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Understanding and Developing the Marketing Plan of Company Apivita

University: UKCBC College

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Question :

The strategy of digital marketing is the combination of many processes which help the company to achieve its objectives. The company chosen is APIVITA which is the leading manufacturer of cosmetic products which are made from natural ingredients. It covers the following outcome-

  • Analysis of the market position of the company APIVITA.
  • Analysis of macro and microenvironment of company APIVITA.
  • Understanding and developing the marketing plan of the organization.
  • Understanding the market portfolio of company APIVITA.
Answer :
Organization Selected : APIVITA


Digital marketing strategy is considered as a combination of various processes that can help an organization to achieve its goals and objectives (Ashley and Tuten, 2015). There are various ways of digital marketing strategies that can be involved by APIVITA in order to maximize the overall popularity and productivity of a cosmetic company. Out of all the ways, social media marketing is considered as one of the efficient ways that can be used because more than half of the population is using social media. Therefore, this can be classified as an appropriate way of expansion of its products and services in different parts of the world. There are various artifacts that can be considered within this and are beneficial. These involve Facebook, Twitter, Webmail, Instagram, and Blog.

A brief overview of the company

APIVITA is one of the leading manufacturers of cosmetic products that are made from a wide range of natural ingredients. The firm has been started by two pharmacists with a thought that there are enormous products and factors in nature that can be used for manufacturing something beneficial. The vision of APIVITA is to create value for environment as well as for economy. APIVITA has an enormous number of trusted customers who are satisfied with their range of cosmetics because they think that the overall range of products is affordable and also has a great impact on skin as well. Therefore, this trust of customers has successfully helped APIVITA to move on an efficient basis. The firm has expanded its operations in over 15 countries from all over the world. It involves a wide range for men as well as women. and also, it acquires a specialised set of products for babies as well.

Although, natural ingredients are being used in their product range but at the same time, they also ensure to maintain sustainable development. It is considered as an effective measure because the firm does not only think about their current profitability but also, for the nature that resources should be maintained in a way so that future generations can also be able to make use of it. In various products, herbal ingredients are also used. Although honey is one of the major ingredients for their whole product range but, they make use of various other ingredients as well that are herbal and safe to the skin. The number of employees in every branch of APIVITA is about 300 – 500 members.

Analysis of the market position of APIVITA

Market position means the overall rate of perception of customers towards processes and operations of an organisation. The overall demand of manufacturing and selling cosmetics range has been increased rapidly from a few years. So, every cosmetic industry is trying to involve different ways and products so that they can be able to satisfy the customers to a high extent. APIVITA is one of the leading brands with enormous number of products and a trusted customer range but there are various competitors of the firm that are continuously trying to involve factors so that they can achieve a higher market position than APIVITA. There are some market positioning strategies as well that can help in analysing the actual market position of APIVITA.

As per the statistics, it can be analysed that the traffic on website of APIVITA fluctuates. As in January 2018, it has been represented that the overall number of visitors who visited on their website were about 100 k whereas, in April 2018, it fluctuated again and went high up to 250 k. After that, in July 2018 as well, it went up to 150 k. So, for maintaining a higher rate of traffic for a larger amount of time, APIVITA can ensure to interact with different customers and resolve their issues. Also, involvements of ways like offers, discounts, etc. can also maintain attention of customers towards website.

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When users search for APIVITA on the internet, there are two types of results that come like organic and the paid ones. Organic search refers to results have been occurred on the basis of latest searches whereas, paid searches means when APIVITA itself pay to the website for advertisements. So, on the basis of results achieved, it can be considered that 94.93% searches have been organic and 5.07% was paid. Therefore, from this fact, it can be classified that APIVITA only pays about 5% to advertise their products and other 95% responses come from customer's direct interest. This means that APIVITA holds a good marketing position. A fact that APIVITA should ensure here is the competitors continuously try to involve some methods, techniques and ways so that they can achieve a higher position and larger competitive advantage. So APIVITA also has a variety of rivals such as Korres. Therefore, for preventing themselves from any sort of external activity, they can ensure to change their strategies and techniques on a regular basis so that their position and competitive advantages in the market can stay maintained.


For analysing the external range of factors of APIVITA, PESTLE analysis can help. Different factors have been discussed as below:


APIVITA is actually a Greece company instead of a fact that it has expanded in about 20 firms across the world. If the political situation of Greece has to be considered, then some facts are clear enough that in every month, there occurs some sort of strike. One of the basic factors that has been held responsible for it is that employees of various organisations are not happy with their work because they are not being provided even with the salaries on time. So, they are fighting for their rights. Also, taxation has majorly affected the overall situation of country. So, APIVITA can ensure to adjust the manufacturing cost of their products in a way that even after adding tax, it can seem to be affordable for customers.


