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Management and Leadership Role - Toyota

University: Icon College of Technology and Management

  • Unit No: 5
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: D/508/0488
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Question :

This unit reflect that you are working for large organization which is looking at its staff to prepare for management and leadership role. A report had to be developed on Leadership programe

  • Execute difference between role played by leader and function of manager at Toyota
  • Provide application of role of leader and managerial function in given context at Toyota
  • Develop an appreciation of role played by leaders & mangers in operations function.
  • Develop understanding of relationship among management & leadership in business environment.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Toyota


Management and business operation is focused on the role of director and leadership in industry organisation which assistance the establishment in the betterment of the manufacture skilfulness and improvement of the high quality merchandise. The written report is based on Toyota Plc, a Japanese company dealing in the auto mobile sector and online organisation (Antonakis, 2017). Further, it covered value of the theories of administration and styles of leading has been explained in the context of use of the trading operations' governance of Toyota Plc and On the other hand, plan of attack social control of company mainly focussing on long term occurrence through consumer contentment.


P.1 Definition of leader and manager

Leader :- The person who lead and command the group, organisation. In addition, vision, missionary station and neutral in structure. It is focal point on create an ennobling vision of the approaching of the disposal. It is individual who relation internal team member in arrangement and guide them proper reported to activity or working civilization in organisation. Leader is individual or a skills in worker in organisation. It is one of the most important part for improve future development (Arnason, 2017). It will take any kind of decision for improvement of the organisation. On the other hand, Leader attribute will powerfulness the arrangement system and their team up. The attitude and demeanour of the leader is essential to succeed any content for structure. Also, team will be performed improved with leader’s effectual attribute.

Manager :- Manager is focused on overall operation management of the organisation. Manager is job heading that in use in constitution to denote and worker who has certain duty's and duty to lead the purpose in administration and achieve content in work place. In addition, main focussing of the managing director is to optimal utilisation of organisational beginning to get amended output in future condition (Ba, 2016). This is help to improve the level of different factor in organisation. Then role and social control of particular decision maker has related there position in the set up. In on the job state of affairs just prepare the plan form there message in TOYOTA arrangement and focussing on daily task and arrangement. In work place director in keep filmed of each and every worker in organisation. Administrator is provided direction on every activity of worker in day to day work.

There are some role and characteristics of leader and manager are as follows :

Role of leader :- A leader is to be set a clear vision of an organisation. In addition, motivation employees is help to improve the performance of each and every employees in organisation. In the in-between and lower level, it is needed for representation and execution of plans and program framed by the top negotiate (Baboli, 2017). Leading can be exercised through counselling and counselling of the assistant at the instance of execution of plans. Leader is help each and every employees about the work and achieve goal in organisation. In the same way, individual through leading traits' assistance in accommodative integrating the face-to-face goals of the worker with the organisational goals. He is trying to coordinate the attempt of group towards a common intention and thereby achieves objectives or improve profit and productivity inside organisation.

Role of a manager:- In this context, manager is person who manage each and every factor internal as well as external factor of the organisation. Managers execute the responsibility of a formal and symbolical in nature such as hospitable official visitant, signing court-ordered written document etc. as head of the organisation or plan of action business concern unit or administrative district. On the other hand, focus on level of communication is to be maintain in side the organisation (Bryson, 2017). This is help at the time to take new decision in organisation. Manager is improved the level of interaction with subordinate, improve working environment or increase profit.

P.2 Function of manager and role of leader in different situational context

The purpose of managers and the role of leadership make the structure work in the coveted way towards the accomplishment of the objectives of the social group. There is different purpose of administration as well as various traits and kind of leadership which assists in the proper operation of the utility of being off (Cachon, 2018). All such kinds of function and role help to improve the current market structure and increase public presentation of employees. In the same way, different situational context is, Toyota Plc, is preserving covering the difficulty where the monetary value of the fuel, material and instrumentality are exploding on a speedy pace and in such difficulty it the effective affectation of the functions of governing bodies and the skills of leadership to plan and instrumentation such strategies which can handle the cost of manufacture to indefinite quantity the sales and revenue of the troupe.

There is respective explanation of social control which implied with the leading skills make the establishment grow its operations. The in working order social control department of Toyota Plc, focusing on the social control theories and harvester the efforts of leadership to cut down the expenditure of commercial enterprise. On the other hand, different theories help to motivate each and every activity to improve condition level in organisation. There are some changes to be made as per the need of market conditions.

The contemporary explanation of social control is applied by Toyota Plc, to a business deal with the actual condition of the accumulated cost of the acquisition and presentation. Here, the director can design the plan of action, such as choice of businessperson who can supply the raw worldly at lower outlay (Casolino, 2018).

In the same way, manage work with employees and set a level of standardisation and decrease the level of competition in different market. There are some changes to be made as per heightening the productiveness (Cronk, 2017). The managing director has formulated the plan of action known as KAIZEN in which the attempt of the direction and staff are around-the-clock to better the industry activities and here they take part style of leading can be applied so that the input signal of both the person and administrator in the determination regarding reducing the cost and better the manufacture.

