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Unit-16 Managing Communications, Knowledge and Information Course: BTEC HND Business – Level 4 Regent College


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Communication is that type of process that are majorly taken place among more than two persons at the same level in the company. Thus, it is that type of communication are taken at a place among colleagues in the same type of department. The current communication process can be improved through adopting the horizontal communication process. Thus, this assist the company to effectively transfer the communication with all the employees in most desired manner.

The ABC Company wants to expand their business through planning to expand their business by develop a new product in opening cafe (Lemay, 2010). Under this plan they have to first make contact with coffee, milk and sugar suppliers etc. Therefore, the rate of these products raw material are vary from supplier to supplier and manager decisions are highly depends upon the respond of supplier. Thereafter, the investor plays a vital role as they is essential to enter into it and setting up the plan for open a new areas for the business. In the assignment project there is discussion in context to the ABC limited Company in which they adopt various modern strategies for the purpose of make improvement in their communication process.

Task 1

1.1 Ranges of decision to be taken

Decision making is that procedure of preparing choices through which decision are needs to be identified by obtaining information and evaluation the alternative solution to resolve issues. In other words it can be said that in which various types of alternative are developed for the purpose of resolving issues in effective manner. Thus, it can be applied in the workplace so, that company can effectively handling the situations and get an opportunity in most efficient way.

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On contrast to this, most of the firms face mostly two types of problems in the organisation are the unstructured and structured problem. It can be said that there is a problem that mainly occur at the routine time and other problems are more complex. For this reason , to resolve this firm have to resolve issues in most effective manner through decision making process. The ABC company limited adopt two types of decision making process to resolve various problems in the organisation. These are described as follows-

Programmed decision- It is that type of decision making that are usually taken by the management for the purpose of resolving the daily problems that are arise in the workplace. Thus, for this routine problems decision are to be taken reduced the problems in most effective manner. Therefore, to resolve this kind of routine problem it is required a high amount of information to solve them in desired way (Anzures and Chaudhri, 2010). Thus, usually these decision are prepared by the lower and middle management in the ABC company . Henceforth, at the same time the manager faced a lot of problems atAnzures, F. and Chaudhri, I., Apple Inc., 2010 these level to resolve them.

Non-programmed decision- It is that kind of decision making process that are mainly structured for the purpose resolving the complex problems. For this, to resolve this issues there is a need of analytical skills. Therefore, it is also highly required a wide range of information for the purpose of resolve them and these kind of problem is a tangled. Therefore, the manager has to takes the procedure further so, they can easily understand the things more effectively. Thus, the complex problem can be managed by the top level management as they gives the proper expertise advice that are more professional in the ABC limited company. It assist them in making the accurate decisions as these are more complex issues that are highly impact on the firm when the problems cannot resolve within the time frame.

1.2 Information and knowledge needed for making decision

Decision making if cannot managed to in a desired way and the accurate information are not available as per the given situation. It can be said that if the large information available accurately then there will more chance to make the decisions in proper manner. It can be of various types of data among which there is a certain information it can be said in other words that if the ABC limited Company make the most appropriate decisions that are concern with the budget enhancement. It is only when the plan is made through provide advertisement of a goods by various other tools. In that particular condition, the data that are available needs to be more accurate and adequate that assist them to make the decision in most appropriate manner (Hirsch, 2010).

Beside this, the information are available can be less accurate and faulty at the time the decisions that are to be made is more risky. It can be explained through example in which make assumption regard to revenues is that there is an increase in 15% sales per unit of goods through the ABC limited company that will be more difficult task. Therefore, the information can be uncertain at that time when the company have not enough amount of data or does not have any kind of data.

It can be say that the information is certain at that time when there is a decision that are concerning with the sales revenue by the ABC Company in the next 2years. Thus, the company Hirsch, E.M., Microsoft Corporation, 2010can be fail to earn more profit and cannot reach up to the target that are set by them regard to sales. At the same time decisions that are taken by the company is uncertain. Thus, it can be said that the manager of an organisation collect the lot of information that are concern with the firms location, investment sources and target customer data and others.The company make the decision that are mainly concern with the financial sources, target customers and firms location that are mainly decide by the top level management through the financial experts advice and other financial institution.

There another information that relating to the requirement of workforce and company's rules and policies. The decision are made by the middle level management that are mainly consultation of the top level management.There is a mainly decisions that are relating to the operational level in which there is a daily work that are mainly execute. Thus, these decision are to made through manager of department as per the guidance of middle level management and management information system.

