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Kolb's Reflective Model for Marketing and Communication Principles

University: University of Strathclyde

  • Unit No: 6
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
  • Pages: 5 / Words 1148
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: QAB020C416H
  • Downloads: 1079

Table of Content

Question :

Questions- This assessment will cover following questions:

  • Describe the experience of working in the group process  and producing the group presentation.
  • Evaluate the experience to develop some ideas about enhancing future performance of the learner in the context of working and learning with others.
Answer :


Writing Reflection in short helps to encourage the person to think what they actually feels or learn. In addition to this, it also focuses to gain knowledge about their own personality and allow them to keep learning new things. The main aim of this reflective is to determine he strength as well as weakness during group presentation. For this purpose, Kolb's Reflective learning cycles is used as a toolkit that helps to provide the necessary model of this analysis.

Reflective account

As per Kolb's reflective model, which is actually used in order to determine the overall experience of life which a person uses during their performance. Kolbs also states that working in a group is quite beneficial because in my group presentation, I used to meet many person and also learn different skills as well as gain knowledge that also help me to do the work in more effective way. In the group presentation, my overall experience is good and also learn interpersonal skills which help me to groom myself. Barbara (2016) states that working in a team is helpful or have many advantages because it help me to learn new things and develop my communication skills as well as I learn how to manage things in more better way through working in a team.

Now comes second stage of Kolb's Cycle is reflection on the experience. The task of my group is to present the power point presentation on the topic of principles of marketing and communication in a digital world in a group of 5 members. Though my experience is quite good because I already gave the presentation on same topic. That is why I felt no hesitation regarding this. On the other side, I also found another challenging fact that is on the first day I did not know any member of my team but as we start spending time with each other I come to know that it is good to interact with new peoples because they unknowingly learn many things that help in my future performance.

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I can say that I have good confidence regarding my work and I am hard working too and even I already set different goals for my future career. So it was quite important for me to keep interacting with new peoples so that I come to learn more things that help me in my future growth and development. In the same way, I find one member in my group who is little different from other and even she also help me in many ways. That is why I used to talk with her everyday and we both learn new things and encourages each other for our further betterment. For the very first day of our group forming, we all quite stressed regarding how to interact with each other and then find difficulties regarding the selection of subject. Because generally during this stage, conflicts may arises within a group. Similarly happen in my group also, but as some of our team members decided to sort out such kind of problem by using their innovative and brainstorming ideas. Hence we all conducted a group meeting which help us to decide the best outcome which help our team members to overcome their problems. As Bruno and Dell’Aversana (2018) states that the successfulness of a team is actually depend upon their efficiency of a team members and how they all do work in an effective way to share a common goal.

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I also realized that while working in a group it is quite necessary that every team member should be punctual and though I am lacking this time management skills but while working in a group I convert this skills as my strength. But after some time all the group members faces some issues because their time management is not helping them and due to this reason we start assigning roles and responsibility to individual so that at the end of every week we all met and then present our views what we prepared during remaining days. In this way, our collaboration towards out team as well as work starts developing and at the end we achieve our defined target.

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While assigning the work Belbin Theory helps because as the theory describe 9 roles which our group also used such as each individual takes topics as per their ability and smartness (Lynch, Lynch and Clemens, 2018). Similarly I also chosen communication because I think that it is my strength and to perform in this topic will help to present in a nice manner which I actually do. At the time of our presentation day we all are quite stressful such that each of one feel hesitate regarding how we all going to present though we all are confident but despite of it during our last rehearsal, we all are so nervous regarding our performance and I also felt that my emotions took control of me but somehow my team mates manages to settle down things. Finally its time to present ourself and we all deliver the good presentation and further leaves a very good impression upon the students as well as on teachers that they all gives a standing clause to our performance (Ruch and, 2018). At that time I felt that working in a team is actually good and the more interesting thing is to interact with new person and learn new skills that also help me to use those in my future performance.

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From the above it has been concluded that while performing in a group, entire management should be well developed so that it will not creates any conflicts and it also help me to develop or raise new skills and through continuous development and improvements, I can groom my skills and this will further help in my future performance. Through this group presentation, I learn management skills and time management skills which further help me in my next performance or career.


Books and Journals

Barbara B. (2016) The Reflective Journal. (2nd Edition). London. Palgrave Macmillan Publishers Limited

Bruno, A. and Dell’Aversana, G., 2018. Reflective practicum in higher education: the influence of the learning environment on the quality of learning. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education43(3), pp.345-358.

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