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Write an Essay on the Chosen Topic

University: The Open University

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
  • Pages: 7 / Words 1861
  • Paper Type: Essay
  • Course Code: R/508/9873
  • Downloads: 970
Question :

An essay is needed to be written on one of the two topics. After this, a summary on the written essay is required followed by a self-reflection.

  • Write an essay on the chosen topic.
  • Provide a summary of the essay.
  • Write a self-reflection by including two or three areas of improvement.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Lincoln Electric

PART 1: Essay

The set of rules and regulations may differ from one country to another based upon their challenges and experiences being faced by them. Further, it is also dependent upon the authorities as well that whether they want to attracts large number of migrants towards the territory or not. The essay makes a comprehensive discussion regarding the statement, “Boundaries can never be neutral” and analyse that whether there is any impact of boundaries on migration or not. The essay will also make discussion regarding lenient and restricted aspects of Immigration Act of UK so as to concrete the knowledge aspect regarding stated subject matter.

Every country has their own rules and regulation with respect to immigration. The policies being followed by the government also helps in finding out that whether it is easy or difficult to approach or visit to a country. Moreover, the purpose of each individual can also be different with respect to their visits. People may visit for travel, education or employment purposes. It helps in defining their duration of visit as well (Newburn, 2012). Hence, immigration law has also been designed by UK government so as to ensure that all the policies are procedures are appropriately being followed by people and territory can be kept secure. Most common procedure is by issuing visa or having appropriate visa procedure. It is only approved if the country finds all the documents and intentions of the individual correct. The activities related to documentation and visa is quite important so as to mitigate the activity of terrorism that may crop up due to migration of individual from one place to another with some of the other malice motive. Also, it helps in initiating peace in the environment in the maximum possible way (Immigration Act: overview, 2016).

There are various individuals who tend to migrate from one location to another. The motive can variate as per the living condition of people. UK have been a hub of migration, where large number of people tend to transfer to this territory with the motive of gaining higher education, to earn better livelihood, that is, employment, to have greater social class and status, etc. Migration have extensively grown in UK due to availability of large number of employment opportunities available for people in it (Stewart and Mulvey, 2014). Further, migration can be due to other reasons as well. It can include other reasons, such as, social, political, economic and environmental aspects. Moving towards better quality of living with the aim of having better social life is also another reason linked to migration. It as been estimated that approximately 495,000 non-British citizens have been able to move to UK between the year 2010 and 2016. During this period, an estimated annual average of 190,000 had an intention to live abroad.

The other major drivers of migration were due to enhancement of economic and labour market of UK. Other driving aspects can be related to higher study opportunities, language and established networks of various Multi National Companies (MNCs). It helps in attracting large number of people towards it. It has been assessed that there are relatively high number of migrants in UK in comparison to that of other EU countries. Researchers have stated that immigration policy plays an important role in it, where, an impact can be assessed on migration flow. Other impactful policies regarding the same can be related to employment and trade as well. Income inequality available in UK have also been able to attract large number of high skilled labour towards it. It is due to the fact that they are being able to generate high incomes while working in UK. The country's history, with respect to migration is the key contributor of current inflow in migrants (Aliverti, 2013). It is due to the reason community networks in the country tend to facilitate new migrations aspects by lowering the risk involved in it. Similarly, UK's cultural and historical links with other country also helps in facilitating growth of migrants in the territory. Language also play a substantial role in it. Availability of English as a second language all around the world is also an important factor that is considered by people while choosing UK as their destination. It helps in easy facilitation of job and performing functions in the company as well (Immigration Act: overview, 2016).

Regulations also plays an important role in ensuring that maximum number of people can be attracted towards the country. There are other EEA citizens, who have right to come to UK, to live, without even getting explicit permission from the government or other concerned authorities. However, the situation is not same in case of Swiss people, where it is mandatory for them to bring their families to UK, when they are planning to shift to the country. Their engagement in various functions in UK is treated as binding agreement for the individual in such a manner that even while leaving the country they are required to take special entry clearance from the concerned department (Fox, Moro…Ÿanu and Szilassy, 2012).

