid phones so that they could do limited texting, talking and data usage.

Smart phones are used 24 hours a day in this sector. Banking offers easy access, good security and large amount of applications to access. Main benefit is that customers have direct control on the money (Gallacher, 2014, 1-8) More people are interested in doing transactions through mobile phones. Banks do not charge any fees for operating services online. Anywhere and anytime, financial records can be accessed which make the mobile banking more appealing. Hence, its use has advantages and disadvantages both when used. Many medical problems are also raised if mobiles are used at a high rate. Thus, mobile technology should be used in a limited manner.

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Mobile phones is a crowd pleasing instrument for the society. Some people believe that use of mobile phone has improved the society but according to survey, these devices are ruining the lives vastly. It is necessary for people to have face-face-face interaction but its use has shown downfall in interaction people's meeting. Earlier, people sit and talk together on gatherings but now, they just remain on cell phones. No conversations are seen on the public places among people. With access to social networking sites, people can get connected to anybody due to which they can get away with anything. Mobile phones have increased the demand for access to applications and business information like iPad and Apple iPhone. Excessive use of mobile phones have affected health of human beings. These sets are part of everybody's life. It has becomes necessity for many people all across the world. Business associates, family members are in regular touch with mobile phones. It has become a status symbol for society. When these were introduces it were expensive and bulky. There was also a signal problem in remote areas. But now as technology has advanced difficulty in using them lower down. Due to wireless services and satellites, difficulty in using then has reduced and cell phones reception has improved (Guan and Wang, 2017, 325-333). So its importance has also increased in each and every field. Modern cell phones can be easily accessed and are equipped with GPS technology that allows use of internet and helps in receiving and sending files and photos. Receiving them is more reliable and of good quality due to advanced technology in wireless services. They deliver excellent packages and promotions for users. For any cell phone user searching a reliable provider industry is no longer an issue. Rather its expansion has given a choice to users and competition has increased which has resulted in downfall of prices of wireless cell phones services. All types of information can be send to office or home through mobile phone, emails can be checked, can be checked as calendar and help in storing photos that can be easily transferred to desktops or laptops. A huge series of mobile phones have been produced by the manufacturers that range from low cost to high cost cell phones. Some users purchase it simply to make basic calls and some purchase complex or advanced mobile that is multitasking (Hwang, and Wu, 2014, 83-95). Even underdeveloped and remote areas have mobiles and wireless services. Increased use have lead to high rate of competition in the market. Almost 2.5 million apps are being used by users all across the world. According to the research 80% of the population use these electronic devices and almost 65% use Smartphones to post status, read news. Communication has been made feasible and the days of landlines are gone. Earlier internet was restricted to computer only but now it is available to smartphones too.

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There are many disadvantages caused due to increased use of mobile phones. Children cannot concentrate properly on their studies. It is a major source of distraction in the classrooms. While driving also, mobile phones distract the minds of people and accidents take place. Another loophole is that it keeps a person away from community. Society is cut from social gathering and like to spend their time playing games and browsing information on internet. People like to send unnecessary messages to each other and parents are also not aware of the activities conducted by children on mobile phones (Choi, 2015). It can be considered as a total wastage of money and time. Mobile has become the fastest medium for criminal activities and terrorism.

Mobiles have some adverse effects on society and have generated some medical issues too. Its impact on society are as follows:

Criminal Activities:

Due to the use of mobile phones some unwanted activities are also taking place in the society. People can share their views, photos and files anywhere in the world. Terrorism has increased due to increased use of technology (Thavalingam and Karunasena, 2016, 34-43). They take use many advanced application to fulfil their demands. Criminals take use it and make society unfriendly. It has resulted in becoming hot commodity in black market.

Traffic accidents :

Increased use of mobile phones has resulted in accidents. Teenagers talk on phones while driving rapidly and meet accidents drastically (Ingrams, 2015,506-515). Nowadays they remain much busy on phones while driving cars and bikes and thus their concentration lack on roads. Like this they ignore traffic rules and loose control on roads. Pedestrians have also caused many accidents.