1.3 Sources of internal and external information

Each and every organisation obtain information from various sources for the purpose of making effective decisions. Thus, these data can be gathered from the various sources are the internal and external sources. The ABC limited company used the information from these sources that are described as follows-

Internal sources- It is that type of information that are mainly obtained inside the organisation which are mainly used for the internal stakeholders. It can be of different type of reports that made on the software, paper, Database management through firm, management information system, other software that are mainly installed by the company and statistical information that assist in obtaining the various types of data. Therefore, most of the organisation adopting the SWOT Analysis to determine the firm's present situations that are regard to strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. Therefore, the company distribute the feedback form for the purpose of collecting the information from the employees (Lemay, 2010). Thus, it assist in understanding the expectation of employees and also know their viewpoints regard to ABC limited Company.

External sources- There are various types of channels that are used by the company for the purpose of collecting the information from the external sources. Thus, the firm can able to obtain information through market research, scan the external environment by the use of PESTLE Analysis, government data publications and get information regard to competitors. Thus, the ABC Company limited can take management assistance through conducting the Research and Development activities, also PESTLE Analysis application. Thus, the feedback form are the best source to get the effective information which can be employed through the ABC limited company. Therefore, the another best source is internet which can be majorly used for he purpose of obtaining the various type of data. Thus, the internet source are majorly applied in the workplace for the purpose of gaining the appropriate data that are relating to the external market conditions.

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My personal view on the formal and informal sources to gather the information about the Company is that internal sources is best for the firms. It can be only because it provides information about the expectation of employees that helps them to restructure their compensation plans. Thus, it will enhance the productivity of an organisation and employees. Thereafter, the external is also effective for the firm only when there will be changes in the regulation and rules of the government that helps them to formulating the strategies.

1.4 Recommendations

The ABC limited have a wide ranges of scope for the purpose of obtaining the various types of information that are collect from the internal and external sources. Thus, for the purpose of investment management take aid from the banks and lending installation. It can be better to gain the financial information form the financial adviser expertise. Thereafter, obtaining the financial sources the decisions are to be made regard to location that are made as per the various situation that are highly impacting the organisation in food supply. Thus, company manager make decisions by taking advice from the investor in concern with this company properly established. They applied their internal sources of data that are obtained through the several software installation. They should consider the various type of reports are the accounts, operations, production and sales that are based upon the daily reports (Bradish and Smith, Radius Networks, 2012). It is needed to monitoring and reviewing all type of reports that helps them to estimate the performance of company and its employees.

Apart from this, the ABC limited company can able to appoint the manager of marketing department for the purpose of conducting various activities regard to research that assist them to done the marketing activities in most effective manner. There is a need to monitoring and reviewing the performance of its competitors so,they are updated with their performance level. Therefore, the customer who visit needs to asked by give them a feedback form that are regard to services, its presentation and suggestions so, they can make further improvements. The firm should started to use its own company website to keep checking its financial performance. They have to install a software so, they can kept the various ranges of data concern with the various department, data relate to customers which can be stored. Furthermore, the data of government are also taken into consideration but its is required to evaluating authenticity by check them in proper manner.

Task 2

2.1 Stakeholder that affect decision- making

The organisation develop itself by involve them various type of stakeholder and it have a direct impact on company's decision-making process. Thereafter, they can expand their business through develop ranges of products that are offer into the target market. Thus, it this process the stakeholders role of these stakeholder are majorly impacting on the ABC company decisions that will be enhanced. There are various types of stakeholder that are impact on the organisation's decision making process which are as described as follows-

  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Investors
  • Governments
  • Competitors

The ABC Company wants to expand their business through planning to expand their business by develop a new product in opening cafe. Under this plan they have to first make contact with coffee, milk and sugar suppliers etc. Therefore, the rate of these products raw material are vary from supplier to supplier and manager decisions are highly depends upon the respond of supplier. Thereafter, the investor plays a vital role as they is essential to enter into it and setting up the plan for open a new areas for the business ( Anzures and Chaudhri, Apple, 2010).There is a need to collecting finance and capacity of a company in investing etc. that assist them to open a new areas for the business. Furthermore, company have to set up plan for opening a new business by considering the government rules and regulation of that particular country where the firm operate their business. Therefore, as per this firm have to done all the formalities as per this to set up a new venture.

Thus, it result into that ABC company organisation have to made all type of formalities to start up a new venture as per the legal formalities. Therefore, attitude and response of customers are highly impact the their decision making process. There are some factors that are assist them to target the market for offering a new product are the customers interest, needs, choice and brand loyalty etc. On contrast to this, the ABC Company have to consider the pricing policy and various strategies of competitors in same industry that assist them to make competitive position in the target market for its new product.

