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Marketing in Travel and Tourism


The marketing is a essential tool to promote any business with effective manner. Further it helps to maintain stability of organisation in competition area with fair manner. On the other hand, in modern time period, it is very important for every enterprise. It is because marketing helps to raise sale in large quantity with creating good impression in mind of consumer. The whole report refer to travel and tourism sector relate marketing program. In addition, PESTLE and SWOT analysis is important for every organisation which provided accurate information regarding position in market (Benson, Tilbury and Wickens, 2012). Moreover, Expidia.com is one of the biggest name in online company which offer travel related packages to their patron. Further, it provided different packages as consumer requirement. Therefore, this report consist of whole marketing process relates to this online company with effective manner.


A. Core concepts of marketing

  • The marketing is managerial process where every organisation main object is to identified the need of society and provide return as need and want of group of individual. Therefore, its main purpose is to satisfy the need of every citizen within the target area.
  • Human need, want and demand – Marketer identified designation which actual consumer want to visit (Carter, 2007). In addition, it also known facility which actually patron required during travelling.
  • Product – Marketer create packages of travel as demand of consumer. Added, they study of consumer mind with psychology method (Christensen, 2010). On the other hand, they design packages as satisfy whole need of consumer from single purchase.
  • Value, cost and satisfaction – the price factor and service satisfaction also influence to whole industries. Moreover, every travel enterprise consider on more consumer satisfaction with minimum amount of package. Hence, they work on maximum satisfaction with minimum investment.
  • Exchanges transaction and relationship – the higher authority of organisation is considering to provide various option relates to exchanges of transaction (Huang, 2009). In addition, maintain of relationship with every consume for long term relationship is also necessary for stability taking market advantages.
  • Market – then ultimately marketer applied whole marketing strategy on target area where it can be growth with higher manner. On the other hand, selecting of market must be appropriate and fair according to plan.
  • Marketing and marketer – In this stage marketer identify actual problem which face by consume (McDonald, 2012). Therefore, they should be maintain proper communication with patron regarding applicability of marketing plan and any difficulty emerge should be review with properly and remove.

B. Marketing environment

Environment factor also effect to whole London area. Further, Marketing team must be conduct deep study of area where it actually applied.

Marco Environment

  • Political factor – in the present time UK climate has been changes by Brixit which also impact on EU as well as England politics with large manner. On other hand, Theresa May has elected as prime mister of England which is more reliable in international relationship. Hence, it gives more benefits to whole travel and tourism industry.
  • Environment - The travel industries mostly affects by climate changes. Further, every visitor choose natural and develop place for visit (O'Connor, 2010). Therefore, when it is good then attract more visitor or vice versa.
  • Social factor – Traveller choose travel as social factor. Like some person prefer to religious place, some are chosen to develop region. On the other word, everyone choose place as their social factor.
  • Technology – It also effects to whole travel industry. It is because modern automation attract to more consumer for visit (Stronza, 2009). Therefore, they don't face any problem regarding visit. Hence, London is most develop place within the UK territory so that it attract more passenger for visit.
  • Legal factor – the existing law relates travel and tourism impact on London traveller. In addition, Brixit has major impact on London travel because EU law has been remove.
  • Economics – The Brixit effect on whole economy of countries. Further, it reduces the value of pound which direct link to London travel.
  • Consumer – Marketer always consider on demand and need of patron and they focus on to provides the best class service to customer with better satisfaction.
  • Travel agency – Marketing team always focus better relationship with agency. Therefore, it plays a vital role in proper operation of business (Uzama, 2009).
  • Employee – Every plan success depends on proper implementation so that it is possible by worker work performance. Therefore, efficient sub-ordinate share contribution to growth over all business.

C. Consumer factor

  • Pricing factor – Most of the consumer prefer to maximum satisfaction with minimum price. Therefore, Marketer must established packages as customer demand.
  • Better service – Service gives to consumer must be better and satisfactory manner (Voola and Yuksel, 2010). Therefore, any issue face by them should be remove immediately for future relationship.
  • Appropriate packages – The packages provides by enterprise must be appropriate which cover all essential thing as Clint required. Therefore, all essential thing which necessary during travel must be cover in packages.
  • Communication – It also important for travel undertaking for semi-permanent relationship.
  • Offer and discount – It is type of physiology method which use by marketer for attract more consumer for travel (Yoo and et. al., 2012). On the other hand, team give special price concession or extraordinary service to particular type of patron. Hence, this strategy helps to attract more consumer for travelling in London.

D. Market segmentation

It is the market planning for target market as various factor like, consumer, business, countries etc. linking with this, the main purpose of it to known need, interest and priority of most of the customer.
Demographic segmentation refer to age, sex, generation etc. for target product for sale.

