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Understanding Self and Others


Understanding of oneself and the overall impact of it on others is of utter importance (Castro and et.al., 2016). So, self development in terms of core skills needs to be done to find out their impact on others. The report throws light upon understanding of various core skills which are both personal and interpersonal of oneself along with required development.

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1. Reflective Journal

1.1 The core skills

For improvement of quality of life, success in endeavours of individuals and finding of happiness and fulfilment of core skills serve as prerequisites. The core skills that I possess are as follows:

Decision Making: The decision making skill that I possess are of high quality. Decision making basically involves gathering of facts and figures, creation of new ideas and making final selection from many alternatives with respect to the situation (ÄŒerne and et.al., 2014). I am expert in gathering facts and figures because of my vast knowledge. In many cases, selection of one particular and final alternative is a crucial part when so many options are available. But my observation and understanding of given situation is so good that I can make effective decision.

Creative Thinking: It is obvious that for making decisions, coming up with new ideas is highly essential. So, with keeping this in mind, My thinking skill is very much enhanced. It helps in creation of new solutions, analysing the problem and exploring new ideas. This skill is very much important whenever I have to face some critical situations that no one could analyse (Derlaga and Berg, 2013). Creative thinking helps me to come forward in terms of unique and effective solutions.

Self-Esteem: The affirmations that an individual has about living a fruitful lifestyle, is considered under self-esteem. I am very confident in every challenge that come across my path. I have firm belief that whatever the challenge or situation is, I have to be positive about it. Also, I am confident that whatever task or situation I have to face, I will definitely be successful in doing the same. This self-esteem skill possessed within me is my asset towards facing any type of challenge.

Time Management: Time has a crucial role in the life of an individual. Every task that is to be done requires a particular time period for its completion (Hasson-Ohayon and et.al., 2015). Proper time management ensures that the given task or daily activities are completed within given time limit. This skill allows me to manage my personal activities, skills and objectives that are set by me. So, proper management is essential whenever I face ample of problems at a single time. It ensures me to solve those problems in time.

1.2 Importance of each of the core skills

Each of the core skill that I possess holds importance and justification about each of the skill has to be done as follows:

Decision Making: Synder's Theory of decision making helped me in understanding the crucial role of a decision. According to Synder, the approach towards making a decision is dynamic in nature (Higgins Snyder and Berglas, 2013). Decision makers take in account all the situations for making decisions. If one fails to do so then credibility and acceptability will not be achieved. According to him, factors involved within that decision needs to be considered and the impact of that decision over society also has to be analysed. For its effectiveness, I need to consider all liberal democratic systems also that include various groups, political parties and non-governmental organization for making my decisions.

Creative Thinking: Its importance can be justified with the help of two theories that are Creative Cognition Approach and Convergent & Divergent Thinking. The creative cognition approach states that an individual develops mental representation of the problem that has to be faced in a general phase (Huprich, 2014). Also, in the exploratory phase for developing creative ideas, these creative pre-inventive structures are used. However, the convergent thinking involves creation of a single and correct solution towards the problem and divergent helps in creation of inventive resolution. So, both these approaches help me in enhancing my skills and in creating creative ideas in accordance with the situation.

Self-Esteem: The theory of Stanley Coopersmith's Self-Esteem is perfect in analysing the importance of my core skill of self-esteem. It states that with help of foundation of trust, unconditional love and security, self-esteem is acquired in early childhood (Kohu, 2013). So his research made it clear that the way parent's child rearing practices are carried out helps in foundation of high self esteem. From my previous experience I have enhanced my self -esteem as a result of which I have gained motivation.

Time Management: Importance of time management can be justified with the help of popular Maslow's theory. According to it, matching of needs and wants of individuals with management of time and forming a nourishing & wholesome complex by integrating everything is very much important. Managing time reduces the burden of work and also helps in completion of set objectives. So, in order for my well being and fulfilment of my goals, I need to make efficient use of time.

1.3 How competitive I am currently

Based on my tool kit findings, with keeping in mind the current scenario of order, I can surely be a tough competitor. For achieving the goals that are set by an individual, analysing the whole situation is very much important (Kopala‐Sibley and et.al., 2014). With my improved decision making skill, I have the ability to analyse situation or problems that I have to face in the path of achieving my goal. No matter whatever the situation is, I can efficiently conduct research over the facts and figures that are required to be found for the situation. My tutor also appreciated my skills since I have assisted him in many decisions of teaching methodologies that involved selection of one particular alternative from many.

Also, currently, the main issue faced by many is proper management of time (Straiton and et.al., 2013). Individuals usually fail in achieving their desired goals because they do not possess time management skills. This is also a plus point for me, since, I can effectively manage my time. For example, at my workplace, I am frequently praised by my boss and colleagues because whenever I assist them in any task, I effectively manage all the tasks on time because of which time-limit is not a major issue to them since I am there to help. Also, I am able to manage multiple tasks within stipulated time period. As a result of this, I am able to give enough time to my family also because of which I am praised by them and my friends as well.
Many people, usually because of the burden of facing many problems at a time, get demotivated and are not at all confident about their decisions. As a result, they hesitate to do every task because of which they fail in achieving their goals and compete with others in the same field.