The economic crisis has affected living of people to a high extent. There are various people who do are not involved in any buying of cosmetics because of financial crisis. So, APIVITA can also ensure to produce a range of small products with an affordable range so that they can also be able to use it.


Rate of economic crisis has already affected conditions of various people. The rate of corruption has also been observed to a high extent. Therefore, APIVITA can ensure to deal with processing and manufacturing of products honestly and not being a part of corruption. This can help them to gain more customers.


There is a requirement in technologies in APIVITA so that they can properly process natural ingredients in a form that they can be easily used by people are quite costly. Although, APIVITA has involved a range of these machines and thus, they can satisfy the needs of customers.


European Union has implemented stricter standards towards environment so that if any organisation will be making use of any environmental product or ingredient, they should ensure to maintain the sustainability. An efficient fact that can be considered here is that APIVITA already follows this factor. Therefore, this factor cannot throw any negative impact on the customer satisfaction rate. The policies of maintaining sustainability by APIVITA is known to their customers as well as government. So, they can try to maintain this.


When government has changed, new legislations occur with it as well. Therefore, this can be considered to be quite tough procedure to be implemented while managing other activities of the store. So, APIVITA can ensure managing all processes and resources efficiently so that during any new legislation, they can be easily able to implement the same.

SOSTAC Analysis

SOSTAC is considered as a proper framework or model that can help APIVITA in an appropriate planning of marketing processes. Different factors associated with it are described as below:


The current situation of APIVITA is that they hold an efficient place in market because more than half of their customers are satisfied with their product range. But to maintain it, the firm can ensure to involve some more attractive ways such as offers, discounts, etc.


The basic objective of APIVITA is to make involvement of natural ingredients to use in their cosmetic products so that it can stay safe on their skin. Although, they are one of the leading firms dealing with natural range but they want to be on top. For this, their forte is to maintain sustainability so that future generations can also make use of it.


The strategy of APIVITA is that they want to make use of environmental factors so that there can be no side effect of products on their skin. This is their strategy to attract customers.


Paper packaging has been reduced by the firm and also, they have implemented a proper treatment plan for the waste that is gathered from manufacturing of various products.


Their plan is to satisfy a wide variety of customers by satisfying their needs. Whether it is about the skin or hair, they want to provide them the best.


APIVITA has been successful enough in providing the customers efficiency in cosmetics range. Also, they make involvement of natural ingredients. In addition, the firm has enormous satisfied customers as well. So, it can be considered that company is going well in the market place.

Marketing Portfolio


Facebook is one of the leading platforms that involves the information and interest of enormous number of people. So, promoting the new and modified cosmetic range by means of pages in Facebook can be considered as an effective strategy. It is because more than half of the population has access over it. Some use it for passing time, fun and a few for gaining an increased rate of understanding and information. So, if APIVITA considers this as a way of promoting their products and services. By means of Facebook, it can surely help them to achieve and attract a wide range of customers. Also, APIVITA can develop a call to action (CTA) because there is a major possibility that company can receive immediate responses from customers.


Twitter is another artefact that is extremely popular and covers millions of users. Also, this can be used as a tool for promoting various products and services of an organisation. Although there are various social networking websites but Twitter is considered as one of the largest and popular websites which involves the profile of enormous people (Kaur, 2016). People tweet on twitter and along with the basic tweets, there are some who promoted tweets as well. Twitter is considered as one of the largest platforms for promoting some specific range of products or services. So, APIVITA can also make use of Twitter for a better promotion. Therefore, the organisation that promotes through means of Twitter has to pay for the advertisement. But the fact that is to be ensured here is if company pays to get the advertisement on Twitter, in return, it will also be receiving the attention and interest of people. As company deals with a range of cosmetic products, there might be a possibility that it will be able to gain the interest of a wide range of customers. They can also gain the interest of people by means of an impressive call to action. Therefore, this artefact is also considered as an essential measure for APIVITA to be used for achieving the interest of customers and an increased productivity.


Instagram is also considered as a well-known and popular artefact that can be involved by APIVITA. There are some advertising policies of every social media networking website. After complying the fact that particular advertisement follows all regulations of advertising policies, it can be posted (Felix, Rauschnabel and Hinsch, 2017). So, similarly if APIVITA ensures to promote their cosmetic range through Instagram, most probably, it will get posted within 24 hours. Also, if the particular advertisement contains some matter that is irrelevant and should not be shown, in that case, Instagram can reject the advertisement as well. As APIVITA is a cosmetics company and will promote their products to expand in other countries and for gaining customers, Instagram can be considered as one of the effective measures to achieve the interest of customers.