  • Age – Every person react as their age, so demand of packages and place has been chosen to accord to individual time of life (Liu, 2005). Therefore, every group of person prefer to visit London because it has various thing for satisfaction of every consumer demand.
  • Sex – the factor sex also impact on London visitor. It is because of Male generally prefer dangerous place where female priority to fashion or shopping relate area. Therefore, London fulfils both age group need.
  • Generation – Generally youth generation prefer to visit London. Therefore, travel undertaking prepare packages as them.
  • Occupation – The London rank is number one in credit rating. Therefore, most of person who is link with business are preferred to visit London (Benson, Tilbury and Wickens, 2012). So that most of travel company offer business packages to traveller.
  • Group – Traveller also available packages to group individual. Further, it consist of family, employee etc.


AC A. Strategy marketing plan and important of marketing research

The marketing plan is referred to strategy which cover all aspect for promote travel packages. So it defines method and techniques which essential for promote product with right manner.
Market research is the combination of method where marketer evaluate the actual need and want of consumer. Therefore, it uses for prepare plan with effective manner.

Product Life Cycle – it is a process which help full for adopt changes as market demand. Further, there is mainly four stage which are cover in product life cycle (Carter, 2007). The first stage is relates to introduction where enterprise launch new product by considering various aspect. Then second stage is relates to growth of product where item become reach to end user. Then, product reach on maturity stage where it start to generate profit and lastly enterprise start to decline such product and prepare plan for new product.

SWOT Analysis – This tool help to analysis of company straight, opportunities, weakness and treats with proper manner. Further, it is a proper exhibition of Expedia.com within the market place.

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B. Marketing research and marketing information

It is the process of collecting information by using method and techniques. Further, marketer use these techniques for known market demand and need relates to combined product.

  • Evaluate marketing performance – Marketing plan and research helps to promote packages service with effective manner (Christensen, 2010). Therefore, Summer packages launches by manager is determined by using method and techniques. And it give detail information relates to product performance.
  • Analysis data – It is a process of collecting of data as suitable for better marketing. Further, marketing research gives proper data relates to product and service. Hence, it is gives the sufficient information about packages service and consumer actual preference.
  • Increasing sale - It support to company for identify of market condition. Therefore, Expidia.com can adopts changes as market requirement (Huang, 2009). On the other hand, it also processes of collecting of feedback from consumer relates to packages for purpose of identified drawback in product which they actually face.

C. Effect on society

The main purpose of marketing is to raise awareness of consumer within society. It may impact either positive or negative on society.

Positive impact

  • Provide information – It provides proper knowledges about product with right manner. Further, it raises in awareness about use of product or other relates matter. Therefore, Expidia.com is gives information relates to packages product with proper manner which impact positively on company and consumer.
  • Development – the marketing support to develop environment with effective manner. Moreover, it reduces to threats which emerge in society (McDonald, 2012). On the other hand, it also aware to consume for product and service for use.
  • Living standard - It helps to develop society and living standard of people. Therefore, it offers service as person requirement for which they ready to pay.

Negative impact

  • Fraud – lots of company involve in fraud activities therefore, marketing activities also support to such activities in wrong manner because it provides end consumer.
  • Expectations – it is not provides return as expectation because only awareness is not required for sale product further, capacity to pay is also necessary for product.
  • Product cost – It raises in cost of product therefore, price of travel product has increasing automatically.


AC A. Marketing mix element

It is the detail analysis of consumer need, want and requirement regarding product. Further, marketing mix is the psychology method which prepare by managerial person for better satisfaction of consumer. Therefore, Expidia.com give packages as market analysis. It includes element which undertaking is required to followed with fair manner.

  • Price – The packages provided by online company must be appropriate and reasonable as Clint requirement (O'Connor, 2010). In addition, product price must be less than competitor therefore, undertaking must require reducing unnecessary cost emerge during wrong operation. Apart from this, Expidia.com should choose low price strategy for allure more consumer within the short time period. Therefore, undertaking should controlled on waste management.
  • Product – the product provided by Expidia.com must be attract which fulfil the need of target consumer (Lamb, Hair and McDaniel, 2011). Therefore, packages must be includes various facility which commonly require to every type of consumer. Apart from this, design of product must be attractive as physiology techniques.
  • Promotion – the promotion of package travel service must be psychology method. Therefore, enterprise should collect expert advice for effective promotion of passenger product (Stronza, 2009). On other hand, management should choose target area for carrying on promotional activities. Apart from this, it should exhibit sufficient information to patron about product and service. It should be noted that engraved statement should be understandable and proper manner which consumer can easily known about company's trade good. Its main purpose is to reach maximum target consumer within short time period. Therefore, proper method of promote product must required for cover investment within target time period.
  • Place – The Expidia.com should choose convenient place where target consumer easily reach to company product (Uzama, 2009). Therefore, it should give priority to online platform for selling travel product. On other hand, it should open agency at public place for sale product. Hence, it should be convenient for every consume for reach to undertaking place.

