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What Are the Examples of Soft Sounds?

Answer :

Soft sounds are those which are gentle, quiet, or peaceful. These sounds are typically soothing and not harsh on the ears. They do not create a strong or intense auditory impact. They are often calm, subtle, and pleasant to hear.

Some Examples of Soft Sounds Are: 

Rustling Leaves: The gentle sound of leaves rustling in the wind is another example of a soft sound. It's a subtle and calming noise associated with nature.

Rainfall: The soft pitter-patter of raindrops falling on surfaces like rooftops or leaves is a classic example of a soft sound. It's a gentle and rhythmic noise associated with rain.

Ocean Waves: The gentle lapping of waves on the shore at the beach creates soft sounds. These calming noises are often used for relaxation.

Soft Music: The gentle melodies of a soft piano tune or a mellow acoustic guitar can be considered soft sounds. These types of music are often used for relaxation.

Soft sounds are generally associated with tranquillity and can have a calming effect on people.

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