Blog is considered as another way that can be ensured by APIVITA. The fact that can be ensured here is that blog is something different from other ways of social media. Like in case of Twitter, Facebook, etc., APIVITA can post online so that it can reach mass audience. But in case of blog, APIVITA can include all the essential details and products that are being involved and can help them to expand throughout. So, if by the means of blog, they want to promote their products and services, in that case, they can paste the link of their blog to various popular websites (Tuten and Solomon, 2017). It is considered as one of the effective ways. This can also be termed as search engine optimisation in which the link of specific blog is being pasted in various popular websites. So, when people access to that website, they can refer to the link as well. This however increases the rating of blog. Therefore, APIVITA can ensure pasting the link of their blog to various popular websites. It will help them to get an increased rate of popularity.

Web mail

Although web mail is considered as not so popular option like Facebook, Instagram, etc. but the security measures in Web mail are considered to be higher enough. Through means of web mail, APIVITA can ensure to communicate to its customers, telling them about the modifications and involvements in services and products. APIVITA can send an e-mail to all their customers so that they can get to know about the new features and products involved. Also, this is considered as a quiet time consuming process, but it helps in maintaining the security concerns of organisation. Unlike Facebook, Instagram, etc., Web mail is considered as a commercial and professional way of interacting with customers. This looks quite professional as well. Interacting and promoting products through means of web mail can also be classified as a strategy. By this way, the customers can also ensure this as a professional way and can take interest in dealing with them. Therefore, these ways are classified as some artefacts that APIVITA can involve for an efficient marketing and dealing of various processes so that they can be able to make efficient expansions and achieve a better productivity.


1. Facebook

APIVITA can ensure to involve the strategy of promoting their cosmetics range by means of Facebook. There are various ways that can be involved by APIVITA. One of the effective ways that can be considered is the fact that APIVITA can generate a page on Facebook so that they can promote all their cosmetic range on that page. Then they can set the target and post something about the products and services (Rowley and Keegan, 2017). It is important because by this means, APIVITA can be able to continue the interaction with customers. Maintaining effective relationship with customers is very important because when customers will be happy enough, then there will be higher probability that their focus can stay maintained towards operations and processes of APIVITA.

Then, for involving some sort of creativity in product range, APIVITA can ensure to represent their product range with some of its applications and videos as well. This is one of the interesting ways that can be used for attracting the customers. Also, it is obvious that many customers will message APIVITA; some for enquiry or some for complaining. Therefore, APIVITA can ensure to interact with customers on a regular basis so that efficiency can stay maintained within that. So, if APIVITA will be active enough to communicate with the customers, they can also share their issues and ideas. APIVITA can take feedback from customers that whether they are satisfied with the product or not.

Proposing a strategy

It is considered as an effective strategy because by these ways, APIVITA can ensure that if there are some factors which are not that much suitable and relevant, then they can make modifications in as soon as possible. APIVITA can also communicate with customers and tell them to post the images of products they have purchased. This is considered as a smart idea because when other people will visit their page, posts like these can help in attracting them. Another important factor of this strategy can be done with the help of search engine optimisation (SEO). This is considered as an important and beneficial tool that can help in increasing the overall ratings of particular page.

For this, APIVITA can paste the link of their page to other websites that are popular. When people will open these websites, there will be a higher chance that they can refer to the pasted link also and get to know about the cosmetics range of APIVITA. Therefore, they can involve search engine optimisation as it is considered as one of the effective strategies that can help them to make their business bigger and more popular. Therefore, this strategy and factors can be considered by APIVITA in order to make effective changes and also, for increasing their popularity rate. It will however help APIVITA to achieve a higher productivity rate as well.

APIVITA can develop a page on Facebook where the complete information related to products is available. Developing a page will help people to get information and remain updated with cosmetic items. It is an easy way to attract people (El Sawy and, 2016). When people will get to know about APIVITA page, they will enquire about it. Also, the complete information can be collected from there. Besides this, APIVITA can track the data of people who have liked that page. Then, those people can be targeted and emails can be sent to them. Facebook is a platform through which a large number of people can be attracted from a single place. A lot of people spend free time on Facebook. So, this provides an opportunity to APIVITA to promote their business. Main benefit APIVITA will get from this is that it can be updated on both platforms at the same time.

