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Innovation and commercialization on MVF Organisation

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Question :

As CEO of small & medium organisation you have to embed organisational culture at work place over the next 12 months in order to benefit team members.

  • Explain the concept of innovation and determine the difference among innovation and invention.
  • Examine different type of innovation used by MVF organisation
  • Describe the process needed for commercialism innovation at MVF organisation
  • Explain different method for protecting ideas by analyzing both advantage and disadvantage.
Answer :
Organization Selected : MVF orgnisation


Innovation and commercialisation two important factors of each organisation which enables business to enhancing and expanding its business criteria in industry efficiently. The report will be discussed in context of MVF organisation, which is UK based medium size digital communicational services provision company. The assignment will be discussed about importance of innovation and explain how leadership and culture and teamwork can share into innovation in business or the importance of commercial funnel and the application of new product development to processing of commercialisation. Apart from it, the report also will be discussed about use of development and retain protect knowledge and intellectual property of the organisation.


P.1 Innovation and its importance to employees

There is an increase in attention and support for innovation in each and every organisation. Innovation is simple a new idea or application for providing the best solution that can meet requirements of exciting market. Most of the company today faces frequent changes in technology and environmental changes (Tsai, 2018). In the same way, external change has push organisation for economic growth. Innovation became even more than vital for organise towards new time period. And driven by advance machine and fabulous labour origin, and this commodity produced by people's advanced thought to use extraneous and interior resources and gain advantage and possibility in the market than the challenger.

Moreover, innovation helping to increase a powerful way of protract form competitive advantages and more secure approach to defending some strategies' position and success. As invention can help organise to improve identify market possibility and exploit them effectively and build a sustainable competitive reward (Åžen, 2017). For illustration, most of the organisations have R&D section for combine market trend shape with social and cultural discover on a daily basis. It provides innovative thought and investigation to help structure hit upon the big ideas, setting commodity and services obscure from the challenger. It is one of the most important for internal as well as external organisation member's.

This is beneficial for employees or management and excellent performance of the organisation can indicate the overall execution of operation is increase profitability over the competition. In addition, innovative not only regard generating new thought and applying into manufacture or administrative system. It is also involved in opening new marketplace, new ware, new methods, new administration system etc. Innovation can influence individual enterprises and economic growth. Therefore, continues improvement of the research development by organisation (Waller, 2016). It improves product quality and productivity through innovative ideas about the new product. This is beneficial for employees are as follows :-

  • This helps to encourage employees to be honest and open minded and new ideas with other. In addition, explore opening without fear of retribution.
  • In this context, many large establishments often give allocated time for their worker to break from regular roles to invigorate new thoughts – this could be a worker retreat, allocated time each day or a day out of the business office. This is part of encouraging the employees about internal performance and other activity.
  • To be focused on each and every employees' ideas and suggested quickly. It has helped to motivate each employee inside the organisation. On the other side, the worker should be pleased to suggest all thought (Hemphill, 2017). The rewards can be for individuals or even unit or for the whole workforce – the essential thing is that employees see to appreciate their endeavour to better the business enterprise.
  • The organisation is provided fixed an area that will promote interaction of employees. In the same way, informal discussion lead to improve employees relation and trust, which embracing cooperation that can ultimately lead to the invention (Planko, 2017). Large organizations often has open spaces where a worker can sit and chat in a restful surrounding. This is helping to improve internal employees' relation and increase productivity of the organisation.

P.2 Vision, leadership, culture and teamwork

Creativity and innovation are a lifeline of small sector organisation, especially today competitive global environment factor. In this context, most of the company is focusing on creativity and innovation in their mission of organising. There are some factors that help in innovation and commercialisation used internal working environment and they are as follows:

  • Teamwork:- Teamwork has become highly essential term for any organisation. It has been laid down in the civilization at work and hence making it a leading and an important part of the choice process for many establishments. All organizations understand the value and happening what the unit can do (Ahn, 2015.). Organisations supporter that nothing is hopeless if all great minds, work jointly. It improves profitability as well as the productivity of the organization with the help of innovation. The level of motive within worker is also accrued due to betterment of the organization by conversation of great thoughts and content within the unit.
  • Leadership:- A leader should utilize all the minuteness of glory with the following whereas try to restrict the sad intelligence away from them. It is most important for a leader to provide another with all possible tools is helping to take a new decision (Wu, 2017). In case of innovation it is focused on leader is ascertained by the following and not the person himself, hence, in order to be a good and booming leader, the individual should be able to convince his following about the property he can win by their assistance and hard work. On the other hand, innovation helps to improve overall quality and productivity of the organisation and manage the growth rate as well as profit must be increased in future time periods. The leader is focused on two-way communicating and it is the key for any booming organisation. Connexion forms a very basis of any unit, mostly the non-verbal form (Ahn, 2015.). It is very essential that the leader communicates their imaging across to all the associate and the members in return pass on their consequence to the change and how can they impart towards it.
  • Vision:- In this context of use, vision is one of the most essential parts and provides assistance to increase market share. Innovation is most important and proper vision is helping to introduce innovation in the market (Hemphill, 2017). MVF Organisation is to set proper vision and objective as it is the most crucial part of structure. Vision means the ability to think about and use plan before applying vision in the workplace. To set a proper vision is helping for internal and external working condition in MVF organisation.


P.3. 4Ps of innovation and explain the use of innovation funnel to examine and shape innovative ideas


4Ps is the mode that was developed by John Bessant. Tool enables business to discover what innovation process can improve and bring to MVF business. In addition, model allows in identification of positioning of and the way they can innovate to make improvement within existing products, processes, positioning and paradigm. It assists the business to provide proper direction towards they need to go for comply with competition in industry (Apostol, 2012). Innovation space can help the business to provide support to idea generation process and the way its professionals can improvement within it.

Paradigm: MVF business is Communication Sector Company and it works for making advertisement and placing the same in newspaper, radio and television as well as on other media outlets. Innovation can assist to improve ways of doing (Azarmi, 2016). The possible changes within its existing services can be implemented in order to leverage desired profitability.

Product: It refers to improvement within existing products and services of MVF organisation in order to sustain in the competitive marketplace. In communication sector, innovative changes are necessary part to be taken into account with respect to reach out to expected customer convenience. MVF business requires applying more innovative and technical changes within its existing products to make it better than other communicational services.

Process: It defines about to preparation of process to manufacturing products and designing services within business environment (Balmer, Bulpin and Molyneux-Hodgson, 2016). The suggestion can include the ways to improve the products and services to considering innovative approaches. Radical changes must need to implement by MVF professionals in order to improving its existing communicational facilities by making use of various innovative instrument within current media instruments.

Positioning: Product and service positioning plays a vital role in case of generating effective response from its clients. In case of communicational company, its professionals require to targeting of positioning of its various media facilities upon its existing client companies who acquire them to preparation of media frameworks for different organisations.

Use of innovation funnel:

An innovation funnel is used to define the steps that take place in development within existing products and process of an organisation. Innovation funnel can be consider as a vital part for MVF organisation in case of make modification within its existing media and advertising facilities to processes or products that meed market needs in manufacturing of economic form. The company professionals can use of strategy to gathering information form competitors, research, university connections, existing partners and institutions etc. so it can be implemented by its professionals in order to evaluating its current marketplace within the communication industry (Binneman and Steyn, 2014). According to this method, its professionals require taking first step of innovation funnel to focusing on the wide mouth of funnel to generating innovative ideas to betterment within existing performance of firm. MVF require to screening of its innovative ideas to desired goals and objectives to measuring its potential to getting it. After selection of proper or innovative ideas within existing communicational services line, then new facilities can be launched the market at this stage.

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P.4. Development in frugal innovation and provide example of how it is used in MVF organisational context

Frugal innovation: Frugal innovation can be built by using its respective process, each organisation can utilise this process in order to minimise the complexity or costing of existing good and its production system within business environment. It enables the business professionals for identifying the unnecessary features and section of existing goods and services of firm in order to betterment within it effectively (De Prato, Nepelski and Piroli, 2015). Designing a products and services can be utilised by organisational professionals to implementing innovative changes to increment in durability of its production. In case of communication industry, service durability is necessary part in terms of increasing customer's satisfaction level in marketplace. Numbers of companies are working in this industry and they applying frugal innovation approach in terms of making betterment within existing production

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