In order to face the tough competition of day-by-day changing world, one needs to have self-esteem in ample. In context of this, I am very confident that my self-esteem will prove to be quite beneficial to compete with the ongoing scenario. I can definitely compete with others because I am very much confident that my self-esteem has improved my personality as a whole. Creation of new ideas is also one of my strengths. A problem needs to have some alternatives as well. I possess enhanced skills of creative thinking because of which I am able to give innovative ideas with respect to a particular problem. Overall, this has turned me to into a new emerging tough competitor.

1.4 Contradictions/Weaknesses from analysis

The analysis led me to know more about my core skills. This has helped me to evaluate myself effectively. Although in the analysis, I found some weaknesses also that have to be considered by me. I am very good in decision making but many times it happens that while working in a team everybody do not agree with my choices. At workplace also, whenever I propose certain ideas for achievement of targets then, two three people always make objections. At times, this situation makes me de-motivated because of which I lose concentration over the topic and everyone gets disappointed. So, the weakness that was a major point of concern for me was that I easily get de-motivated. This weakness needs some attention to be paid because it can damage my effective decision making skill. And as a result my performance will be affected as a whole (Lysaker and Dimaggio, 2014).

Furthermore, another contradiction that I found out was in accordance with self-esteem. I am very much confident that with respect to my individual decisions my self-esteem is not a problem at all. It rather strengthens me. But when work burden increases, and at the same time if I have to manage different people, then dealing with them under such pressure becomes difficult for me. So gradually my self esteem lowers down at some or the other point. So, I need to make sure that work burden doesn't affect my efficiency. I need to utilise my time management skills here in this case so that I am able to manage all the tasks in time. Despite the complexity of tasks I need to create new ideas to handle them with full utilisation of my creative thinking skills.

These contradictions or I can say my weak points, have to be taken care of, so that my performance as an individual is not affected. Also, proper managing has to be done so that I can effectively enhance my skills with respect to the growing competition.

1.5 Importance of my core skills with respect to future

Since the competition in increasing with the evolving of technology, therefore the core skills that I posses hold huge importance in the future. Time management will be a major skill that will be of utter importance (Rodkin and et.al., 2015). The future of it will be very bright because one has to mange tasks whether it is at workplace or at home, handling of different situations has to be done. So, time management will me in effectively managing all my tasks. It will be an asset for me in the future.
Also, with complexity of tasks self-esteem will play a crucial role in future with the evolving of technology. The burden will definitely increase since people want to do multiple tasks. So to compete in future with others one needs to have ample of self esteem which is again a plus point for me.

Further, with the advancement of technology, demand for innovative and creative ideas will definitely increase (Neff and Pommier, 2013). The reason for this is that, every problem needs to have some alternatives which require the ability to think creatively. My enhanced creative thinking is thus of utter importance with reference to future.

With the increasing complexity of technology and advancement also, in future many crucial decisions have to be taken. This will require that the individual needs to stay updated with the technology and all the happenings of the world, so that precise facts and information regarding decision can be gathered. Again, my decision making skills will play an important role in future where I can effectively take complex decisions.

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2. Summary and action plan

The journal helped me a lot in analysing that what are my actual core skills and in which areas I need development. So with reference to the strengths I found out that my time management skills are the assets that will help me in competing with others in mere future. This skill of mine differentiates me from others. Because of work load, many people fail to manage tasks on time so my skills of time management will prove to be an asset (Rodkin and et.al., 2015). Another strength of mine was my creative skills. In order to compete in future with other competitive individuals one needs to have the ability to think creatively. This is an asset for me because my creative thinking differentiates me from others as said by my tutor. Also, at workplace my boss appreciated me because of my ability to think creatively for solution to a problem. I can prove to be a tough competitor in future because my core skills. Specially with my enhanced skill in management of time for completing various tasks I can give a tough competition to others. Also, creative thinking has helped in creation of many innovative ideas that totally distinguishes me from others. So with my strengths I can face any challenge that come in my way of achieving success.

I also got to know about my weaknesses which have to be pondered upon. The major weakness of mine was motivation. Because of work load and handling of other tasks at the same time, I had to deal with a lot of people. Some of them always contradict my decisions which de motivates me up to a certain extent thereby affecting my working efficiency. So, attention must be paid in this case.

I need to develop my motivation skills so that I do not get affected with the comments of others. In every situation I have to stay motivated so that my working efficiency is not affected. For achieving this, I can take help from seniors or my collogues who have already faced such situation. I can also make use of my mine management and creative thinking skills so that my working performance will not be affected as such.

Another area that requires development is handling of work load. I need to handle multiple tasks with the growing complexity of tasks. In future also in order for competing with others I need to have the ability to handle tasks effectively.

The third area that needs a bit of development is staying focussed with task and neglecting the negative comments of others. I need to work upon this because I easily get demotivated as a result of this. This as a whole affects my overall performance that leads to disappointment. So, I need to stay focussed with whatever task I am given and also I should take the comments positively which will as a whole help me in enhancing my overall core skills. If I am able to cope up with my weaknesses, there is no such thing that could stop me from achieving my goals and thus be successful.


The report briefly analyses the core skills that helps an individual to be successful and cope up with the day-by-day growing competition. So, analysing these core skills will help an individual to effectively manage tasks within given limit of time. Also, while working with or handling a team development of these skills will ensure success and lead to self de

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