Also, people who are unaware of APIVITA can get connected. It will rise the graph of APIVITA in connecting people. The rise in graph Facebook will also show rise in Instagram. Social media marketing has become a popular concept. Furthermore, APIVITA can update its page regularly. In this new product details can be added. With this, people can know about the variety of cosmetic products. APIVITA can also keep a track of people who comment and share the page. This will help APIVITA to have an eye on its marketing strategy. Along with this, strategy that can be followed by APIVITA is collecting data of people through Facebook and sending them emails (Champagne, Hung and Leclerc, 2016). By sending mail to the people, it will be easy to get their response. Moreover, it will reduce the expenses of APIVITA.

APIVITA can also promote page on other websites. With this the chances of interacting with customers will increase. This will create market awareness among people. When people will like APIVITA page they will automatically promote it. Furthermore, sharing of page helps in increasing range of marketing. It will lead to rise in subscriptions. Due to this APIVITA costs in marketing will decrease. Also, company can develop effective marketing strategies. Besides this, they can maintain monthly records on how many people have liked their page. It will be a great effort made by them. For this APIVITA can set standards and measure the results. It will help in taking effective actions in real time. Also, it will be useful in developing future strategies. Using Facebook for this will help APIVITA to analyse market trends. APIVITA will know which type of customer are mostly attracted towards it.

One of the way that Facebook can use for promoting their range of products by means of paying Facebook. In that case, Facebook tends to advertise the specific company and products on enormous number of accounts using Facebook. Even though one is not subscribed to the website, then also, the advertisement tends to appear on the screen. The fact that is to be ensured here is that along with the payment method, APIVITA can also tend to promote their cosmetics range through Facebook and that too without paying them. APIVITA can also ensure to develop and implement this strategy as by this way, they can be able to achieve the attention of various people. Setting goals is the first step. Therefore, APIVITA should ensure to make the goals clear that what is their actual target range and by what factors, they can promote them. Staying clear to the audience can help the firm during this phase. As APIVITA deals with a wide variety of cosmetics, so it is obvious that the target audience can be women, young and teen girls more than that of men. This can be termed as an efficient factor of the strategy because finding a perfect target audience can actually help APIVITA in achieving all targets and goals.

APIVITA can optimise the targeting for all posts they publish. It is because; if they optimise target to some specific filters that are popular enough, then there are higher possibilities that it will reach to a wide range of people who are also using the same specified filters. Therefore, this can be considered as an effective way in which APIVITA may not have to spend any amount for promoting their business and its various objectives. Also, when APIVITA will create a page on Facebook, they will be able to see the number of fans online. So, this is another essential factor that can help APIVITA. It is because; by these means, they can check the number of online fans on a regular basis.

So, when they will find the maximum number of people online, they can make a post at that time. This will help their post to reach till a maximised audience. Also, they can involve another strategy of posting on weekends only. It is because; this is obvious that during the whole week, although many people use Facebook, but during weekends, they have a sufficient amount of time. So, they can focus on posts of APIVITA as well. Therefore, APIVITA can also ensure to post during the weekends only so that their promotion of cosmetic products and services can reach till a maximum number of the audience. This can help them in achieving an increased rate of productivity as well as popularity.

APIVITA has come live on their Facebook page for demonstrating their products and whole range.

Using SEO

This is the method in which all pages are ranked according to web page traffic. It helps in giving an insight on which is the most popular page on website. This can be done by comparing the results. Also, it includes the amount of traffic by giving results. By using this strategy APIVITA can also monitor traffic on Facebook (Allen, Macy and Hutchison, 2015). It will be easy to determine how many people have been diverted towards page of APIVITA. It will also give an idea on how traffic can be increased. SEO contains several things such as content, videos, images, etc. on this basis traffic is evaluated. Higher the traffic high will be advertisement of products.

APIVITA can make use of search engine optimisation by pasting the link of their Facebook page on various websites that are popular. It can also be considered as an essential part of strategy because when people will visit those websites, there are higher possibilities that their link can also get clicked. It will however increase the popularity of website of APIVITA. A very important fact which is to be ensured here is that while pasting this link, it is essential to make sure if the link pasted is not broken because as if it will be destroyed and people will try to open it, in that case, it will lead to decrease the ranking of their website on Google. Therefore, APIVITA can make use of SEO appropriately for achieving efficiency in the productivity rate.

Publishing on other website

APIVITA can also tag the page of products in other website. It means that on Facebook, they can merge with other company. This will allow APIVITA to tag the page in their website so that awareness can be increased. It will lead to rise in traffic on APIVITA’s page on Facebook. Apart from this, promotion done will be effective. In this, APIVITA can also use pay per click advertising. It will benefit in getting higher interaction with customers. With this, APIVITA can provide a range of product’s information to customers. Also, they can get their feedback that whether they purchased it or not.

