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Managing The Customer Experience-Alain Ducasse restaurants

University: Torrens University

  • Unit No: 6
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: BIZ104
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Organization Selected : Alain Ducasse restaurants


Managing the customer experience is important to handle and retain in an organisation. Effective and proper customer service comes from the customer satisfaction and experience both. This report will be carried on Alain Ducasse restaurants which is the London centric hotel which the premium and comfortable services being offered to their customers and guests. This report will talk about value and importance of understanding the needs, wants and preference to the targeted customers and different factors which drive and influence the customer engagement within the different target market. It will put focus on the customer service map for the selected organisation. This report will put light on the touch point for the customers attractiveness and preference. It will also discuss about how customer experience is crucial and important for customer service satisfaction. There will be the discussion regarding the customer service strategies. This contains the systematic process and purpose(Verhoef, 2016).

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P1 Value and importance of understanding the needs, wants and preferences of target customer groups for a hospitality industry.

In today's era, service sector is considered as the most growing industry with the expectation to serve the customer at the higher level. The main income source of the hospitality is come from their customer's and providing the full and fledged pure services. Hospitality sector belongs to the customer service which involves understanding their need, wants as well as preference, what they want from particular service sector. In context with Alain Ducasse, valuing and understanding the needs, actual wants and preference of their customer is necessary to provide them full and premium services and also to ensure the profitability and productivity both. Customer's are expecting the full satisfactory services in return of price. Target customer for this restaurants is businessmen and travellers etc. There are various values and importance of needs and preferences of targets customer in the Alain Ducasse are as follow:

Assessment of behaviour: In context with Alain Ducasse, analysing the desires and wants of their target customer is necessary to find scope for providing them services more than their expectations. Customer's behaviour in restaurants sector plays an important role in getting post service evaluation, feedback and reviews for future changes and addition in the services such as pick and drop, spa, parlour etc.

Type of customer

Different types of customer needs

College students

Coffee & Food

Mobile, telephone charging points

Chit Chat Space

Business people

Food & beverages

Internet Access

Meeting space

Employed person

Relaxed space with sound music

Food of the effective quality and taste

Outside window seen

There are different types of customers such as college students, business people and employed people. All have different needs and preference when going to the particular restaurants such as quality of foods, internet access, sound music and space for the meeting and chit chat etc. In context with Alain Ducasse, it is required that restaurants must satisfy the needs and wants of the customer according to their wish and desires(Rogers, 2016).


P2 Different factors that drive and influence customer engagement

Customer engagement: It is the ongoing process and interaction among the company, stakeholders and customer for the purpose of providing the full and clear services. It is necessary and important to engage more and more customers to the service of the particular industry. In context with Alain Ducasse, businessmen when visits to particular restaurant, they have their own perception and wants from restaurant. As a restaurant manager, it is the duties to provide various equipments and also other tangible as well as non-tangible item, so that the customer could engage themselves in the restaurant. This would help that businessman to purchase and creates the positive perception about the restaurants. For Alain Ducasse, there are various requirements for the customer engagement which is as follows:

Wi-Fi: In today's era, people are more busty with the web and internet. They generally working over the internet, watch videos, browsing social media, chatting etc. In that case, it would be suitable and beneficial for restaurant to provide the internet access such as Wi-Fi over the routers etc.

Writing materials: The main habit of businessman is, they are habitual and fond of writing anything or important write-up etc. In this context, Alain Ducasse should provide writing materials such as notepad, copy, pen and marker etc., so that they would buy food and beverages of the restaurants.

Power plug: Power plug is required to get an access of the electricity easily to charge phones, laptops, other electrical equipments etc.

Good quality of food: In the restaurants sector, quality of food is required to be effective and accurate to attract the customer who are fond of eating. In Alain Ducasse, quality of food should be more than expectation of the customers.

Coffee, tea and other beverages facility: When people or businessman chit chat with others, they generally want coffee, tea and other beverages to make pleasant moment and time to be remembered. It is required for Alain Ducasse should focus on better and efficient quality of beverages.

Reading sources: Reading is the habitual activity which every person do in their daily basis of life. Reading with the proper beverages and food creates positive response in the mind of customer to pursue. Hence, it is required for Alain Ducasse to provide newspapers, magazines, books and other materials etc(Peppers, 2017)

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P3 Creation of the customer service map for the selected organisation.

Customer service map is a kind of diagram that predicts stages where customer's go through specific and defined process, from the starting of purchasing the products, its usage and accessing the regular customer services over the phone, text messages, websites or Apps etc. In context with Alain Ducasse, it is required and necessary to create and understand the customer service map right away starts from the websites till restaurant management. For the purpose of understanding and analysing the customer service map, website is the best suitable to generate and provide service to the customers:

Websites: When particular customer looks for any restaurants, they generally go to internet to search for the nearest food zone. They need to select the best appropriate restaurants of their own choices and preference. In order to ensure that consistent message would raised to the customers, Alain Ducasse should add relevant information to their websites to enhance the easy reach of the customers. Restaurants manager needs to make sure that they takes the actual picture of foods, they generally cooked at their place. Well-drafted words and vocabulary should used in order to create good and effective impression in the mind of customer to get attracted.

P4 Discuss how the customer touch-points throughout the customer experience create business opportunities.

