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Management, transformation  and organisational changes has become permanent features of the business landscape. Changes in technologies affect the organisation in many ways, innovation of technologies have put muscular business models on capital flows and investors demands have become less predictable. To meet these changes, firm has to become more sophisticated by doing best practises for organisational leading change management. In this assessment TESCO and ALDI company is chosen. Both companies are of same sector i.e. retail sectors but growth rate and operations of Tesco is much greater than Aldi. Both are multinational companies of UK. Both companies are public limited companies. This report is concluding managing the impact of changes in the organisation, leadership management and decision making power of management. The assessment is critically analysing the  forces for meeting the organisational objectives in leading changes. Comparison of the impact of changes on organisations and evaluating the ways in which external and internal driver's of leadership affect the organisation. The barriers for change and determining how it influence the decision making of both the organisation is also studied in this report.  

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Task 1-Managing the Impact of Change

P1: Compare TESCO and ALDI company's  where there has been an impact of change on an Organisation’s strategy and operations.

TESCO and ALDI company is fighting with the changes taking in the environment. The strategic planning of the organisation is greatly affected by the leading changes. Retail strategy is a holistic marketing plan for product or services to reach and influence the consumers. Technological changes also affect the organisational strategies and operations (Pollack and Pollack, 2015). Today all the company's are using high power machines which has ultimate power to manufacture  the products very fast and Tesco's machines are much sophisticated than compare to Aldi. Technological changes is expensive but it is necessary for company to remain sustainable market share in the environment.  As implementing changes need huge fund which is not easy for any company to come-up with instantly, but Tesco and Aldi company is implementing the upcoming changes very fast. The changes in technological is dynamic in the face of technology , But  Tesco company is facing much more better than Aldi Company. Communication strategies are now changing very fast, channel's of communicating to others are remove , now the communication become flat which is very effective to the organisation. Management change also affect the company's strategies, if management of the organisation changes the whole structure of the organisation which affect the company's (Baynes, Lague and Attal, 2016). Tesco Company is using much better communications instruments which are increasing its customer satisfaction and upgrading sales volume and Aldi company is also trying and doing its best to increase the sales upto the the sales of Tesco.

P2: Evaluate the ways in which internal and external drivers of change affect leadership, team and Individual behaviours within an organisation.

The working and decision making of the Tesco and Aldi company's is totally influenced by the business environment. Both company commercial enterprise ventured into secure maximum profit and to provide best services to the public is the main motive of company. Their are many ways which are sometimes negative and positive (Bascia and Hargreaves, 2014). Events, things and situations that occur inside the business and under the control of company is Internal Driving Forces. Technological capacity, organisational culture, financial management, employee morale, poor delivery, competition and high wastage affect the changes in leadership, team and individual behaviours of Tesco and Alsi organisation. Internal driving force:

Technological Capacity: The new discoveries make the old one outdated. The business community has to keep abstract with the changes in technologies. Egnoring technological changes is not fruitfull for Tesco and Aldi organisation. Scientist are operating on such technologies which will change the whole environment of the Tesco and Aldi.  But in comparison the Tesco company's adaption in technological change is much faster than Aldi.

Organisation Culture: The systematic study of the behaviour and attitude of both individual and group within the organisation is known as organisational behaviour. Tesco has much powerful success spirit than Aldi company. Tesco has best power of listening to staff and  customer's deand than Aldi. Tesco is forward looking organisation. Both company is risk taker and they also done their business in well planned and in well organise manner (Thomas, 2017). If the organisational culture of Tesco and Aldi is not good or going in negative way than it affect the production of organisation.

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