Key Performance indicators (KPI's)

Key performance indicators are considered as the factors that can help APIVITA to a high extent. It is because; by these means, the firm on their Facebook page can assign some key performance indicators by which they can be able to attract a maximized range of attention from customers. Whether it is about framing of factors or posting of matter, if APIVITA ensures some particular and specific key performance indicators, then the possibility of their post reaching to a higher extent increases. There are some KPI's which can be considered by APIVITA while promoting their cosmetic products by the means of Facebook. These indicators are discussed as below:


These are termed as the total number of times post has been visited by a similar user. It means when a post is seen by a user and if someone shares that post and the user again sees it, this means two impressions from a single user. So, APIVITA can ensure more sharing of their posts. For this, either they can ask for their loyal and satisfied customers or also can make it done by payment basis.

Clicks on link

It means that how many times, the link of website of APIVITA has been clicked by the people. There is a smaller difference in between the rate of clicks on posts and of links. An increased rate of clicks on links increases overall ratings of the website of APIVITA. Therefore, the company can keep their focus on involving ways so that more people can open link, thus maximizing the ratings of firm as well.


Many a times, customers of APIVITA must be posting some reviews on the Facebook page of the firm. So, it is very important to consider each and every comment because as there will be some good reviews but there might be some negative feedbacks as well. Maintaining interactions with customers is important to maintain their interest in company. So, there might be a possibility that if some factors of products or cosmetics range are not liked by customers, they may post a review. So, instead of ignoring it, APIVITA can ensure to focus on it and make necessary changes so that they can satisfy their customers. Also, by such means, their customers will be able to think that they hold some importance for company.

Developing a CTA

APIVITA can ensure developing a call to action in advertisements so that by these means, they can be able to attract a wide range of customers. It may involve words or any phrase that seems interesting enough (Tiago and Veríssimo, 2014). A very common example here can be taken as of Netflix. The CTA for it is Join free for a month. Therefore, by considering this example, it can be considered that the tag line or phrase has been developed in order to attract the customers. When people will download the same, regular watching will increase their interest in the same and thus, they can buy it for the next month as well. Similarly, APIVITA can also get a call to action on their home page. It can be “Sign up for free” or anything that seems attractive enough. For boosting conversion rates, searching for various means can be time consuming. Therefore, developing and implementing an appropriate call to action can help in a way so that they can be able to satisfy the customers.

In this APIVITA can develop a call to action plan. They can provide free samples of products to those people who have contributed in digital marketing. Also, APIVITA can provide a link to people who have reacted to page. So that by opening link person is directly involved in buying cosmetic goods. With this it will be easy to track them.

It involves some essential aspects of content plan that Facebook can follow for an effective promotion of their cosmetic products and services. It involves all the essential factors such as target audience, different channels involved, etc. Therefore, Facebook can ensure following the content plan for effective marketing of their cosmetic range.

2. Twitter

Along with Facebook, APIVITA can also ensure about involving the strategy of promoting all their products and service range by the means of Twitter. There are various ways that can be involved by APIVITA. Some well-known examples of it can be classified as uploading pictures of cosmetic range or other products so that people can see it (Ryan, 2016). It is because; this is obvious when people will see it, they may get attracted towards some of their products. So, this can be considered as an efficient strategy (Gordon and Perrey, 2015). Along with pictures, APIVITA can also ensure to involve videos as a part of promotion because a very wide range of people are using Twitter. So, there is a possibility that many people can check out the video of APIVITA.

Also, creation of twitter moments can also be termed as an appropriate idea. Twitter is the most prominent advancement of digital world because it helps the business in connecting with millions of people on platforms. Further, the platform has a strong power of leading personalities of world who can help the firm in creating great influence over consumers. The firm use twitter for marketing cosmetics because the platform is very effective. In this the company needs to launch one key message to attract buyers. In this, company needs to launch one key message to attract the buyers. However, the response of digital marketing on twitter depends on viewers on promotional message created by firm. Thus, it is effective because it can be further shared by consumers for referral.

Propose a strategy

By the means of this, some tweets are being combined in a single collection. This can help APIVITA to grab attention of a wide range of people. Therefore, this can be involved by them as it is an attractive aspect of the strategy. Even if APIVITA is tweeting something about the new range of products, they can make sure to keep the title small but a bit descriptive. It should be in a way that people may feel to actually open it and read what it is about. Another important factor that APIVITA can ensure involving in their strategy is the use of link shorteners. Although it has been very less used nowadays but, it can actually help APIVITA to make their tweet look neater and cleaner (Chittilappilly and Bharadwaj, VISUAL IQ Inc, 2015). Twitter marketing strategy is classified as a very effective way to attract a wide range of people because this social media platform is being used by enormous number of people. So, APIVITA can also make use of the twitter marketing strategy.