B. Important of service sector mix element

It is very important for every organization. It is because of it is the identification of market need and requirement. Further, it is the deep analysis of consumer market link with consumer.

  • Product – Combine travel packages gives new opportunities to expedia.com for attracting new consumer in large quantity. Further, it will help company for raise profitability. On other hand, better product always attract more consumer within short-time. Along with, it helps to recover whole investment.
  • Place – It helpful to connect more consumer for new Launce product. Therefore, the expedia.com online platform and authenticate agency at every place (Voola and Yuksel, 2010). This strategy help-full for every type of customer to buy enterprise product with easy manner.
  • Promotion – the promotion give information about product of expedia.com. Further, it give proper information to target consumer with right manner. So that they think to use company product. The physiology method use in this also attract to new consumer within short time.
  • Pricing – it influences on whole business of expedia.com operation with proper manner. Moreover, it shares part to success business in minimum time period. On other hand, physiologies pricing policy is also helps to present better than competitor and provides higher profit.
  • People – People consist stakeholder who direct or indirect relates to expedia.com business operation. Therefore, they play a vital role to give more profitability and better operation within the territory of undertaking.
  • Process – the better operation process of expedia.com relates to available combine packages service give more profitability and consum100er trust toward enterprise. Therefore, effective process also give new market opportunities for product.
  • Physical evidence – It supports to analysis Expidia.com position within the marketplace. It benefits to auditing for known the true and fair position of company (Yoo and et. al., 2012). On other hand, It creates trust in patron mind which is beneficial for long-term period.

C. Concept of total tourism product

It is referred to travel packages which consist of every facility which passenger required during travelling. Therefore, the Expidia.com provides whole combination of travel product to their consumer where they buy once and get full enjoy for until travel finished.

  • Transportation – Expidia.com give facilities relates to transportation over world-wide area. It gives categorise these facilities as consumer payable capacities. Therefore, when consumer visit international place then enterprise gives car, taxi, bus etc. facilities for for visit such place.
  • Hotel – Expidia.com give Hotel facilities to their patron during travel (Liu, 2005). Further, it arrange as according to their stay in particular place.
  • Foreign exchanges - Every consumer requires to buy some essential item during travel. Further, it also gives foreign exchange facilities with charging minimum processing charges.
  • Food and beverages – Some countries like India are famous for their strict food product. Therefore, Expidia.com provides food and beverages item for better consumer satisfaction.


D. Nature and role of Promotion mix

The main aim of it to provides right and proper information to target consumer. Therefore, Expidia.com use it for entered in new market as well as maintain long-term relationship.

  • Advertisement – Its cover magazine, trade journal, newspaper. Further, it supports to allure all type of consumer (Sethuraman, Tellis and Briesch, 2011). Therefore, Expidia.com state all information regarding packages product and service with physiologists manner.
  • Sales promotion – In this Expidia.com give different type of discount and offer to patron. Along with, it also organizes different type of activities relates to promote packages service.
  • Public relation – the combine packages service provides by Expidia.com is also required public relationship (Dhar and Varshney, 2011). Further, it for remove doubt of consumer emerge in mind which relates to product.
  • Direct marketing – Direct marketing refer to connect with consumer for gives better service. Further, there is company maintain relationship by using telecommunication or any other mode for proper solution any misconduct.
  • Personal selling – there is authorized or company appointed person direct meet with target consumer and give information of service product.

E. Promotional campaign

The promotional campaign plan is very important for Expidia.com for achieve goal and objective with in target period.

Expidia.com is required to use promotional plan to get more benefits. Therefore, it should be based on proper method and techniques (Lamb, Hair and McDaniel, 2011). On other hand, it must be cover all target place and consumer with minimum investment.

It should use advertisement campaign on online platform for reach on target consumer. It is because of every person with in London territory use internet at most of the time for any purpose. Therefore, it is required less investment which provides high return (Parrish, 2010). On the other hand, company can also use “click on pay” advertisement service where enterprise only have to pay when consumer open such content.

Public relationship is also important for solving doubt at on the spot. In addition, this type of marketing style at public place like mall, transaction area etc. however, this campaign helps to to maintain good relationship with every person as well as helps to increasing value of enterprise in patron mind (Schoppe, 2012). So that Expidia.com should appointed person and train to them for better public relationship.

Personal selling is also better option for enterprise which relates to direct relation with patron for sale service packages. Moreover, this strategy used when price of product is very high which can affordable for few consumers.


Summary of report state that marketing is the important tool in every industries like travel and tourism sector. Further, it helps to give information to end consumer about product and service. From which enterprise can generate profit with large amount. On the other hand, SWOT analysis is also helped full to identified the actual position of undertaking.


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