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Sponsorship Proposal Management

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Getting a sponsorship is not an easier task because in order to do the same significant efforts is being made by the manager of company (Sponsorship, 2016). This is because, if it is not taken then in the given circumstance it will become very difficult for the manager of enterprise with regard to organize its event successfully. This report will depict the ways of getting the sponsorship for the wellness event which is being organized in London.

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Viability of event

The' body-Mind revolution' event is viable and effective. This is because, it has been seen that nowadays people are more concerned about their health and as a result of it they are searching for such ways which make them fit and healthy. The given event tend to fulfill the needs and demands of these individuals only. This is because, with the help of given event significant improvement in the skills and abilities of those people will be carried out who are associated with the field of fitness (Liu, 2015). Here, by receiving training from such programs, respective individuals will be able to carry out their efforts in terms of delivering the high quality services to their buyers in an effectual manner. However, in order to finance such event, manager of firm will require some sponsors. The sponsors can be all those people who are related with the field of fitness. For example, a nutrition advising clinic and gym etc. The given event will make the promotion of the sponsor company and due to which they can gain the benefits in the form of increased profits and sales.

Sponsorship proposal

With regard to the body-Mind revolution' event three different type of proposals are prepared. Here, each proposal will have certain benefits which sponsors will receive on giving sponsorship for the given event. In addition to this, the benefits which sponsors will get totally depends upon the amount of money which is being invested by them in the specific event. The detailed description about the sponsorship proposal is depicted in below:

Sponsorship of 40000 pounds

It is being regarded as the first proposal for “The body-Mind revolution” event. Herein, the respective sponsors will have to make an investment of 40000 pounds. On investing the specific money upon the wellness events different type of benefits will be gained by the sponsors. The first benefit which the given category sponsors will receive is of display of company's brand logo in number of places. In order to give the advertisement about the given event number of promotional means will be used. It consists of social networking site, television and newspaper etc. In all these given promotional means, the name of sponsors will also be displayed. Hence, the given thing will provide opportunity to the sponsors with regard to spread the information about the presence of their services in market among the large number of buyers in an effective manner.

In addition to this, another benefit which sponsors will get on giving sponsorship for the given event is of getting the platform for the launching of products and services. For example, a manager of newly opened gym has given sponsorship for the respective event. Then, the given platform can be used by it with an aim to make the promotion of the services which is being given by it. This is because, the event will attract around 1000 professional trainers who have contracts with many of their clients. Hence, by participating in the given type of event sponsors can form connection with these 1000 professionals and clients. Thus, the give thing will provide significant benefits to the firm in the form of increased profits and sales.

Furthermore, on investing 40000 pounds sponsors will get the benefits of displaying the logo of firm in the walls of place where “The body-Mind revolution” event will be organized. In this regard, it has been seen that wall advertising is being regarded as one of the most effective form. This is because, such form of advertisement constantly attract the attention of customers towards the company. Hence, through this way the brand of sponsors will be promoted in an effective way. In addition to this, the speaker of respective event will constantly recall the name of sponsors brand at the end of each training session. Hence, it can be said that these are being regarded as some advantages which those sponsors will get who will invest 40000 pounds in The' body-Mind revolution' event.

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Sponsorship of 45000 pounds

However, the benefits which 45000 pounds sponsors will receive is completely different from those sponsors who are investing only 40000 pounds for the given event. Here, the sponsors who is making the investment of 45000 pounds will receive all those benefits which will be gained by 40000 pounds sponsors. However, there are some additional benefits will also be given to these sponsors. For example, by giving sponsorship of 45000 pound sponsors will receive free 25 tickets for the given event for their employees. For example, if a gym who is operating its operation in London has given sponsorship for the given event. Then in the given circumstance, employees of respective gym can also attain the training programs which is conducted in the given event. Hence, through this way overall benefits will be gained by the manager of sponsoring gym only. This is because, the fitness event will help in improving the fitness related skills and abilities of their professional trainers. Hence, the thing which is being learned by these professionals in the given type of programs will be utilized by them with respect to deliver the high quality services to the buyers in an effectual way. In addition to this, the brand name of the given sponsors will be called by speaker at both beginning and at the end of event. Hence, it is being regarded as the major difference which existed between the sponsorship money of 40000 and 45000 pounds.

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In addition to this, the brand of respective sponsors will also be advertise in different social networking sites for more than 6 months. Furthermore, the hording of given sponsors will be placed in each area of London. Hence, there are number of benefits will be gained by the sponsors who is giving the sponsorship of 45000 pounds.

Sponsorship of 50000 pounds

It is being regarded as another proposal for the sponsors. In accordance with the given context, here sponsors will have to invest money of 50000 pounds. Herein, the given sponsor will get the benefits of 12 months internet marketing, displaying the name of sponsors company in the t-shit which will be given to the professional trainer who will attain the given event. In addition to this, at the end of training session pamphlet will be given to professional trainers which will give thorough description regarding the tasks and activities which is being carried out by the sponsors (Hatfield and Hatfield, 2014). However, this does not mean that the given sponsors will not receive all the benefits which is being gained by 40000 and 45000 sponsors.

Overall benefits gained by sponsors by giving sponsorship for the wellness event

“The body-Mind revolution” event will lead to provide significant benefits to the sponsoring company. This will not only help in improving the sales and profits of the company, but the given event will also assist in terms of establishing and recognizing the unique and distinct image of the sponsors brand in the mind of its respective buyers. In addition to this, the sponsors will also get an opportunity to get connected with the number of professional trainers.

Ways of promoting the brand of sponsors

It involves various methods of promoting the sponsors by printing their logos one the billboards or brochures so that each and everyone can come to know about them. However, the interested sponsors for “The body-Mind revolution” event will be promoted upon various social media websites, print and digital media. Further, displaying the name of sponsors on the website and banners in the conference halls is one of the crucial measure of promoting them. There are some crucial ways which can be used by businesses in order to creatively promote the sponsors which are as follows-

Regular announcement of sponsors by the event anchor

It can be assessed that the event anchor will be regularly announcing the name of the sponsors like that “in association with that”. Thus, it is a crucial way through which promotion of sponsors brand can be done and it also helps in attaining desired results. With the help of this sponsor gets enthusiast and thus its customer base is increased with significant amount. Also, employees of the organization will be wearing sponsor's name printed t-shirts and caps in order to promote the brand in the event. Thus, it is the best to encourage sponsors because their brand is getting promoted among large number of people.

Social media

It is another crucial method through which sponsors can promote their brand effectively and bring a measurable return on investment. For instance, on the social media websites name of sponsors can blink on the left or right hand side of the web page. Further, promoting the brand name on social media is an integral part of the event and thus it provides an opportunity to sponsors in order to become popular. Company promotes its sponsors through Twitter page by inviting delegates to “Come see us” at the event and also involve them in hashtag conversation.

Television advertisements

“The body-Mind revolution” event is a physical event and thus it helps sponsors to promote their brand by broadcasting their name both at the starting and at the end of the advertisement. It helps in remembering the name of the sponsors by the audience so that it helps firm to enhance the market share. Further, within the event if any short film or video will be shown regarding the benefits of the event then name of the sponsors will be shown in the starting and end of the video.


It can be depicted that there are three different offers will be given to the sponsors of respective event. Each offer will propose certain type of benefits to the sponsors. Here, by making the selection of an effective offer, all the benefits which are associated with them will be gained by them.

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