Thus, they can reach to variety of individuals and it will help in getting a higher rate of popularity. Using the image of accurate size is important because the quality of image also matters a lot. If the quality of image is not efficient, then there are possibilities that people may not find it attractive. Therefore, making use of the right images is very important. Therefore, APIVITA can also consider the fact of using high definition and quality images to be uploaded so that in one eye only, it will be able to attract the users. There are various other strategies that can be used for a better and efficient twitter marketing engagement. Some well-known examples of it includes tools like Tweriod. It is considered as an efficient tool because it helps in providing ways so that the user can upload specific product or video on perfect timing only (Järvinen and Karjaluoto, 2015).

Therefore, Tweriod can help APIVITA in providing the accurate time for uploading the posts. It is because; according to the tool, it helps in analysing the time period when there is a higher possibility of people to go through them. It is being done by a specific way. When a wide range of people are online, this tool helps in sending notifications. So, in that particular time zone, APIVITA can ensure tweeting about their cosmetic range of products. It will attract a large number of people to go through that tweet. So, this can help them in providing a better exposure rate. Therefore, development of twitter marketing strategy is considered as a better and efficient way that can actually help APIVITA to gain a higher rate of popularity. This can actually help APIVITA to gain more productivity by satisfying a major number of customers.

APIVITA makes use of such images on their tweets for getting the attention of people.

Retweeting it on topics related to cosmetics

There are various strategies that can be used to promote the products through Twitter. In this, APIVITA can create their own authentic Twitter account. With this, APIVITA can retweet on the news related to cosmetic. It will divert the minds of other people. They will open it for having any enquiry. Also, with this, they will tweet on APIVITA’s post. In this way, customers will be able to engage with them (Wedel and Kannan, 2016). They will also know about APIVITA and what products it provides. Twitter is a great platform that give news to people regarding what is going around. Also, it makes people aware about anything that has happened. APIVITA can also take the advantage of this.

Company can follow many people who are in the age group of 20 to 30 years. They can target females who are very conscious about their beauty. Having a large number of followers will allow interaction in between people. They will discuss and tag each other in various posts. There will be rise in the number of followers of APIVITA. When notification will be sent to customers about any tweet done by APIVITA, it will automatically attract them. They will again tweet on it. This will be read by all other persons that are following the specific person. This will help the firm to achieve a higher rate of audience.

It can be considered as an effective part of the strategy because when APIVITA will tweet the same content again, in such case, there are possibilities that the people who have not seen it previously may see it this time. So, this can however cover the audience that has not been achieved yet. Although, re tweeting should not be done for more than 5- 6 times because in such cases, it can seem irritating for the customer. Therefore, for about 4 – 5 times, APIVITA can re tweet the same tweet. Also, it is being considered that the tweets gain more popularity in second or third time as compared to the first time. Also, ensuring the quality of image is also important that is being used in the tweet by APIVITA. It is because; as they deal with a wide variety of cosmetic range, so they can make involvement of high quality pictures so that the tweet can seem to be attractive enough. Also, when APIVITA will make a specific account only for selling of product range, they should ensure to keep an attractive bio so that when people will visit their profile, it must be attractive enough so that the bio may catch attention of people. This can however act as an attractive way to achieve the attention of people.

Another important factor that can be used as a strategy by APIVITA is that if they focus on various ways to increase their interaction rate with customers, then also, it can throw some reflection on the productivity rate of company. Also, APIVITA can deal with some of the influencers so that they can help APIVITA to provide them some means on Twitter for getting a better production rate. Influencers have their own contacts and so, they can help them understand the benefits of using range of APIVITA. Also, the firm has involved a variety of new cosmetics. So, there are higher possibilities that people will get attracted to it. There are various tools of Twitter as well that can prove to be helpful. A very common example of this can be considered as the tool named Tweriod. By the means of this, APIVITA can analyse timings at which their tweets are reaching to their fans or customers.

It can also be classified as a great source of engagement in between customers and APIVITA. Maintaining social interaction with customers via directly or via Twitter is an effective strategy. There are chances that the customers of APIVITA will comment on their tweet about what they liked in product and what not. So, APIVITA should ensure to stay active on Twitter so that they can even read all daily comments of the people. This customer feedback can help APIVITA to make required changes. Also, when APIVITA will respond to comments of people about specific query or issue, they can also consider a fact that they are important for the company. It further helps in maintaining their interest in the company and their new cosmetic range as well.

