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Importance of Healthy Diet on Child

University: ITCM College London

  • Unit No: 2
  • Level: Diploma
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  • Course Code: HBEC4103
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Table of Content

Question :

Marketing communication is a tool to convey message of business to the customers. The company chosen is the Vodafone which is large telecommunication company in the world. It covers the following task-

  • Critical evaluation and analysis of tracking the marketing communication of company for one country market.
  • Contrast and compare the strategy of branding of company with its competitors.
  • Evaluate the different strategies which have impacted on market share and revenue growth of company.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Vodafone


This project discusses the importance of a healthy diet for children (Pérez, Escamilla, and Segura, 2011). Nutrition is very important for children's mental and physical development. A proper diet can make a child healthy and strong. Consumption of fruits and vegetables improves the immune system of children. Children absorb nutrition very quickly as compared to adults. A diet with the right amount of proteins, vitamins, and minerals is known as a balanced diet. Childhood is the stage where the brain develops. Consumption of junk food and fast food can make children unhealthy. This can make a child suffer from different types of long-term and short-term diseases. A balanced diet helps with the healthy functioning of the brain and heart.


The impacts of poor diet on children's health and well-being

Nutrition is very important to keep a child healthy and strong. It plays an important role in the complete development of a child. An imbalanced diet makes the child’s immune system weak. A weak immune system can make a child ill frequently (Black and Walker, 2016). They should consume food full of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Proper nutrition prevents the child from being ill. Each supplement is important for the growth and development of a child's health. The absorption rate of nutrients is very high in young children. Inadequate diet affects the development of mental and physical health in children. Nutrition is important for the healthy eyesight of children. Proper intake of calcium makes the bones strong and healthy. It is very important to provide the child with the right quality of nutrients. Supplements like protein, calcium, fatty acids, and calcium are very necessary for a child’s growth.

There should be a balanced intake of nutrition. Consumption of unhealthy foods can lead to poor health. A child can face problems like early tooth decay, malformed bones, regular muscle cramps, etc. Children are the future of a country. It is important to take good care of their health. Intake of unhealthy food on a regular basis can make the child weak. This can even lead to long-term diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and cancer. A poor diet makes the child’s memory weak. Childhood is the time of rapid brain development (Dyment, Bell, and Green, 2017). At this stage, the brain needs proper nutrition to build up its working memory. Nutrition like zinc and copper is important for the development of a strong brain. It is necessary to look after the mental development of children. Malnutrition can cause many disabilities.

A child’s brain is growing rapidly, and it is sensitive to nutrition. The brain is responsible for the learning and understanding power of a child. Insufficient nutrition can make the child suffer from conical diseases. Junk food is not good for health as it contains artificial colors and preservatives. Unhealthy food can slow down the development and growth of a child. An imbalanced diet can affect the long- and short-term health of a toddler (Stenberg and Sweeny 2014).

Long term effect

Long-term problems are associated with obesity, diabetes, heart problems, and blood pressure. Obesity is a common problem found in many children. The main reason for this disease is unhealthy eating habits. Children who are overweight fall under the category of obesity. In the UK, four out of ten children suffer from this problem. Parents must consult a health specialist to know whether their child is overweight or not. Toddlers are growing continuously. This makes it difficult to figure out whether they are unhealthy or not. To avoid this problem, children must be given a proper diet. According to the UK’s obesity society, a BMI in the 75 percentile suggests that a child is overweight. There are many factors that can make a child overweight. Intake of a diet that is full of sugar, fat, and processed foods makes the child fat.

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If a kid spends the maximum amount of time watching television and playing video games, this can lead to obesity (Lawrence and Zubrick, 2015). To avoid the problem of overweight, children must be given a proper supplement. Overweight children will become overweight adults in the future. Obesity has high health risks. Fat people are likely to face more health problems as compared to healthy people. The main reason for cardiovascular disease is the accumulation of fat in coronary arteries, which affects the functioning of the heart. This reduces the flow of oxygen to the heart. A deposit of fatty acids blocks the artery completely, which can cause a heart attack in the person. Blocked artigos can also be the reason behind strokes. A high-fat diet can result in atherosclerosis. Generally, fat is of two types, i.e., good and bad. Saturated fat increases the cholesterol level in blood cells. Cheese, butter, and meat contain a high amount of cholesterol. High blood pressure is commonly found in children in the UK. This can lead to heart attacks and strokes.

This problem is mainly found in people who are overweight. An increase in blood flow is caused by a high-cholesterol diet. Toddlers with excess weight require more pressure to push the blood. This can lead to the damage of blood cells (Neal and Hammer, 2017). People who have been overweight since childhood encounter damage to their cardiovascular systems. Diabetes is caused by a person’s pancreas not producing sufficient insulin. It is the hormone that carries glucose to cells. An overweight person has a lot of fat accumulated in his stomach, which can be a cause of diabetes.


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