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Conference and Banqueting Management of "The Service on Plate"

University: Nelson College London

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Organization Selected : The Service on Plate


In the present scenario, conference and banqueting management is very necessary in hospitality industry and these are about putting together any event. There are wide scope of conference and banqueting regarding get-together such as ceremony, seminars, birthday party, family events, celebration, and weddings. Therefore, it can be said that a event industry has become a global industry because every day the events or functions are being held around the world. This report is based on “The Service On Plate” which is a catering company in the UK. It will define about size, scope of conference and banqueting industry and asses the key strategic or operational issues as well (Goldstein, 2012). This will also describe the suitability of food production systems regarding food and beverages services styles in this sector. 


1.1 Size and scope of conference and banqueting sectors

In the conference and banqueting industry, these are categorise into various parts. It can be analysed that there is necessary to provide effective and adequate services related hospitality facilities to the people for their maximum satisfactions. They are responsible for providing better services to customers regarding conferences and banqueting so that they will be loyal towards firm. At present, most of people consider hospitality services for celebrating any occasions such as birthday party, ceremony, weddings and many family events. This industry is growing fasts in the modern world because events or functions being held at every or each day in different places. Therefore, it is required to manage entire business operations related to hospitality industries for running it more effective manner (Burks, 2012). Many of hotels targets the best and official places so that number of customers attracted and prefer for celebrating various functions such as events, parties, marriage functions, celebration and other occasion that can be organised in better ways. It can be determined that there are wide scope of this sector and it helps in contributing more economies by attracting investors who are interested to return higher from such sector.

There is required best and higher quality of services in the conference and banqueting industry which does The Service On Plate for the purpose of attracting huge audiences within limited period of time so that hotels can be grow more quickly and earn profits as well. The major duty of managements is to find better places as well as enough spaces for people's meetings, conferences and seminars that can be held in efficient manner. This is beneficial for every business sector as they can be small medium and large. They can organise any kind of events, functions and conferences for get together and it is responsibility of banqueting management that to arrange proper systems or facilities including sitting, catering like foods or beverages etc. so that people can enjoy their functions in well manner and attend events.

The conference and banqueting is providing several services by considering Restaurant, Bars and Clubs as well. There are around 46000 hotels and guest houses included in the UK. So it has broad or large scope (Romney, 2012). On the other side, the size of conferences is also wide as there are approximately 5000 to 1000 people attends the conferences or meetings in the small industries.

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1.2 Factors that influence the development of banqueting sector

In the conference and banqueting industry, there are number of factors that influence on this sector. Therefore, it is necessary to analyse several forces by management that support in reducing risks or uncertainties and improve the operations of conferences in more effective manner. For this purpose, hospitality industries consider the better communication systems for dealing with such kinds of factors. It includes social, political, licensing, economical, licensing, sound systems and lightening and crowd control etc. these have major impacts on the conference and banqueting as positive or negatives so companies requires to formulate better strategies and actions plans for developing firms and sustainability advantages. These can be understood by undertaking followings such as:

  • Economical: There has direct impacts of economical factor on the business because in this included various aspects such as tax rates, GDP, growth rates, and fluctuations in currencies etc. so these can affects on company's profitability and revenues as well.
  • Political: This is a major factor which beyond the control of management and influence on the business operations as if the political issues occurs then it will be difficult to organise any conferences or meetings at particular place (Jain, 2014). In this involves government stability, policies and procedures etc.
  • Technological: this is very important for every business firms because it helps in improving performances and conditions of works by adopting best suitable technologies in more appropriate manner. Hospitality industries can consider advance techniques for decorations, catering facilities and make attractive events.
  • Social: This is another aspects which must be considered by the hotels that provide a proper banquet hall to the people for get together so that an events can be organise in well manner and also reduce financial problems in the organisation.
  • Crowd control: This is very important for the organisation that to manage crowd and handle people in better manner during the conferences or meetings within the firm.
  • Ecological: Every firms requires to consider the nature and environment and try to resolve issues that can occurs while running business which are associated with green energy, changing climates and pollutions as well (Maynard, 2014).

M1 Effective and show that clear evidences tools used in this research

In this consider a systematic process and effectively development plans that are organised by undertaking structures, various activities as well as events. There are requires adequate evidence that helps in connecting positively among various activities regarding programs and improve the quality of performance so that productivity can be increase in proper ways.


