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Various Models of Communication

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For development and growth of company or business, effective communication is very important. Effective communication is the essence of business. In order to achieve targeted goals and objectives, effective communication plays a vital role. In general words, communication is just a transfer of ideas and information by one person to another (sender and receiver). Communication is not needed in personal life, but it is also very essential in the profession, workplace and in all types of business. This present report will make understand various models of communication and there importance. Furthermore, the principle of effective communication is also discussed.


1. Communication models and system used in business

Models of communication are as discuses below-

Aristotle's Communication Model- This model is introduced by Aristotle. This model mainly focus on speech and speaker. It is widely classified into five factors which are speaker, speech, occasion, audience and effect. Speaker is the central part in this model as speaker plays the most essential role. As in speech, speaker is the only one who always remain active. In giving speech, there is one way communication because audience are not allowed or able to speak when speech is going on.

He gives three elements which makes effective communication are-

Ethos- It is a characteristic which makes speaker credible in-front of public.

Pathos- It means audience should be connected by the words or speech of speaker. Speaker must has skills to evolve the interest among audience.

Logos- It means logic. There should be logic in what speaker is conveying.

Shannon and Weaver's Model- This model was introduced in 1948 by Claude Elwood Shannon and Warren Weaver. This model is much more technical than other models. This theory is also known as mathematical theory. In this model sender decodes the message and sends it to the receiver by technological channel such as telephone and telegraph.

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Concept in Shannon Weaver Model are-

Sender- person who makes and transfer the message and select the channel.

Encoder- person who make use of machine, which convert message into signals.

Channel- It is the medium which is used by sender to send message.

Decoder- It is the machine which is used to convert signals into message who translates the message form signals.

Receiver- person who receive the message. He provides feedbacks.

Noise- It is a physical disturbance for example environment and people which disturb or interrupt the message to get to the receiver.

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2. Methods which is used to benefits of both formal and informal communication system.

a)There are different methods of communication are as follows-

Written Communication- It is the type of communication that involves any kind of message that makes use of written word. It is the type of interaction that take place in written form. It covers wide range of area. For example- message, email, telegram. Letter etc.

Verbal Communication- It is the type of communication that takes place in between people by using speech. Verbal communication should be effective as it shows personality of a speaker. Verbal communication is fast communication as it takes short time to reach the message.

Non-verbal communication- It is the type of communication which includes pitch, tone, speed, gesture, facial expression and volume. Addition to this, shaking hand, hugging, pushing and patting the back are also non verbal communication.

Electronic Method- This is the modern method of communication. It is the most preferable mode of communication. People are more attracted to electronic mode as it more reliable, it covers wide range of area. Example- email, message, social media etc.

b) Formal and Informal Communication and there advantages are as follows-

Formal Communication- It is type of communication that flow both vertically and horizontally. It involves the formal communication channels of a company. In formal communication channel used to communicate is pre-defined. It is more time consuming.


  • It is more reliable.
  • It is an evidence.
  • It is systematic flow of information.

Informal Communication- It is a type of communication that flows without following any channels. It flows in all directions. It is also known as Grapevine communication. It is very fast. There is no documentary evidence. It also spread rumours.

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