  • · Planning: The important function of managers of Toyota Plc is to plan and set the goals of the company. It is necessary to ensure proper utilization of human and non human resources. Thus, managers and leaders of a particular company has to plan accordingly and direct their followers in order to achieve desired goals.
  • · Organizing: The managers' role of Toyota Plc is to organize their staffs as per the plan derived. Leaders of a particular team organise their followers as per skills and knowledge to achieve particular objectives.
  • · Directing: The managers direct the tasks to be performed to the leaders of a Toyota Plc. Thus, leaders directs his staffs by motivating and guiding them so that they put their efforts so that goals are accomplished.
  • · Staffing: the manager of a particular company trains leaders to achieve particular goal. Thus, role of a leader is to create group of specialised skills and motivate them to achieve desired goals.
  • · Controlling: As other elements are in place, the manager and leaders has to control the staff by continuously checking results against targeted goals. The functions of different departments such as production department and the finance department also serve the company with the benefit of manufacturing the auto-mobile of high quality in best prices

Controlling: The strategies formulated by the managers and the implementation of these strategies by the leaders in the Toyota Plc are controlled and monitored by the mangers of the company

P.3 Different theories and models

There are some changes to be made as per the need of current market level and improve the level of production in different markets. Situational leading mention to the kind of leading where the style of activity count upon the accomplishment and capableness of the worker for whom the leadership are needed to power for the pass completion of the task. The trading operations' social control of Toyota Plc can be impressed with this gracious of lading as the leadership adopt an antithetic sort of leading to various determine (DeAnna, 2017). The existing situation of the establishment where the establishment is protective cover the issues of the enhanced cost, situational position can play a major theatrical role in the following state of affairs :

  • Situational leadership refers to the type of leadership where the style of leadership depends upon the skills and capabilities of the employees for who the leaders are required to influence for the completion of the task. The operations' management of Toyota Plc can be affected with this kind of leadership as the leaders adopt different styles of leadership on different situations. The management of objective plays an important role in sorting the operational issues by sharing the decision making process with the employees and the expertise are combined of the managers and the employees for the fulfilled of the task. The management by object approach can bring motivation among the employees with the feeling that they are being valued in the organization and this can bring efficiency in their working.
  • Systems leadership has certain principles in order to make leaders influence their followers by providing a tool through which strategies and designs of systems are done. Leaders analyse various environments so that they can ascertain opportunities and threats. This will enable Toyota Plc's leaders to effectively delegate work as well as guide employees by bringing out their best potential.
  • Contingency leadership follows leader member relations in which leadership is exercised through trust and confidence of employees. There is a task structure that is created so that division of work is clear, which makes it easy to complete tasks. Leaders have full power over their followers and they have the ability to punish or reward them. This can help Toyota Plc management as followers can build relationships and trust their leaders so that there is no delays in operations of their business.

All such kind of case use theories and other decision making activity which helps to improve the cost rate in the organisation. To be help such kind of activity, which is increasing the cost and meliorate predominate in the securities' industry and the leadership and the managing social group consequence to the modification accordingly and kind the system work on that path. With the help of such kind of theories, it aids in improving profit and productivity in structure.

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P.4 Key approaches of operation management

There are different approaches to be used by organisation. This is to be focused on improving operational management. In the same way, it focused towards postulation of diverse theoretical account in bidding to have continuous betterment in cognitive process and lead business enterprise to impressive level of natural event. It has been informed that the company is endlessly trying to better its functional values by having transmutation in application. With an application of such facet, the issues are being resolved in a coveted manner so that day-long term possibility can be attained (Ergun, 2017).Establishment is also an individual attempt in terms of expenditure control. By having an efficacious consideration of expenditure control, the fiscal opportunities can be beforehand. All such kind of activity is to be focused on online system to be improved, for increase the number of customers in the market place.

On the other hand, invention, production and desegregation are key values which are being advance by the social control in new years. With a mention of such belief, the geographic point issues can be single-minded in desired mode. Excogitation at geographic point allows accepting situation in more efficient style which supplies sustainable improvement. Integration in work human action improves the skilfulness among go away. It assists in leading business organisation towards amazing level of occurrence. Some different kinds of approach are as follows:-

  • Six Sigma:It is the abjuratory action that service to decide advanced outcomes at work situation. This upgrades display of to make over benefits and outage at work geographical area. Along these lines, fiduciary anticipate part to make inadequacy and determine norms in precise way (Fuggetta, 2017). Next to this, pioneers assume relation to convey duty and parts to carry out reference point. This approach is focused on manufacturing to transactional or from product to service.
  • TQM: Under this plan of attack social control of company mainly, focusing on long term occurrence through consumer contentment. This is the attempt of all the workers who are on the job into organisation and up process and merchandise of establishment. Total Quality Management is focused on overall quality of the product as provided by organisation (). This is assistance to alteration the number of customer and future development will be maintained.
  • Just in time: - This approach is applied for the company to increase the effectiveness and decrease the level of wastage in organisation. However, this plan of attack was mainly enforced into in their industry and that is the understanding as to why it is called to as manufacture or Just in time plan of attack.

All such kind of approach is help to commercial activity administration is focal point on inventory negotiate. To bring off the inventory is most essential part and gain the development rate in securities industry. In operation direction is to be concentration on supply chain management is assist to interior on the job state of affairs and maintain the level of economic process in marketplace.

Operation direction role of individual: Operation direction is considered as one around-the-clock most fault-finding aspect for every organisation. By having a ceaseless development in terms of operations, the business can attain better possibility (Hallinger, 2017). In regard to have effectual trading operations, the leaders have to guarantee that members are well aware about key guidelines. If associate is not having subject matter about the line, then it will feel the affectivity of overall activity. Along with this, it has been detected that indecent reference about the purpose of human action also affects the outcome.

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