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Qualities of Impactful Leaders - Marks and Spencers

University: California Institute of Technology

  • Unit No: 6
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: BSS0646
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Question :
  • Critical evaluation is the ability to evaluate working and structure of the organisation. Analyse the suitability of the Marks & Spencers structure  in achieving its strategic purpose.
  • Critical evaluation shows the shows the perspective and judgments. Evaluate the effectiveness of the  Marks & Spencers culture in respect to employee satisfaction.
  • Explain the qualities of one of the effective and impactful leader within  Marks & Spencers organisation.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Marks and Spencer


The culture and structure of any organization have a significant impact on its success. Influential culture and appropriate structure assist management in creating a healthy atmosphere and retaining skilled employees in the firm for a longer duration (Young and Ghoshal, 2016). Present d is based on Marks and Spencer (M&S), the entity that has a strong global presence in the clothing industry.  The current assignment will critically analyze the suitability of the organization’s structure in order to meet the company’s goal. Furthermore, it will explain the effectiveness of organizational culture in enhancing the satisfaction level of employees.  In addition, the quality of leaders will be explained with reference to M&S.

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Suitability of organizational structure 

Organization structure can be defined as interrelationship between various department of company and overall hierarchy in workplace.  Each firm implements various kinds of structure as per the objective and size of business unit. In tall structure people are not given any rights and they can not communicate with higher authorities directly.  Employees have to work under strict regulations and they have to follow their instructions (Senarathna and, 2014). Though entity motivates its workers by offering rewards and recognition but tall structure does not encourage friendly atmosphere. On other hand flat organization structure is another kind of way of handling people , in which entity makes direct coordination with its staff. It involves people in decision making process.  It is very important for business that to implement effective organizational structure in order to achieve its goal.

M&S follows flat structure that is suitable for the growth of firm.  As main agenda of Marks and Spencer is to expand its business across the world and raise its profitability (Grijalva and Newman, 2015). For achieving this goal company requires talented people those who can perform well and can serve consumers well.  Flat structure helps in developing healthy bonding between employees. Top management involves employees in decision making process, by this way they all share their views. This enhances creativity and helps in bringing innovative idea for the development of entity.  In such kind of structure workers become able to share information with each other’s . Supervisors monitor task of all individuals appropriately and guide them well so that they can improve their working efficient (Scott-Hill, 2014).  This is beneficial for company in increasing satisfaction level of its employees and retaining them in firm for longer duration.

Flat organization structure is also beneficial in order to control over resources.  Effective communication among all department assist in identifying issues and minimizing wastage. By this way higher authorities become able to utilize their resources well. In such kind of environment employees of M&S become more committed and they put their hard efforts to meet the organizational goal (Kwamie, van Dijk and Agyepong, 2014).  But sometimes flat structure creates issue because it affects discipline. People behaves causal and they pay less attention on their work.  Informal behavior of employees sometimes raises noise at workplace.

Organization structure is very helpful in making communication easier.  Marks and Spencer creates atmosphere where subordinates can coordinate with managers directly and can put their point.  Flow of information is very smooth and all people get information about sudden changes in business unit. But sometimes this creates confidentiality issue in M&S (Barlow, 2017).  organization structure of Marks and Spencer  aids  the firm  in improving employees performance and raising their commitment towards brand.  Management appraise their performance and give them rewards on the bases of their working performance in business. This motivates people and encourage them to retain in firm for longer duration. By this way company becomes able to provide satisfactory services to its buyers that increases market share of the organization (Mosey, Noke and Kirkham, 2017).

Effectiveness of organizational culture 

Organizational culture can be defined as values, believes of any entity.  There are several types of culture such as task, role, person etc. All this culture has significant impact on overall success of business unit. M&S follows task culture, it gives responsibilities to its staff members on their bases of their abilities. This makes people comfortable in business unit and makes them able to perform well in organization (The Advantages of an Effective Organizational Structure, 2018).

Culture of any firm creates its unique image in the mind of consumers and employees as well. Positive culture differentiates a business from other competitors. Employees like to work in healthy workplace environment where they get respect and equal treatment. M&S treats its workers well and give them promotional opportunities on the bases of their performance. Manager of company always ensure developing healthy relationship with its staff members. They involve them in decision making process and take their feedback time to time (Kwamie, van Dijk and Agyepong, 2014). By this way they feel valued and become committed. If culture of company is not good then it demotivates employees and that is the major reason of increasing staff turnover rate in UK.

Organizational values support in raising performance of business and raise coordination among all people. Employees are most important stakeholder of M&S, it always emphases on retaining its skilled people in firm for longer duration. For that entity ensure that it motivates its workers by giving rewards and recognition. Positive culture helps in meeting with expectation of workers and it becomes platform for inspiring people. In such condition, employees of Marks and Spencer feel so involved and they put their hard efforts for serving best to consumers so that brand image of entity can be improved (Scott-Hill, 2014).

Companies those which has strong culture always perform better than the firms have poor culture.  Strong cultural aspect leads to employee’s motivation and encourage higher performance.   In recent time most of the companies pay attention on creating healthy corporate culture so that talented people feel satisfied and they work so hard for achieving goal of business unit.  Organization culture is most essential element for ongoing changes in business unit. This helps in implementing changes in firm easily and gaining support of employees as well. Strong culture enhances communication that develops respect and creates mutual trust (Young and Ghoshal, 2016). In such kind of environment people like to work more. Thais is beneficial in reducing turnover rate and help in raising financial performance of Marks and Spencer.  

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Qualities of leader 

Leader is the person who leads people , individual has multidimensional traits that makes  them different from others. Leader of Marks and Spencer have different qualities:

Good communicator: Leaders needs to have good communication skill, this makes them able to lead their team members well (Qualities of a Leader, 2018).  Leader of M&S always coordinate with its staff members well. That is why information gets passed to all in correct manner, they understand the message and perform their work accordingly.  This communication quality helps leader in minimizing confusion and completing task in efficient manner.

Problem solving skill: It is another quality of leader of M&S, individual examine situation well and analyses rout cause of problem. This aids in finding best solution for each issue.  Person has good intelligence that assist in measuring facts and summarizing situation well.  By this way leader selects best solution out of many for resolving any critical situation (Young and Ghoshal, 2016).

Knowledge of work: This is another quality of leader, leader of M&S has good knowledge that supports person in guiding other subordinates well and making them aware with their responsibilities. That is why lower level staff members have trust on their leader. They follow instruction of their leader carefully.

Confidence: Leader is confident person that is most important quality of person that makes him different from others.  This confidence helps in boosting others and motivating staff members. By this way all people become able to face critical situation well (Senarathna and, 2014).  

Motivational skill: M&S has faced issue of increasing staff turnover. In such condition leader of entity has motivated people for retaining in firm.  They have appraised their work and have given them rewards for their contribution in business. This has helped in encouraging staff members thus, entity has became able to reduce staff turnover rate.

Relationship building: This is another quality of leader of Marks and Spencer. S individual develops healthy bonding with its staff members. By this way all people share their feeling and leader gives them immediate solution for their problems (Scott-Hill, 2014). That is why company has become able to create friendly workplace atmosphere.

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From the above study it can be concluded that organizational structure and culture impact on success of business unit. Strong culture enhances trust of employees and encourage their involvement.  Appropriate structure helps firm in raising communication and minimizing confusions at workplace. By this way employees feel comfortable and happy in business unit.  This helps business in achieving its goal significantly.  Leaders needs to have good communication, problem solving, relationship building, motivational sills. These qualities aid the person in performing their duties well and fulfilling the goal.

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