2.1 Critical assessment of key planning and operational issues

In this defined several kinds of strategies and operations which related with conference and banqueting management industry. It is necessary to check the performances for finding any problems within limited time period so that they can make better decisions and upgrade the systems on regular basis. Here are considered some major issues such as:

  • Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (HASWA): This law and regulations are formed for the employee's health or safety which is necessary to improve the productivity and satisfy every workers in better ways.
  • Communication factors: There must be required an effective communication process at the work place so that barriers or conflicts can be overcome (Mehra, 2012). This will help in managing team and people for achieving predetermined goals or objectives.
  • Allocations of available resources: This is biggest factor that have major impacts on the business operations so there is required to consider this while making decisions. Management of conference and banqueting have to utilise their resources by allocating them among entire business activities for the purpose of getting maximum outcomes.
  • Proper accommodation: Company has to make better strategies for providing accommodation services to the customers. Therefore, conference and banqueting consider the arrangements for satisfying customers desired needs or expectations.

2.2 Discussion of performance and quality review tools

There are defines about the successful firms which depends on the quality of performances that support in organising effective conferences, events or functions in more effective ways. It is necessary to evaluate the performances of the industry so that they can achieve growth and success in efficient manner (Rajkumar and Ramya, 2012). This will support in analysing the current problems and review the employees performances at regular basis which is beneficial in enhancing growth and attain set targets. Management consider the PERT techniques for measuring the actual conditions and positions regarding the quality conferences. The Service on Plate is

M3 Identify performance and review of techniques use in conference or banquet

There are various tools or techniques for analysing and determining the conferences and banqueting. In this included informations about booking details, accommodation facilities, staff services, and pricing and packaging that must be mention in clear forms.


3.1 Evaluate suitability of range of food production system and style

In this considered many of systems and types which are required in conference and banqueting industry. These are as followings:

Food production systems and styles: This is the major duty of management that to provide better quality of foods and beverages to people for their maximum level of satisfaction (Sommerville, 2015). In this consist various food production techniques like:

  • Formal techniques of preparing foods.
  • Dry heat cooking or roasted foods
  • cook-chill and cook-freeze methods

These are several methods or styles generally use for conference and banqueting management that mentions in the menu during events.

Food and beverages services: In this consider various methods or styles for serving foods or beverages to the people so that they can be satisfied while meetings or conferencing as well.

  • English styles of food serving
  • Russian techniques of food and beverages
  • French food styles
  • Buffet food serving method

There are different styles of foods and beverages services styles that can be consider by the conference and banqueting industry (Rogers, 2013). Therefore, The Service on Plate company can adopt best method for their business so that maximum customers can be attracted.

3.2 Factors to be consider when organising an off-site conference or banquet

It is related with outside events that company organise which is known as off-site conference and banquet. There are number of factors identified in this that have major impacts on the business firms so it is necessary to undertake such forces while running business operations. These are as followings:

Decide venues: This is the main responsibility of the management that to decide the location where conference and banqueting is going to held or organise. It can be possible by selecting the budgets as per the conference,themes and guests who are invited in the banquet. After making such decisions, the management or organiser have to consider the various activities regarding managing guests, accommodation facilities, and other staff services etc. 

3.3 Analyse key menu planning consideration for conference and banquet

In this defined that, conference and banquet events requires proper planning regarding deciding the menu so that better foods and services informations can be provided to the customers. There are some aspects define which must be undertake such as:

  • Event schedule: It consider the time and choice factors while making menu. It must be based on time schedule such as breakfasts, lunch and diner.
  • Ethnic menu: It is related with particular destinations that must be undertaken in final menu.
  • Seasonal food products: This is also another form that organiser can consider as provide food and beverages to the customers as per the season.
  • Beverage items: it can be offers with starter as before main course, conference and banquet can serve different kinds of beverages to the people.

4.1 Assess the ergonomic consideration for conferences or banquet

This is very necessary for conference and banquet that to undertake ergonomic for getting success. Here are some tools or techniques for this such as:

  • Enthusiasm: It is very important for removing the partiality and provide equality to the employees so that their productivity can be enhanced.
  • Leadership styles: This an essential tool for managing team and achieve common goals or objectives.

M2 Presentation of utilised range of references sources of information

For the successful organisation, interpersonal skills required for establishing better team workforce during the conference and banqueting. Management take responsibility for managing the work of employees and create better harmony systems as well as strong relationship in well manner.


From the above report, it has been concluded that conference and banqueting industry is growing fasts in the present era. There are wide scope and size can be seen of this sector. This assignment discussed about the various factors that have direct impacts on the business organisation. It will also define the menu planning and some types that must be required for conference and banqueting management in more effective manner.

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