Touch-point is refers as the brand' points of the customer, from starting to finish. Customer' generally analysis the business of an organisation through online ads, by reviews, feedback on the websites etc. All these are some of their main points of the business customers. The touch point is very much capable to attract the potential customers during the business periods. In context with Alain Ducasse, restaurant should provide before purchase, during purchase and after purchase. In case of before purchase, company should provide information about their products or services on the social media, newspaper, magazines or words of mouth etc. During the purchase process, customers must find relevant informations on the company websites, store, brochures, offices etc. At last, after the purchase process, restaurants needs to take feedbacks, review and opinion from the customer to evaluate the services of the restaurants.

In context with Alain Ducasse, touch point to the customers are always comes from the greeting, acknowledging and encouraging the customer team. In this, there is an infolvement of the stage which is as follows(Dincer, 2014). 

This stages includes different phases such as:

Waiter try to make conversation with the customer: In this phase, waiter tries to make overall conversation with the customer or guest such as being welcomed them with gratitude, sense and positivity etc. In this, waiter is aiming at providing the better feeling to their customers which is more essential and important for the customers to maintain and build the reputation of the knowledge.

Waiter: Good evening

Customer: Good Evening

Waiter: Do you want anything, sir?

Customer: Sure, but before this, first bring some water and menu.

Waiter: Sure, anything more with water?

Customer: Nothing. Thank you

Waiter: Food will be cooked by 10 minutes.

Customer: Sure. I am waiting.

It is concluded that above given discussion is regarding the conversation between customer and waiter which is important and essential for the customers experience. In this conversation, there was a try to make happiness in the mind of the customers. This it is concluded that better services and conversation with customer is essential for the restaurants. 


P6 Illustrate customer service strategies in the hospitality sector.

In context with Alain Ducasse, there are various customer service strategies which was implemented by an organisation. This is a discussion in regards with providing full and effective customer service in this restaurants . It is stated that customer service should be well equipped and implemented according to the needs of the customers. Various customer service strategies are as follow:

Right people at the right time: In context with Alain Ducasse, people with right personality and attitude is essential and important to building the favourable customer service approach. Right people means person with the attractive attitude, personality, customer management and communication skills. It is mandatory to consider the specific qualification for an effective customer service strategies(Cetin, 2018). 

Priorities to the complaints: In Alain Ducasse, it is mandatory and necessary that complaints should be taken seriously as the scope for improving the future service of an organisation. They can ease the complaint system using electronic medium such as websites, mobile apps, text message etc. Proper records of the complaints would help the organisation to analysis the issues and problem with services of the restaurants and do research in order to improve it to the greater extent.

Customer choice: In context with restaurants industry, it is suggestible to focus more on the customer choice and wants. If customer is demanding something for his/her satisfaction, it is the written note on the paper to make it happen. In context with Alain Ducasse, customer's have different choice such as big rooms, high quality of food and beverages, pick and drop service etc. It is crucial and significant to work accordingly in order to improve service quality of an organisation.

Quality more than profitability: Some organisation in context of the hospitality industry focus more on the profitability, as a result they stop improving and increasing their service qualities or let old version remain forever. In context with Alain Ducasse, it is the major suggestion for this restaurants to focus on an extreme quality to the customer. Premium quality of food and beverages, room service, meeting arrangement for the businessmen, get-together at the restaurents etc. It is to be noted that effective quality with the point to point customer satisfaction will lead to the maximum profitability and brand image(Qureshi, 2014).

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P7 Demonstration of how customer service strategies create and develop the customer experience

Customer experience is defined as an interaction or communication between particular customer and organisation related to the hospitality sector to maintain the long lasting customer relationships. The word “Interaction” includes foundation, awareness, new service and invention etc. If the customers experience is positive and real, it would easy and reliable to provide the higher level of the customer service. Great customer satisfaction lead to the excellent customer service and response. In context with Alain Ducasse, it is required to understand and analyse how various customer service strategies delivers the perfect and excellent customer experience and purpose. There are various service strategies which is helpful in creating and developing the greater level of the customer experience to help in modifying the customer satisfaction, reduce any kind of service barriers and increase profitability and revenue are as follow:

Clear customer experience vision: In this step, it is required to decide and make clear and cut customer centric vision, which can communicate the objectives and short term as well as long term goals of an organisation. In context with Alain Ducasse, organisation would clearly decide their vision to be customer centric in their business. Organisation should give priorities to their vision first and then financial aspects. If vision is clearly defined and implemented, it would be easy to provide effective customer service and this will result in far better customer experience.

Customer identification: Customer identification is the process when an organisation look for the prospective customer to deliver excellent products or services to earn the profits for the future. In context with Alain Ducasse, organisation is looking at the target market which includes travellers and businessmen for the meeting purpose. Along with the identification, it is also required to identify needs and wants of these customers. In Hospitality industry, customer with strong financial position and status are attracted towards such industry. Because price are high as according to the service are being offered.

Emotional connection with customer: Customer are always have some weakness, may be connected to their emotional connectivity and sentiments. Some of these tells what they want from the particular industry. It is avoidable not to hurt their emotion, as a result, Grosvenor could lose their target customers. Therefore, desire and wants of the customer's are connected to their emotion and sentiments.

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From the above report, it is concluded that customer service is important for an organisation to maintain for the longer period of time to carry on business of the organisation. Customer service is always crucial for the business to generate profitability and purpose of the business. It is also concluded that values and importance of understanding the needs, wants and preference plays an important role in the managing and improving the customer service of an organisation. Restaurants are required to implement their strategies and process for the better customer service providing and purpose.

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