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Emotional and Cultural Intelligence

University: Northumbria University

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
  • Pages: 15 / Words 3806
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: LD0472
  • Downloads: 541
Question :

This assessment will provide:

  1. Provide the effective process for self-awareness and also the function for self-development.
  2. What are the methods through which the diversification of groups and cultures is managed?
  3. Give the approach for effective strength and weakness.
Answer :


Emotional intelligence is one of the most vital terms for leadership success in this globalized environment (The 5 ways to improve your self-awareness as a leader, 2018.). It is the depth of self-awareness, ability to manage emotions, and internal capacity to have the diversion of social environments. The culture intelligence can be termed as the ability to read the map of expectations, customs, body language, and relational dynamics in a cross-culture environment (Barron and Hurley, 2018).

This report is based on the process of self-development and self-awareness. Thus, self-development can be termed as things that relate to evaluating the own life, observing personal growth, and accessing the skills and qualities of the person in order to maximize their potential. On the other hand, self-awareness is the key component of emotional intelligence. With help of a clear perception of strength, weakness, thoughts, beliefs, motivation, and emotions it can be easy to understand the person in a better mode. Awareness is the way that works to pay attention to any present moment. Thus, it can be said that both emotional and

 intelligence can be tasted with the standardized instruments and this has to be developed with the help of training as well as a commitment to personal development.

The present report will look over the things to explain self-awareness and continuous self-development to be a successful leader and manager in the future, separate critical incidents and major strengths and weaknesses as per self-analysis. Lastly, there must be the identification of three areas of personal development as a future manager.

1. Explanation of how self-awareness and continuous self-development helps to full fill the role a successful leader and manager


Self-awareness is one of the most critical concepts in terms to development of the authentic leaders in the workplace by the use of proper thoughts, actions and body language. In this, it can be said that self-awareness is crucial in terms to bring the effective leader in the firm. As per the view of Hughes and Brown, (2018) it can be stated that self awareness will helps to understand the lacking areas of leaders or individuals and enables to focus over the gap. In contrary to Koh, and Higgins, (2018) stated that it can be stated that leader are the normal human beings then the leader and they are shaped by the year of experience, upbringing, values, orientation and morals so that they can able to perform their activities effectively.

According to the view of Lee and Chelladurai, (2018) self awareness and emotional intelligence this both are the concept that are interlink to one another and it is one of the effective way in terms to build personal success. It is the most essential building block on the journey to development of emotional intelligence. In this, Miao, Humphrey and Qian, (2018) states that self efficacy and self awareness is of of the situation that works is one of the belief that works as to perform the organizational development within the parameters of the specific situation. It is one of the key element to the leader competence and ability in terms to manage the all things in the effectively mode. As per the view of Ott and Michailova, (2018) it can be stated that self awareness is crucial as with help of it employees can perform their role effectively. Thus, success in personal achievements leads to expectation of success in future outcomes. As per the view of self awareness is one of key stone of emotional intelligence.

As per the view of Hughes and Brown, (2018) it can be stated that self awareness will be helpful be helpful in order to get succeed in near future. Thus. Leader who have better understanding of their emotions, personality, strength and weakness can able to provide better working in the enterprise. Thus, stated that open minded leader are able to boost their self awareness by learning more about the People they are working with and perform the business activities in more professional mode. The good leader have control over the emotions and they became ready to face the challenges within the enterprise. This kind of activities leads to gain competitive advantage in market.

According to the view of Koh, and Higgins, (2018) stated that self awareness is the term that enables business people to avoid the confusion and provide better commitment to the decision. In this term, it can be said that the successful leader must have the use of observation and learning to be the expert at knowing patterns of the business and behaviour of the people. This is the tool that highlights the leadership capabilities, people management, communication and various other things in order to develop and perform the business activities in more delegated manner.

It requires the deep understanding so that leader can able to take the appropriate decision. In addition to this, stated that self awareness is key stone of emotional intelligence. As per the view of Rathore, and Pandey, (2018) it can be stated that self awareness is term that aids to have competencies, behaviours and skills so that all can perform their role in the more professional mode. According to the view of Thompson, (2018) stated that leader must be responsible in terms to manage the working during the work load. Good leaders or managers are must be highly skilled and they should adopt the better learning so that things can be done in the most appropriate manner. Furthermore, it can be said tat leadership is not the process that comes with the success. It is the kind of trail and error learning the things in the most appropriate manner. The leader must have the ability to respond as per the changes and they must be highly skilled in order to carry out the functions in well appropriate manner.

In this term, it can be said that over the years I took the observation and experienced that leader who works as to self awareness will be beneficial in terms to bring the more positive result. It is the way that works as to manage the relation in the better manner so that other things can be carried out in the better manner. Thus, leadership challenge reinforce the importance of self awareness in the human being. In addition to this, it can be said that self awareness is one of the essential technique to the authentic leadership. This is the most crucial element that aids to develop the capability of the individuals so that they can perform their role in the appropriate mode.