An increasing rate of increase in offences in UK have been found which has initiated stricter laws in the country with respect to migration. Hence, restrictions have been initiated in certain areas so as to ensure that the country can peacefully function. The immigration Act 2014 of UK have been able to restrict people to settle in the country on illegal basis restricting illegal migrants to enter into the territory. The people whose claim from asylum has been unconfirmed are also restricted to enter into the country. The same applies on their dependant as well (Wray, 2016).

Immigration Act of UK have also been able to introduce new powers in the hands of authorities to tag national foreign offenders, who are released on bail. It will reduce the threat of illegal immigration and activities in the country. Hence, it can be stated that various measures have been put forward by the authorities in order to reduce illegal immigration in UK, who have higher chances that they will be able to restricted from migrating or living in the country. Stating the reason, it can help in reducing any type of terrorism being functioning in the country, stopping illegal employment and working conditions so that any illegal activity functioning in the country can be reduced to the minimum (Aliverti, 2012). Smuggling in the country which exploit core citizens of UK can be taken care of through this new immigration act being introduced by the government. Other implications that has been taken care of by introducing new act in the country is related to preventions of applicants from submitting application of migration in more than one country. It helps in understanding that each country has their own rules and regulations with respect to immigration. Some may have stricter rules that migrating into that country may prove to difficult, some may have liberal set up, where, migrants are able to easily migrate in the nation.

It can be stated that every border has their own symbolic representation which helps in assessing that whether an individual belonging to some other country will be able to cross the border or not. based on their legislation aspects as well, it is actually decided that whether one will enter into the country or not. Hence, supporting the main argument being made the topic of essay, that, “Boundaries can never be neutral”, that is, there will always be certain procedures that is required to be followed by people while entering into from one country to another (Delahunty and Yoo, 2012).

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PART 2: Precis

Immigration is one department which keep changing its policies as per the instances being noticed in the environment. Government tend to involve in policy formation aspect, so as to ensure that all the laws and provisions being framed are appropriately being followed. European policie4s being adopted have been made stricter by the UK government in a manner that all the illegal activities being functioning in the territory can be eliminated (Lockwood, 2013). Every individual, migrating from one country to another, may find that every country has their own rules, policies and regulations. Visa and certain documents related to Identity proof are generally required by each and every country. Since, UK is able to attract maximum number of migrants towards it in comparison to the other European countries. Hence, it can be stated that, immigration policies can differ from one location to the other in such a manner that any type of illegal activity functioning in the territory can reduced to the minimum and then can be eliminated as well.

Each border has their own speciality and hence allow its migrants to follow different set of rules and regulations. Hence, the boundaries of different countries can not be neutral. It initiates one or the other issue that may be existing in the countries with respect to immigration. Hence, the statement of essay, “Boundaries can never be neutral”, has appropriately being justified (Bosworth, 2013).

PART 3: Self Reflection

The project has proved to be quite helpful for me where I have been able to understand that why immigration policy of one country may vary to the other. I also got to know various cross border policies that has actually been adopted by UK. The study has also been effective to understand the importance of immigration act, which may vary from one country to the other. I have been able to bring improvement in my analytical as well as critical evaluation skills. I have been comparing and contrasting the rules and regulation, that has proved to be quite effective to understand and create in depth analysis of the topic. It has also helped me in appropriate completion of overall research, which is an important factor so as to reach to appropriate result set. It has not only enhanced by thinking abilities, but project has proved to be fruitful in improving my written and communication skills as well. I have been able to communicate regarding immigration aspects effectively in a manner that the reader will be able to gain adequate knowledge out of it, related to migration policies being followed in UK.

Immigration, looking from a wider perspective can prove to be positive and negative both for the country, where people can initiate migrating from one place to another effectively, following all policies, procedures and rules related to it. Hence, I am now being equipped with better knowledge related to immigration policies and hence advice on the same to the other individuals as well.

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