Another part of this strategy can be sharing of the ideas. In this, APIVITA can share tips that they think are helpful. In this, APIVITA if founds some relevant and suitable content that can actually help, they can share the content. Sharing also helps in achieving some sort of attention. It is because; by the means of sharing by APIVITA, they can be able to attract customers that if they know something unique and helpful, they are free to share the same with others (Kaur, 2016). Therefore, this quality of APIVITA can actually help them to gain an increased rate of customers on Twitter. Therefore, APIVITA can share the content in their tweets or paste the link in the same. Directly or indirectly, if they are sharing some content that can act to be beneficial for anyone, then there are majority of chances that people will get attracted to this quality of APIVITA which can also help them to gain an increased rate of popularity. When APIVITA will achieve a higher range of popularity, then it will automatically increase their overall productivity as well because when more customers will be interested in this, it is obvious that many of their cosmetic products will be ranged out by them.

Pay per click (PPC)

Pay per click is a method that can be applied by APIVITA for achieving an increment in business. In this, whenever any user or fan of APIVITA will re-tweet or replies, in that case, they will be paid. But this is applicable only in case of promoted tweets. This option is not available in Facebook. So, APIVITA on their Twitter account can implement this strategy. This can also be termed as a very popular model which means that APIVITA will provide a specific amount to Twitter and expect a specific rate for every single click. As per some statistics, it has been analysed that the estimated amount for every promoted tweet is $1.35. Although, tweeting basic tweets on Twitter or signing up on Twitter is completely free but as it is one of the leading platforms that people used to stay connected and in touch, various leading companies get involved in promotion of their business by the means of Twitter. Therefore, promotion by these means refers to the fact that if APIVITA involves the way of pay per click on Twitter, then it can actually help them to gain a higher rate of productivity as well as popularity.

Developing a CTA

An efficient call to action (CTA) can be involved by APIVITA so that while implementing their twitter marketing strategy, they can be able to attract a wide range of customers. A call to action may be considered as any phrase, statement or any few words only that can seem to be attractive to the viewers. So, if APIVITA also considers the fact of developing a call to action, then the probability of attracting customers may increase. A call to action can also mean that action taken by audience such as re tweeting. It generally means that if APIVITA develops a call to action, it means that they want to take the attention of customers. So, if they will implement some interesting and attractive call to action, it may increase the possibility of people gathering interest about it.

A common example of CTA is APIVITA can be developed to read more about the tweet. In that, they can tweet an attractive and standard quality image of their products and then on the Read More CTA, they can involve the details of same in brief. This can act to be highly helpful. Another action plan that can be taken by APIVITA is following the person who has tweeted related to APIVITA products. With this, APIVITA can gather information about that person. It will help in engaging person in the future. They can display high quality image in any tweet. This will attract people’s mind. APIVITA can also provide updated information about their products to people. Also, APIVITA can interact with the customers that have shown some interest in their products. So, the firm can ask their customers to tweet something about products and their specialisation along with its picture. This can act to be an attractive feature to gain attention of other people as well.

3. Instagram

This is also a major social networking platform from where APIVITA can promote their products. It will help in attracting a large number of customers. On this, APIVITA creates their own page and then advertises cosmetic products. In Instagram, there is only one way through which products can be promoted (El Sawy and, 2016). APIVITA can post the pictures of variety of cosmetic items. Also, with picture, they can provide information about the brand of product. Uploading high quality images will help APIVITA in gaining attention of the people. Along with pictures, APIVITA can also provide the price of cosmetic items. This will give an insight to people on how much is the cost of each item.

Proposed strategy

While promoting products APIVITA can develop various strategies on how to use Instagram. First of all target market must be identified so that strategy can be developed accordingly. It is a platform where usually business does not promote products to a great extent. Rather they collect and gather information of people. APIVITA can also merge their Facebook and Instagram accounts. This will make it easy for people to know about APIVITA. The main benefit APIVITA will get from this is any update on one platform will automatically update the other one. Also, people who are unaware of APIVITA can get connected (Champagne, Hung and Leclerc, 2016). It will rise the graph of APIVITA in connecting people. The rise in graph Facebook will also rise graph of Instagram.

Moreover, APIVITA can also post the videos of their products. This will give a 3-D view of products to people. It must be short and effective. Apart from this, APIVITA can also use models in videos to show the effect of their cosmetic products. This will give a great impression in the minds of customers. Also, by collecting the data of total number of views, APIVITA can find out how many people have liked and viewed their videos. Moreover, in comment section, APIVITA can find out what people have said about it.