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According to the view of Rathore, and Pandey, (2018) it can be stated that self development is the term that will be helpful in order to have identification in their management skill and uncover the areas in which they need to be effective. This is essential term in order to bring the improvement in the leadership skills and nurturing the culture of the business environment.

In contrary to Thompson, (2018) states that successful will always be open up to the new ideas and the unique thoughts. Thus, being true about the strength and weakness will help to put the leader in the position for the improvement and the growth. It is crucial for leader to operate their things in the systematic manner. They must be successful in the business and must have strong connection so that things can be undertaken in the better and appropriate manner. It is essential for the team leaders to operate their business function in most appropriate manner.

The emotional intelligence and self development both plays the essential role as it provides power to the person in order to manage the relationship in the well and appropriate manner. The good leader can be able to manage the relations between the employees as this term can be referred as the essence of effective leadership. With help of undertaking the self development in the timely there are more possibility to develop the attitude of leader or mangers. I must say that self development is one of the empowering process because it helps to advance the knowledge of the individual and enables them to make the better choices. Thus, leaders must have the string knowledge of the hot buttons. Emotionally aware leader can able to identify the situation that will works as to have string reactions (Koh, and Higgins, 2018). This kind of the activities will be beneficial in order to process the all things in the effective manner.

The leader can be competent with help of enhancing the self developments, seek feedback on the performance from the other with the help of asking them the good questions and listen them without justifying and defending their actions. In addition to this, it can be said tat self awareness is one of the effective term that help to bring systematic working in the enterprise. Furthermore, the emotional intelligence and self awareness is one of the concept that works as to bring the changes in the person and to develop the professionalism between them. By the undertaking of continuous professional development with help of undertaking self awareness among the person can works as to bring the desired growth in the enterprise. However, it is term that helps to develop the ability to take the proper actions.

Thus, it can be said that the self development is the honest understanding of values, desire, motivation and ambitions. Hence, it can be said that self awareness is the one of the fastest route to the self development. Furthermore, self discipline is the exercise tat helps to cope up with the mental and emotional strength of the person. The self awareness will help the leader to frame their targets effectively so that he will able to conduct the each thing in the effective manner. This leads to handle the each thing and that also process as to lead the activities of the enterprise in the systematic mode.

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2. Identify two critical incident and that must relate to working in culturally diverse groups and teams

Critical incident 1- Residential weekends

Under this My chosen tool as based on emotional intelligence and cultural

intelligence. Hence, my results for this toolkit a are- knowledge and behaviour, team ineffectiveness, working with diverse group, ineffective cultural intelligence, professional development and low in mindfulness etc.

Summary of critical incident: explain how the critical incident arose and why it is significant to your learning and development

Few days back, I have participated for residential weekend as it was the part of hotel management program and during this weekend I came through various things and there I engaged for the team activity named as “Self grooming”. At the initial phase, I was hesitating to talk to my team mates. There were different group of people and all were come from different places around the world. Hence, in this activity I have realized that my observation skill are much effective rather than communication. In this activity I was having one mind set that the all things are needed to be done in the perfectly manner. Thus, I planned out all the activities and distributed the task accordingly. Therefore, it was essential to build the task activities effectively and carefully so it is essential to make the better coordination among things (Zhang, Cao and Wang, 2018). This activity was related to groom ourselves in order to develop the self awareness and emotional intelligence. During this process, I have observed that every one are making good coordination to finish the task accurately. Thus, one of my team notices that my observation skills are powerful and drive everyone better to conduct the task. Sometimes, teammates got frustrated because I was so pushy towards the perfections and it task high time to get finish the task.

Under this, I have taken the Belbin team roles as it it is helpful in order to identify strength and weakness and this will be helpful in order to achieve the better result and it must be in more effective manner. This is the theory that has defined the thing in better and efficient mode. It is tool that is useful in manner to team building.

How does your behaviour (thinking, feelings and actions) in this critical incident reflect the findings of your chosen self-analysis toolkit? How has the toolkit enabled you to understand why you think, feel and behave in the way that you do? What have you learned about yourself that you didn’t know before?

During the beginning, I didn't communicate with the team members and due to this I feel uncomfortable and unconfident. In addition to this, the results of my cultural intelligence reflects that I must have better knowledge and skill so that my behaviour towards the team-mates can be improvised. Thus, it can be said that the person with the low cultural intelligence should make the better coordination with the team-mates otherwise individual will not be competent. The one of my character of helping other till their task get vanished is reflected the Belbin profile to being the completer of the task effectively. The team member stioll got frustrated to me due to my perfection in the work because it helps to reduction in the mistakes and driver other things perfectly. In addition to this, I have guided my team member to observe each thing in fine manner as a monitor evaluator and work perfectly to complete the each task and the result of Belbin questionnaire and culture intelligence questionnaire will be varified by the team members.

