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Application of Effective Communication Principles

University: Regent College of London

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  • Level: Diploma
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Question :

Communication plays an essential role in an organization. Thus, the scenario of this essay determines how to ensure effective verbal and nonverbal communication at the time of the selection interview process.

  • Examine the principles and barriers to effective communication.
  • Clearly state the application of effective communication principles.
Answer :


Communication plays a crucial role in every organisation. It allows employees and manager to communicate with each other in free way. By communicating it becomes easy for managers to give instructions (Perlman, Kaufman & Speciner, 2016). An effective communication will help in completion of task in appropriate time. Also, it helps in reducing conflicts and creating a friendly environment at workplace. Besides this, the barriers of communication should be eliminated so that effective working can be done. This essay will describe principles of effective communication and barrier in it. Moreover, the star technique of interview is studied in this. Also, two models of selection interview is described in this essay.


Communication is a process of sharing of ideas and thoughts with each other via medium. An employee must be able to communicate effectively with its managers and colleagues. It will help in working together and achieving goals and objectives. Besides this, a communication process should be made flexible so that it is easy to interact with managers. An employee communication skills must be tested at time of interview (Baran & Baran, 2014) This help in analysing how effective he or she can communicate and express his ideas and thoughts with each other. Also, it helps in developing principles of communication. There are many barriers that occurs in communication. It is described below:-

Language- Sometimes, it is a barrier as one person is not able to understand language. This is a common barrier that leads to misinterpretation of message.

Cultural barrier- It becomes a barrier when there is cultural difference.

Technical jargon- In this technically connected people can be a barrier. It includes quality manager, engineers, etc. the language can be understood easily as they re having very high quality language.

Body language- When non verbal communication is done, body language or gestures can be misunderstood. This hinders the message quality (McChesney, 2015).

Lack of attention- Sometimes lack of attention of receiver will lead to misinterpretation of message. Lack of attention may occur due to poor listening.

Organisational barrier- in this barriers can be related to policies or regulations that are implemented. For example- if communication has to be done in written form that it will hinder operations because it will take time to write message.

Two models of selection interview are :

Stress interview- in this interview is taken to analyse behaviour of employee in different situations. It helps in finding out how employee react to that (Fulk & Connie Yuan, 2017). The main purpose of this interview is to find out stress handling capacity of employee.

Panel interview – it is conducted by panel of two to three members that ask various questions to candidate. The selection is done by consent of all the members.

Principles of effective communication

Clarity – The message must be clear about on what sender wants to say. It should not be ambiguous.

Accuracy- Data inserted in message should be accurate. It must be authentic.

Simplicity – The message should be simple and easy to understand. Short sentences should be used.

Time consideration- Communication must be done in right time to right person. This will lead to effective communication (Ruesch, Bateson & Combs, 2017).

Feedback –Feedback must be taken from receiver to ensure that message has been delivered properly.

Star technique- it is a technique that is used by interviewers. It is used to identify behaviour of employees. In this behavioural questions are asked to employees regarding past work situations. This helps in predicting employee performance for the future. Also, by this interviewer analyses whether candidate is having enough skills or qualities for required job or not. This technique is based on four concepts that are given below :-

Situation- In this is its asked to candidate on how has he or she performed a specific job. For example – how has he handled a situation or conflict. This situation can be related to work, event or any particular position (Van Eemeren & Grootendorst, 2016).

Task- In this it is asked to candidate on what was his role and responsibilities on that situation or conflict. What targets was given to you, etc.

Action- In this candidate describe what actions did he or she took to achieve that target or how conflict was solved by taking proper actions.

Result – At last it is explained by employee on how results was achieved by taking appropriate actions. What candidate learned form that situation.

Thus, by using this interviewer finds out employee behaviour (Hovland & Lumsdaine, 2017). For this questions are prepared by them. It helps in finding out communication skills of employee and how will he or she reacts to specific situation.

Generally, there are two types of communication that is used in business that is verbal and non verbal. Verbal means communicating orally or in written with each other. It is a face to face communication process. In this message is sent by phone, E mail, letter, etc. It is further divided into two types that is oral and written. In oral the message send is very clear and feedback is taken immediately (McChesney, 2015). But in written there is no assurity of feedback. Therefore, most of the time oral communication is used by employees. Non verbal communication is done by expressing it through body gestures, eye contact, signs, symbols, etc. It is very difficult to understand what other person wants to say. It is not an effective communication.

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