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Essay on Theories Related to Cultural Competency

University: Indiana University

  • Unit No: 40
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 5 / Words 1217
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: R/508/0551
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Question :

This unit is based on research on cross cultural competency at international workplace in order to know about variety of setting of cross cultural psychology to attain important goals.

  • Provide introduction on cultural competency as a central concept of interaction globally.
  • Define three theory of cultural competency
  • Critically analyze background of theory including relation with social and emotional intelligence.
Answer :
Organization Selected : British Telecommunications


Cultural competence is known as the ability to interact in an effective manner with the people across the different cultures. There are four components of cultural competence such as awareness of the own cultural worldwide, a positive attitude toward the cultural difference, cross cultural communication skills, etc. There are some theories of cultural competency that are cultural diversity theory, system theory and cultural intelligence theory. The present report will cover cultural competence theory and its core components. Cultural intelligence is the capability to function effectively in intercultural setting which has gained attention from the investigator and practitioner because of workforce diversification. It is fact that international and intercultural is a normal and usual reality for more organs of contemporary. This report will cover the significance of cultural intelligence and provide relationship to social and emotional intelligence.

Cultural intelligence theory

Cultural intelligence theory is exceptionally close to people. Global and intercultural is an ordinary and regular reality for increasingly organs of modern huge. One of most critical difficulties that supervisors and worker's face is that environment between nations, that they turn out to be certain that acknowledge totally perspectives and thoughts of entertainer’s contrary to of global. Author defined cultural intelligence is know the ability for operating outside the country in between various culturally environment (Van Dyne, Ang and Koh, 2012). as people are challenged about the values expectations and belief which are basically dissimilar from their own. Therefore, it can be stated that cultural intelligence is known as capability and ability of peoples to give effective performance across the nation in between various cultural people.

It can be critically analysed that cultural awareness and cultural intelligence are mainly considered as the soft skills for the business leaders. But a business leader always work in various cultural environment. To teach people for different types of cultural competence and assume the efficiency and sensibility in some intercultural contexts was frequent conceptualization. But the cultural intelligence of a leader is an attribute of its personal ability. Those who can go with cultural intelligence is a capability that can be developed and assessed which brings out valuable results (Ang, Van Dyne and Koh, 2006). It has its new way and can be approached by virtual team development, diversified training and cross-border management. It is a capability which says to a leader to deal with real people in tough situation. It can be demonstrated through four capabilities through which leaders deal in various cultural contexts and access the situation.

Building confidence and driving to show interest to adopt cross culturally

It depicts that whether the leader has the capability to build up the interest adapt cross cultural contexts or not. The leader’s level has that strength to overcome the situation with confidence and face the challenges and solve the conflicts that hinder the company's work. A lot of motivation is required for the development of cultural understanding. Spending a lot of money and time on training campaigns often bring out good results as they are focused on the families of employees which are settled abroad and plans to bring them where the employees are working. This develops cross-cultural motivation among employees (Livermore, Van Dyne and Ang, S2012).

Understanding power of intercultural differences and issues

It is critically analysing that a leader should possess the cultural intelligence to shape the business in various cultures. It is described as the level of degree which makes someone understand how to behave and think in different cultures. Cultures may vary from context to context. It can be described as macro-level understanding and dealing with values and conditions associated with cultures of different societies (Livermore, Van Dyne and Ang, 2012). For an efficient leading in business, assumed religions and different kinds of communication styles depend upon cultural knowledge and the leader has to solve the problems related to these fields. An appropriate strategy or proper planning has to be done to understand the intercultural situation and to verify the needs and expectations which sometimes have to get adjusted.

Applying non-verbal and verbal actions while interacting cross-culturally

Leader's action has to be appropriate as it affects different strategies with the leading cultural intelligence. A leader should think of his own level of interest and should have the great knowledge of how cultures vary from one context to another and what are the similarities in the cultures. Leader should be aware of what is going on in cross cultural situation and if a leader is capable of plan according to that situation. To drive company to a better position, the management should have the alternative option of adopting cross culturally (Matsumoto and Hwang, 2013).

Developing the cultural intelligence of others and accessing them

Develop the ideas and then apply these ideas with the colleagues who are able to easily manage with the staff. Leaders and strategic associate who are familiar with the cross-cultural intelligence can assess the cultural very strongly. Distributing books, callings and conducting workshops can be worthy in this context. Based upon weaknesses and strengths, empowerment of the team is very necessary. For good behaviour, the leaders should keep motivating the staff in different cross-cultural environment (Livermore and Van Dyne, 2012).

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Conceptualization of cultural intelligence

It depends upon the capability of a person to observe, accumulate and then take actions on the complete reasons created due to cultural intelligence. Globally, it is domain occupied and specially related to multicultural contexts. Intelligence can be more explained into different forms like social intelligence, emotional intelligence and practical intelligence as cultural intelligence has the ability to solve different kinds of problems and apply concepts. But these forms are not permanent as terms in social intelligence alter in different conditions and in different cultures as well as emotional intelligence also doesn't possess the capability of solving problems in cross cultural environment (Emmerling and Boyatzis, 2012). There is no efficient connection to effectiveness which can grasp the factors in intercultural contexts. Four factors which make the cultural intelligence a multidimensional construction. Stemberg and Determa's concept disunited the views by giving personal level of intelligence. These applied factors are motivational intelligence, behavioural intelligence, metacognitive intelligence and cognitive intelligence. These all are related to the knowledge and mental abilities.

Cultural competence as a multidimensional construct with four factors

Author positioned cultural intelligence known as multidimensional which is based on multiple Loci of intelligence framework. Sternberg (1986) incorporated divergent and already disengaged opinions on intelligence through suggesting four interconnected approaches to comprehend individual’s level insight i.e. metacognitive knowledge, intellectual knowledge, motivational knowledge and conduct knowledge. Metacognition and cognizance are psychological abilities that are characterised to intellectual working of the person. Inspiration is another psychological ability and recognizes the intellectual procedures of drive and decision as another vital locus of knowledge (Arghode, 2013).

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