Identify how you will use this learning in the future to become an effective leader, manager or team-worker

In this, I will say that I was not aware of my capabilities before I involved with the cultural intelligence questionnaire and Belbin questionnaire. Meanwhile, one of team-mates gave me valuable feedback that helps me to create better understanding about my self. After this, I become capable to develop proper awareness about my strength and limitation. During this all process, I was being a good monitor evaluator as per the Belbin profile it has proved that I am a effective reflector. With help of it, I learn from the past experience and use that knowledge in future. However, in order to enhance my cultural intelligence I will carefully observe and analyse the differ cultural backgrounds before meeting the people from the different culture. In this, it is essential to develop the high cultural intelligence in terms to develop the task in the perfect manner. In this, I will evaluate the critical incident broadly and carefully based on draw conclusion. In this term, it can be said that I will adjust my behaviour as per drawn conclusion.

Template two: Critical incident 2

My chosen Tool kit is as Belbin and Management perspective

My results for the Tool kit is as are- Belbin strength, complete and finisher.

Summary of the critical incident

During the residential weekends I have experience the quite similar result with the different teams from the diverse cultural background. At that time, I was involved in the three task The Archway, Gridlock and Data transfer. In this task, my team was not able to finish the given set of objectives of the task. Since, I always followed my own trend it is thinking and working out of box. During the task of Archway, people got impressed and had all ears to my task. After that it was countered by the number of the ideas. Therefore, I took the whole matter in my hand and started practically implementing the ideas to get the proper result. Thus, same thing has repeated in almost every task. In addition to this, it can be said that my one of team member thought I turn very stern if my ideas were not adopted and another member said that I ways tried to hide my mistake.

At the time of inspecting the ideas of the other teams I felt somewhere inside that there is lot of similarity with my thoughts.

How does thinking and behaviour in critical incident reflects the findings

The Belbin team role toolkit demonstrated that I am plant with radical ideas, monitor evaluator and high critical thinking. Thus, in the emotional intelligence I scored good in empathy, understanding the other well, high on innovation and I realised that I m good at making the new ideas and thinking all the things in the much creative manner. Thus, both of this strength and weakness are indicated in my critical incident. With help of it, I also came to know about the weakness of giving up at the time of work pressure while the group has less time to get finish off the task. Thus, I altered my attitude. In addition to this, it can be said that the Belbin and Management perspective attitude helped to do the each thing in the perfect manner.

Identification on how to use of learning in the future

This toolkit has helped me to know about my self in the depth manner. I have started to control my feeling at the harsh moment and use it on the right moment. In the future, I need to concentrate that not to overshadow the intelligence with my emotional impulse. I also took the initiatives in terms to develop my emotional strength in order to scheduling the things and achieving the objectives in the greater aspects. With help of minimising the errors there are more chances to develop the things in the effective mode. This kind of learning can be helpful in order to sharpen the things in great manner.

3. Description on major strength and weakness and areas of future development

With the help of the above critical incidence and the given toolkit I could able to evaluate my strength and weakness that can also enlightened me of the personal traits and personal behaviours (Barron and Hurley, 2018) . Under this, I took an extensive evaluation with the use of the Belbin, management perspective and emotional intelligence questionnaire. These all were assistive to me in order to know my self in better manner. In addition to this, it can be said that my personality reflects that I am kind of introvert person with robust idea generation. Sometimes, I used to take the decision based on the perceptions I behold.

This has also helped me to analyse that I also have giving up attitude at the time of the tough situation. Thus, it will help me to conduct the things in the great and effective manner. On the other hand, this toolkit has clearly demonstrated that I am one of the best suit for the leadership role as Belbin, Management perspective and various others. Thus, it can be said that leader must possess the various qualities of mangers. In this term, it can be said that there are number of the positive characteristic that helped me to conduct the things in the best manner. Thus, major strength of mine is effective leader so that each activities can be undertaken in better mode and Innovation, creation and timely performance of each things is my core essential that has to develop my inner strength. I think, the High critical thinking and social skill helps to develop overall working and it define the way of planning the thing in better mode. Thus, leader must be efficient in terms to Sociable and adaptable things so all things can be developed in better mode.


On the basis of this tool-kits, there are number of the weaknesses that work as to barricades my future growth and it has defined in below presented manner as, Sometimes, I feel that I have lower amount of motivation that barricades me to achieve the desire results. I also used to be Impulsive with the curiosity and this affects my working attitude and I became negatively influenced by others. I also need to improve my communication skill so that I can arrange better meeting with all individuals and be able to do the things in more better manner. In order to be the expert person in conducting the things it is crucial to enhance self esteem by lowering the self control.

The poor self esteem and low self control.

Hence, it can be said that to address my weakness I will work hard and train my self so that I can bale to modify the personalities by changing the perception and values. Furthermore, I need to put my depth focus over weakness as are self control, taking initiatives, improving the communication ability.

This tool as Belbin will all help to conduct the things in the better manner. This would help me to enhance my skills in future relation to managerial perspective and this will also assist me to take the better survey. I will also works as to enhance my intelligence skill in more better and efficient way.

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Based on the above report it can be concluded that Cultural and emotional intelligence plays crucial role in terms to conduct the things in the effective manner. Thus, report has put its major consideration over self awareness, critical incident with the application of the theories and lastly strength and weakness has been given in order to find out the areas of improvements. In order to determine the critical incidents the residential weekend practice has been considered and in this Belbin manager perspective has taken so that things can be with forming of team management.


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