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Impact of Politics, Power and Culture Over Organizational Behaviour of Samsung

University: ITCM College London

  • Unit No: 12
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 5 / Words 1167
  • Paper Type: Course Work
  • Course Code: TNA67
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Table of Content

  2. TASK 1
Question :

The objective of this report is to evaluate the impact of organizational culture and motivation over the behaviour and performance of the firm. These kinds of practices will assist in analyzing the influence of different practices over business activities as:

  • Identify the impact of politics, power and culture over organizational behaviour of Samsung.
  • Analyze how to motivate teams and individuals in order to attain the target objectives of Samsung.
  • Discuss how to co-operate effectively with others within an organisation.
  • Provide an application over the concept and philosophies of organizational behaviour.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Samsung


In every organization, diverse culture or different unit of the employee are working together to achieve common objectives or goals. It is a duty of managers to divide the work among the employees as per their competence or skills. In to any seniors, the success of the organization relied on business performance as well as individual behaviour. Samsung organisation is a good example to understand the importance of organizational culture, the impact of individual behaviour and performance. The company founded by Lee Byung Chul in year 1988. All the association need to understand the value of effective teams which is always supported in the accomplishment of targets, therefore the content and process theories play a lead role to gain the desired results (Wong, Wong and Ngo, 2012).


P1: Impact of organisational culture, political and power on individual behaviour and team performance

Organizational culture incorporate all the expectations, knowledge, philosophy and moral ethics or values all these hold together, and represent its self-image, inner working, organizational behaviour toward management.
In organization multiple cultures are seeing which quite related to business activities, hence the managers or authority of an association to take into account so that they help in accomplishing of all goals and objective in an appropriate and effective manners. The four major cultures is related to commonly work in association, and act as positive platforms on its operations and a target accomplishment:

Power culture: This concept focused on the power which is in the centre and highly concentrated on less number of the person because of the consent of each and every person is taking the place from, the centre. It is easier to swift the decision in comparison of imposing the rules and regulations on the individual (Nyberg and et. al., 2011).

Role culture: Role culture provides the specific set of roles and tasks of each worker that leads to reducing the confusion and redundancies and is often used in large organizations. The role culture highlights the lots of stability, certainty, the continuity every individual have to fellow their design of work properly.

Task Culture: Through this culture, the organization puts all the values, ethics and behaviours into employee's mind which create the environment so every worker tends to join together with others and set the common goals and objectives to achieve. Its culture in which employees work together towards the success of mutually agreed projects. Task culture mainly shows in teamwork and group efforts the as it allows several or more people to works as a team hence the decisions are made quickly and ideas are put forward easily. The collaborative efforts of a team results in achievements of common projects and tasks in an effective and efficient.

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Person culture: With the proper training, expert knowledge and background experience people believes they superior. In this culture, each group of individual lies power and in where such personnel are the centre people the of working and association (Kazemipour and Mohd Amin, 2012).

In Samsung organisation, the culture strength business is highly based on a large number of innovations and effective development of employees. Through task culture, the team is divided properly and varieties of tasks and projects are specified to all the team members. Task culture facilitates to their team members to become more confident in their tasks and properly finish their set of targets or objectives in productively manner. On individual this act as positive and moral results and influences on both single person and team members' performance. This is the major reason of Samsung success.

Politics in workplace is including the powers and authority in human interaction behaviour and consider as subject to assess operational limits and stable the diverse view of interest parties. With the help of this power performance of both individual and team can be enhancing by keep in mind the considerable changes. When authority think modification is necessary then this process is considering. Importance modifications which are connected with the organization are as below:

  • Personal change: When person changes or make alteration in their attitudes, behaviour towards the work it directly effects on the organisation activity or performances. If company modify in plans or policies the results also shown in person attitude or work efficiency as well as.
  • Organizational change: It includes the modification changes in policies of business Organizational change involved the alteration in structure which also influences the accountability (Burnard and Bhamra, 2011).
  • Decision change: Most of company changes the decisions making process when one proposal take place and authority consider some alteration required for better results.

In Samsung association when discrimination place in various employees as results some of the employees received paid facility and a some of them not getting anything for same category of facility hence the employees moral and working sprits goes down which is not good for the business performances. To overcome such situations the authority of Samsung come forward and make change the polices. For the success of the organisation it is essentials employees' attitude towards their works in positive way

Power is define as the calibre or enthusiasms of an individual to perform their task to achieve the target goals. To take the appropriate decision it is necessary to determine the individual power or act. The Power also shows the work of an individual to achieve the target completely. The authority and management have to utilize the employee's power properly. Following are some powers are found in an association;

  • Legitimate power: This power adopted by individual person by formal position or place in an association (Shore and Wright, 2015). The power completely related with an individual who is accountable for such position. Positional power show in legitimate power. In organisation lower management reports to the senior or top management because top management have higher power.

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