When people will like the post or video, it will give an insight to APIVITA. They will get to know about which type of people mostly liked their post. Besides this, when APIVITA will upload something new, it will give a notification to people about company’s new product. There is also a feature on Instagram that allows them to communicate with people. They can do chatting with them and providing necessary details (Allen, Macy and Hutchison, 2015).

With this, APIVITA will be able to get more precise and effective data. Another advantage that APIVITA has got is that now a days, many people are spending a lot of time on Instagram. Also, there have been changes in trends as well. Business has started developing their pages on Instagram. This has attracted a lot of people.

Therefore, by implementing this, it will enable APIVITA to collect effective data and information. They will be able to target those persons who are in regular contact with them. Along with this, it is important that images and price of products are displayed properly so that people will be attracted towards them. By using Instagram as a marketing tool, APIVITA can develop pages accordingly. Also, they can make changes in pages as per the comments given by clients.

Situational analysis

The situational analysis can help APIVITA in making an evaluation of all factors and operations involved in marketing of their cosmetic range of products and services. Different C's covered in the situational analysis of APIVITA are discussed as below:


APIVITA deals with a variety of organic range that has been made by natural products. A variety of cosmetics are available in the firm and are categorised as safe on skin. The majority of customer range of APIVITA involves young girls, teens and women. A smaller part of men are involved. Therefore, the firm can ensure to involve some range for men as well so that they can be able to achieve an increased target audience (Felix, Rauschnabel and Hinsch, 2017). Also, they can also involve some different products that might attract women. This will however increase the overall productivity of the firm. Get the best psychology dissertation help at affordable prices.


As APIVITA is one of the leading firms in cosmetics industry, so, it is obvious that there must be various competitors of the same. One of the very well-known competitor of APIVITA is Koppers. It is because; they involve some strategies and ways that are quite beneficial than that of APIVITA. So, they hold a strong market position. Therefore, APIVITA can ensure to analyse their strategies and if in any technique, they think that it can prove to be very helpful for their business, then can implement the same. It will help them to achieve a higher competitive advantage and thus, an increased rate of popularity as well.


Climate also refers to an important factor. APIVITA can ensure considering this factor by analysing that what can be impact of some specific natural ingredient on the skin of people in different climates. This can also act to be an attractive measure to impress customers. It is because; there might be some chances that some natural products may affect quite badly on the skin of an individual. Therefore, ensuring the factor is very important to maintain efficient customer relationship.


APIVITA should ensure their actual market position. In this, they can make an overall analysis that what products they are dealing with, whether they are satisfying their customers or not. So, during the analysis, if they found any loop holes affecting the business, in that case, they can make effective changes.


The persons that are involved in operations are necessary to be analysed. Therefore, APIVITA should ensure all their collaborators with which they are working. Whether it is about their ship providers, suppliers etc., in every case, analysing their efficiency is very important to ensure a better rate of processing.

Developing a CTA

It is very important to develop a call to action plan so that effective strategy can be developed. It will help APIVITA to get data and information about different types of people. A CTA is a plan that is used by company to give quick response to viewers. It can be applied by APIVITA in Instagram by giving answer of questions to people. Developing a CTA will help APIVITA to ensure that they target specific people (Gordon and Perrey, 2015). Moreover, it will help in making awareness among customers about cosmetic products.

An example can be taken of CTA is that APIVITA can share their page with other popular pages on Instagram. This will help in promoting products in an effective way. Furthermore, by uploading high quality images and providing information about products on pages, APIVITA will be able to advertise their products.

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4. Blog

Blog is a major digital marketing tool that helps in promoting the products and services. It is the most common tool that is used by companies. A blog is a website that is run by individual companies. It consists of different web pages. A blog is similar to a website. Each web page contains and shows something. For example: one is showing home page and another will represent contact page, products and services, etc. In blog, the focus is on content. APIVITA can also develop their own blog in which information about products and services can be displayed (Chittilappilly and Bharadwaj, VISUAL IQ Inc, 2015). Along with this, pictures and images can also be displayed. This will help in the effective promotion of cosmetic items. However, people can read about new products and new features which are in it.

In this way, APIVITA can advertise. They can also develop different blogs for a variety of products. This means that they can do segmentation. It will help in writing an effective content for each product. This will also help in promoting of their products and service range. . Also, APIVITA can target customers according to their tastes and preferences. APIVITA can display their blogs on various other websites. This can be done by the paid advertising. The content of blog must be effective so that it can attract people to read it. Moreover, they can share it on other social networking sites as well. This will increase the range of marketing. Furthermore, more people will get aware about APIVITA’s products.

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