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Stealing of private messages:

Private messages and photographs and online accounts are being stolen by hackers. They hijack password and take back all information stored in Gmail, Facebook and then blackmail people by accessing their accounts. People receive calls from unknown number in which they ask about OTP of accounts (Kuznekoff, Munz and Titsworth, 2015, 344-365). Thus, hackers try to open others account and receive all sensitive information so that they can access user's private documents like passport numbers and tax returns.

Psychological and social development :

mobile technology has affected child's psychological development. There are some unwanted sites which sent sexual messages and information to children. Thus, these sites should be banned for children's view.

Apart from this it also has some medical issues that should be kept in mind while using it:

Eye problem:

Bright screens and small texts can cause eye problems to users. Smartphones and tablet computers are made to read at close range, so users should focus to reposition the activity for texting on screen.

Brain tumour:

Due to increased use of mobile phones there are chances of brain tumour for users (Morgan and 2015, 1865-1871). It has risk of brain cancer risk if used for longer period than 15 years. Fatal type of brain tumour was recognized known as Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM). It is caused by cordless phone. They emit radio frequency waves and break DNA that causes cancer. They are able to damage cells of brain to a huge level and this leads to tumour in brain (Wilhelm and 2015, 302-315). These radio frequency waves are in the form of electromagnetic energy and non-ionizing radiation. Unlike UV rays and x rays these are not strong then too they can break DNA inside cells. It depends on the duration of a person talking to another.

Hearing Impairment:

It also causes hearing problems in adults and youth. Radiations emitted from it make a person deaf slowly. Thus, it contributes in reduction of functionalities of ear. Phone is always kept near to the ear and rays hit those ear which causes impairment in hearing.

Sleep Disorders:

In today's life youngsters listen music, texting and messaging late at night. This leads to disorder in sleep (Porter and 2016, 22-39 ). Due to vibration of mobile phones and sleep patterns are interrupted and people get awakened in between the night. Due to different kinds of ring tones youngsters could not sleep properly and headache starts in morning. Thus, it results in many medical problems. It also results in cardio problems.

There are some ways with which use of mobile phones can be reduced. Notifications in the phones can be turned off or special applications should be only used. Huge amount of applications should not be kept in mobile. Only those apps which increases productivity and provides necessary information should be used. Social media profiles should be reduced. It should be turned off before sleeping so that disturbance is not created. Usage of smartphone should be reduced.



Changes can be brought if users want internally to bring change in the environment. Mobile phones have its own advantages and disadvantages. It should be used in a limited way. People who are addicted to smartphone should beat it by creating plan for phone use. Cell phones should be used to certain times in a day (Seo and 2016, 282-292 ). Phone can be put away or somewhere when not needed. It is not necessary to operate all the time. Applications in the phone can be reduced so that mind is diverted on some other work. Phone should be put on silent mode so that ringing is not heard all the time. To reduce its usage participate in social gatherings, functions to spent quality time. Main purpose should be fulfilled easily. Personal data can be removed for peace of mind. This also reduces risk of being used by someone else. A cell phone holiday should be taken. People should make a plan for a camping or trip where no cell service is available. This supports to be away from phone. Another method that can beat addiction of phone is changing phone's settings. There are many settings that make users alert to get Facebook notification or email. These should be turned off so that there is no vibration of phone. Then, change in the thinking of users can help in alteration of behaviours or emotions. This results in less use cell phones.

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Mobiles can be used safely by everyone. Users should be careful while sharing their data to another person. Its not easy to take back photo, texts and videos whatever have been posted. This information can be copied and pasted on some other website (Soleimani, Saeedi and Rahmanian, 2016, 4-10 ). Thus, reputations are at stake. Users should not cross roads while talking on mobile. This leads to drastic accidents. Phones should be gripped securely in the hands so that a protective cage can be formed all around the phone. Small size phones are main targets for snatchers because it is easy to hide or snatch. Due to social media house may be robbed. Security settings should be properly set on social networking site. Then, after accessing accounts online user should be signed out. Some smartphones give option to save ID but if some wrong person access it then all sensitive information including account numbers and balances can be scratched out. Slouching again and again causes strain in the neck and ligament problems. It results in poor posture and high pain because all force of body is focussed on neck five to six times. They can engage themselves in many other activities to change their moods (Tenhunen, 2017). Something constructive can be done and few goals can be fixed for a day to keep away from mobile. Thus changes

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