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Effective Communication Skills Required in Intercontinental Hotels

University: University of Wales

  • Unit No: 7
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
  • Pages: 7 / Words 1749
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: INT102
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Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Explain the issue of resource allocation and marketing style, culture, and health care.
  • Explain how communication between the front office and the department of the hotel executes operations successfully.


Answer :
Organization Selected : Intercontinental Hotels


Communication is a fundamental exercise of human beings which they perform every day for exchanging information with one another. It is a process of creating and sharing ideas and views amongst people to reach a common understanding and mindset. It is a very important and essential tool for organizations to operate effectively as through proper communication a synergy can be created in the entity and amongst its different departments. This report covers a different aspect of effective communication which is required in the front office of a Hotel and other functional units or departments existing (Barnlund, 2017). Managers of the hotel and other departmental units have to ensure that the techniques and tools they are using for developing communication are appropriate and potential enough for running the day-to-day operations. The development of proper communication is necessary because of the interrelationships of different functional units with each other and for achieving all goals and objectives of the company effectively.

For this assignment, Intercontinental Hotels are chosen for understanding the usage of communication in organizations. Intercontinental Hotels is a British multinational hospitality service provider. Intercontinental Hotels also denoted as IHG was established in 2003 and headquartered in Denham, Buckinghamshire, England. IHG is rendering its services in around 100 countries having huge operations on a very large scale.


Front office department of business is a face and voice of them, they are the most visible department of the organisation. Front office department works as the common and only link between the customers and the businesses, they are the communication channel amongst the organisation and guests. Intercontinental Hotels also, have a front office team in which several experts are employed. Front office department works with several other departments their work are interrelated and therefore, effective flow of communication is required to run in organisation amongst departments and front office. Effective communication between functional units is very helpful for the Intercontinental Hotels as it enables them to perform all tasks in an appropriate and efficient manner. In the next section importance of communication is discussed in context or front office and other departmental units by showing their interrelationships and for effective completion of all tasks in time.

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Front office and House-keeping departments

House-keeping unit have different responsibilities, like sending reports to front office about the room status, keeping rooms ready before the guests arrives etc. It is job of House-keeping executives and team members to keep all the rooms clean before the guests enters in their rooms (Wong and et. al, 2019). They also have to keep check that all amenities are present in rooms along with all required items. After front office staff they are the once who gets in close touch with the customers. Here, comes the role of communication, both the front office and house-keeping units team members of Intercontinental Hotels have to communicate with one another for completing assigned tasks. Front office department have to inform house-keeping members the moment rooms gets vacant so that they can clean them and keep it ready for the next guests (Hansen, 2018). Also, its duty of house-keeping staff to keep front office updated about the services rendered by guests of particular rooms so that final check of customers can be made without any mistakes and flaws. Both the departments have to have proper communication between them and appropriate channels to communicate so that all tasks and duties assigned to them are fulfilled before time.

Front office and Sales/ Marketing departments

Sales and marketing department members are responsible for building creative ideas of sales and promotion of hotel. They gather several information from internal and external sources for understand current trends and customer requirements. Internal source will be Front office department and its executives, as they are the one who first communicate with guests and stay in regular touch with them. Also front office employees takes feedbacks from customers at the time of their departure about the services rendered by Intercontinental Hotel and its staff. Therefore, they are the best internal source for sales team for collecting data (Ho and Segui, 2018). Communication is required, as it is a process of exchanging information and different views of people. Proper communication will enable both the departments to work effectively, sales and marketing team will use the data provided by front office and make promotional plans. Once marketing is done and customers are attracted now front office staff requires the information about the techniques and promotional plans so that they can serve and inform guests accordingly. For instance, if marketing department of Intercontinental Hotels, offered some discounts to some special customers as promotional strategy and did not communicated with front office department, it can create confusion in the organisation. Inconvenience faced by guests due to lack of communication in both the departments can hinder the reputation and goodwill of Intercontinental Hotels. This can lead the hotel towards failure as predetermined goals are not achieved by them harming the whole organisation (Ruesch and et. al., 2017). Therefore, effective communication will enhance the practices and operations of Intercontinental Hotels enabling the company to attain best performances.

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Front office and Human resource departments

Human resource department manages the all the employees appointed in the organisation. They have several responsibilities related to staff members, human resources department are responsible for bringing experts and talents employees in the company according to the need of it (Hovland and Lumsdaine, 2017). Human resources unit will recruit and select all potential candidate on behalf of Intercontinental Hotels and fill all the vacant positions. They communicate with front office department in case of any misconduct or violation of hose laws by front office executes or team members. At times of any event taking place in the hotel, at that time too human resource department communicate with front office unit to collect all the information about the event so that appropriate number of workers can be acquired by them on time for preparation of event. There are various other aspects where both the front office and human resource department have to have proper communication in order to attain their team objectives and add their contribution in achieving overall objectives of the Intercontinental Hotels.

All these departments of Intercontinental Hotels, have be co-ordinated and work with front office unit and for that they have to maintain good communication amongst one another. Effective communication taking place between front office and other functional units of Intercontinental Hotels will enable team members to work appropriately in order to complete their assigned tasks in time. This will enhance the operations of Intercontinental Hotels and help them to adopt better practices. Indulging in effective communication practice and using appropriate tool also, assist organisation to improve their operations and performance levels. Communication is an essential tool of day to day life of human beings, it will also enables hotel to operate effectively and obtain potential results (McNair, 2017) . Different tools of communication can be used by staff members of Intercontinental Hotels for ensuring effective operations and attaining all predetermined objectives. Some ways and communication channel which are used by Intercontinental Hotels for transferring information are as follows:

Oral communication

It is one of the most common and widely used channel of exchanging information and views with one another. Front office staff of the hotel make phone calls to communicate with house-keeping staff in order to inform them about the needs of guests in specific rooms. This ensure completion of tasks immediately as and when guests ask for something. This communication channel ensure all operations work effectively all staff servers exactly what customer is asking for and when they are asking for it.

Written communication

This is formal method of communication, which is used when something very important and confidential data is being exchanged. Written communication can take place through letters and emails. This communication channel also works as proof for future needs if any requirements arise. Front office department of Intercontinental Hotels, used this communication channel to communicate with sales and marketing department to gain knowledge about the promotional and other strategies so that all data is acquired properly and they can use it for future reference check and as proof if any problem arises (Mehrabian, 2017). Written communication channel is more effective and ensure appropriateness of operations as it serves as proof.

All these different tools and techniques of communication which is adopted by Intercontinental Hotels staff members and management ensure effective operations and smooth functioning of hotel. These communication techniques enables smooth flow or information from one department to another helping them in performing their duties and attaining given aims and objectives, so that ultimate goals of company can be achieved.

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In the above assignment, analysis is conducted for understanding how communication taking place between front office and other functional units of organisation enables it to execute all operations effectively. All departments are interrelated with each other their tasks and role are dependent on other departments duties. Therefore, for completing their jobs in given time period and attaining efficient results they have to have proper communication and develop good channels of exchanging ideas and views. Different techniques and tools of communication is used by front office unit to communicate with other functional units ensuring effective functioning of operations of company. Proper flow of communication ensures growth of hotel as coordination is there in the structure which results in higher performance and attaining better profits which are efficient and effective for the company.


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