2.2 Ways to develop relationship with stakeholders

There are various types of stakeholder are included within the organisation and it is necessary to develop a strong relationship to improvement in the company. There are various steps that are helps them to build a strong relationship that are described as follows-

By understanding need: There is difference in the needs of stakeholders so, it is needed for the company to understand and analyse their desired in most effective manner that leads to make plan accordance. For instance, the needs of customers can easily identified through the surveys are mainly concerning with the products . Thus, the investor of a any organisation required a information that are regard to profitability and financial from the market. Thus, it assist them to satisfy the stakeholder by keep in touch with them in most effective manner.

By building trust: There is essential for the Company to make trustworthy relationship with their stakeholder that assist them to effectively cooperated (Okoro, 2012). The ABC Company adopt the effective communication so, they can transfer information to the stakeholder. It leads them to reduce the complaints the stakeholder and resolve the problems in most effective manner.

By satisfying expectation: ABC Company have a various type of stakeholder that are majorly affecting their decisions. For this, it is more essential to fulfil all the requirement of their stakeholder orderly. There are various stakeholder in the cited company are the customers, government, investors, competitors, suppliers and employees. Thus, the employees is the most important stakeholder to keep them motivated. Thus, for satisfy them the company have to apply incentives, increment in salary, pension plans and retirement benefits etc. It can be as per the customers expectation that leads to satisfy them in most effective manner.

2.3 Plan to involve in decision-making

The ABC Company include all the stakeholder in the process of decision making by communicate with them in most effective manner. Thus, they does waste their useful time in describing the ideas in detailed and it influencing them to put their most effective ideas in decision making process. Therefore, there are some most important points which can assist them to make decision effective that are as describe as follows-
To engaging the employee and managers are the internal stakeholder and at first they have to describing the firm's points of views so, they can reach its goals. Thus, after defining firm's expectation with the stakeholder are high if they explain everything clearly.

They have to deliver the reports and also show data relate to statistical to the investors so, they can better understand the firm's objectives for expanding and giving all type of suggestion in the decision making process ( Park, 2012).

They have to shows the quality and taste of product that leads to satisfying the customers in most effective manner will assist in the involvement of customers in the decision-making process.

Made reports that indicate business utility in that particular area through firm is able to operate effectively. Thus, the report are needed to show their legal officers so, they can supervise as well as guide them in the process.Communicate with each and every stakeholder for the purpose of building a trust through company acknowledging about its vision.

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2.4 Future strategies

ABC Company have to expand plan that are required a strong strategies so, that the company can make position in the target market. Thus, it is very difficult for the company to place its position as there is too much competition in the same industry. The ABC Company can gain the competitive advantages in most effective way as they deal with the wide or diverse ranges of products. Furthermore, cited company are required to establish the effective marketing plan so, their new product that are developed can able to gain competitive advantages.

Therefore, the management of a company have to first make coordination with all manger of departments so, they can make plan for all the levels in the organisation effectively (Petronio, 2010). Thereafter, the budget are needed to make plan for each activity for this they need to designed as appropriate budget plan. Thereafter, company should adopts online marketing to attract a large number of customers from the target market. Thus, it leads them to make a marketing position in effective way. Apart from this, the website is the most vital as the company can easily obtain customer's feedback and suggestion easily. There is need to appoint the expertise who handling the company's official website for the purpose of updating will the data that are easily made available.

Task 3

3.1 &3.2 Existing process of communication and methods to improve

ABC Company are suffer from loss as they does not have a effective communication tool process. For this purpose they adopts the various strategies through which they can effectively build a strong relationship with the internal management. Recently, the firm suffer loss with the firm department as there is a lack of communication with them. Thus, it takes a long time in transferring as message which losses its original message (Phelps, Heidl and Wadhwa, 2012 ). The ABC Company capture a market position and develop a new products for this they need to establish the effective strategies so, they can transfer message among internal staff members. Therefore, company used mediums for the purpose of communicating are not much effective as there is default and there is no high technology involved in it.

To improve the communication gap the company have to formulate the effective strategies as it helps them to make a coordination with each department. It helps them to passed the information to the particular concerned party without ignore the message. The company have to ignore the long chain command if they used latest tecPetronio, S., 2010hniques for communicate them. Thus, they used the letters, mail for transferring the message to the external management parties. The another effective method is a face-to-face communication that helps them to present the information in a desired manner. Thus, the modern channels of communication helps them to effectively communicate to the people in best without any kind of barrier.

3.3 Comparison of various communication process

There are various types of communication process that are used by the ABC Company that are describe as follows-

Horizontal communication- It is that type of process that are majorly taken place among more than two persons at the same level in the company. Thus, it is that type of communication are taken at a place among colleagues in the same type of department. The current communication process can be improved through adopting the horizontal communication process. Thus, this assist the company to effectively transfer the communication with all the employees in most desir

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