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Major Operators of UK Hospitality Industry-Audley Travel

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Organization Selected : Audley Travel


Hospitality industry is not only about providing food and accommodation services to the consumers but also entertain them in form of providing reception series as well as a long lasting experience. It is thus inclusive of areas such as restaurants, hotels, travel companies, bars, clubs, catering, parks, and resorts among others (Madar, 2015). The current study has thus laid emphasis on studying the hospitality industry of UK in general and then focusing on different firms. Emphasis has been laid on discussing the scale, scope and diversity of Audley travel; studying organisational structure of Hilton; assessing the role of hospitality related organisations and professional bodies among others. Emphasis has further been laid on work responsibilities of a restaurant supervisor and the future trends and developments in the sector.

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Task 1

1.1 current scale, scope and diversity of the hospitality industry

The hospitality industry of UK has a presence of around 127000 businesses which give a turnover of more than 70000 million pounds (Size and Scope of The Hospitality Industry, 2017). There are diverse kinds of ownership in hospitality industry which are inclusive of sole proprietor; partnerships, private as well as public limited firms. In terms of the impact, the hospitality sector has given immense contribution towards gross value added which has been 5.9 percent that is almost double of UK economy as a whole. It has also been regarded as 4th largest employer in UK and provides around 3.2 million direct and 2.8 million indirect jobs (Davies, 2017). The businesses have further brought around 73 billion pounds to the economy of which 15 million were in form of exports while 38 billion were direct tax receipt (Cook, Hsu and Marqua, 2014). The industry is quite diverse as it provides variety of service offerings such as hotels, motels, food and beverage, recreation, tour operators among others. Take do my assignment services from expert writers

One of the major operators of UK Hospitality Industry is Audley travel which lies in tour and travel sector of this industry. Its annual turnover has been around£173,468,000 while gross profit was of £36,998,000 followed by cash figures of £34,999,000 (Audley travel, 2018). Its product and service offerings are inclusive of providing outbound tours to consumer segments such as honeymooners, family or group travels. It further specialises in the provision of tailor-made holidays as well as private tours that are meant for travellers. The company further started its operations in the year 1991 by the founder and director named Craig Burkinsha who left the university and guided his small group tours all around Vietnam (Hayhurst, 2017). It was previously named as Asian journeys but then changed into Audley Travel in 1996. Since then it has been serving the clients throughout the world by its varied products and service offerings and has recently been named as the 100 best places in UK where people prefer to work.

1.2 Discuss the organisational structure of different hospitality organisations

Hierarchical Organizational Structure is the one where different types of positions are defined and there is also a presence of distributed authority as well as hierarchy. There is also a presence of effective communication within the organization and a certain level of centralization also exists. This type of organizational structure is found in Hilton on account of massive size of the business that served around 140 million guests just in the year 2015 (Heiens and, 2017). There is also an adherence to divisional structure in the hotel in form of ownership; Management and franchise as well as timeshare division. This type of structure has aided in maintaining increased communication and cooperation between the units followed by speeding up the decision making process.

Organisational structure of catering service provider

Mellors catering service in UK has a presence of Functional Organizational Structure which is simplest but also the most effective one. As per the structure the staff members are grouped as per the tasks that are to be performed by them.

On the other hand, .theme Park in UK makes use of matrix organizational structure wherein the employees as well as the firm gain benefits on account of violating the principle related to unity-of-command. In the given structure, the employees that belong to various functional areas such as finance, marketing, Hr., consumer service, IT etc. form teams and combine their skill set so that they can work on a specific project (Yilmaz and Yilmaz, 2016).

1.3 Assess the role of hospitality related organisations and professional bodies

BHA also known as British Hospitality Association is a UK based leading business forum in hospitality and tourism industry which promotes the interests of tour operators, hotel and resrurant owners, clubs as well as visitor attractions. It also plays a key role in shaping the future of UK hospitality by acting as a driver for competitiveness and economic growth. Overall the aim is to deliver real returns to all its members and also focus on industry’s priorities by partnership relations with government and other organisations (Robinson and, 2016).

ABTAalso known as Association of British Travel Agents is the leading travel association of UK since 60 years. It is involved in increasing the confidence of public while they carry out their travelling plans and also provides them assistance when things do not go as per the planning (Swinburn and, 2015). Making a booking with an ABTA member is most likely to give peace of mind to the consumer as it follows strict code of conduct thereby delivering high service standard and accurate information.

Visit Britain is the non-departmental public organization and also a tourism agency of UK that is involved in carrying out marketing activities for tourism of Brittan all over the world. It works on close collaboration with airlines, tour operators as well as official tourism bodies of Scotland, England, London and Wales.

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The Tourism Industry Council has been formed on account of collaboration between tourism industry and government of UK. Its focus is to bring an improvement in the tourism sector in areas related to jobs, transport as well as regulations. The council thus acts as a dialogue point between the industry members as well as UK ministry (Smith, Rees and Murray, 2016).

Then is the British institute of inn keeping (BII) which provides support to licensed hospitality firms all over UK. It basically works a charitable foundation in order to promote the hospitality standards (Prayag and Hosany, 2015). It further renders advices on legal, financial and licensing matters that pertain to hospitality industry.

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Task 2

2.1 Assess the staffing requirements of different hospitality businesses

Staffing has been regarded as one of the most crucial aspects of hospitality businesses not only in UK but all over the UK. This is as staffing is the one thing that helps to run the business in a smooth and accurate manner (Heiens and, 2017). In this regard, hospitality industry of UK is labour has labour oriented businesses and there are many job offerings in varied areas. The key issue for the industry is to ensure that staff members are such that they are able to provide best possible personal service (Hall and Page, 2016). But it is also true that the overall staffing requirements of different hospitality industries are quite diverse from each other on account of the nature of services that are provided by them. For example, the food businesses such as catering and restaurants have to focus on recruiting good chef and waiters who can prepare quality food to the highest standard and serve to the consumers in the best manner. Other staff members include Hr, finance, marketing, cleaning staff but they are not as important as the above two. Hotel and accommodation businesses are also there that are required to ensure that overall quality of stay of consumers in the best one. Hence employees are required in housekeeping, maintenance, consumer service, security as well as marketing. Other employees are in HR, finance and logistics department (Yilmaz and Yilmaz, 2016).Travel agencies are other businesses that form a crucial part of UK hospitality industry. They majorly require travel agents who can entertain the consumers, organise trips, focus n transport and booking among others. Employees in marketing, finance, consumer service department also play a crucial role (Morhart and, 2015). Other than the above mentioned staff members, general requirement are also needed in every department however the need and number for the same depends on size and structure of the firm.

2.2 Discuss the roles, responsibilities and qualification requirements for hospitality staff

The roles, responsibilities, qualification requirements for supervisor in a restaurant are as follows;

Roles and responsibilities

  • To take care of front and back of restaurant operations.
  • To make sure that consumers are satisfied by giving excellent service to them.
  • To respond to consumer issues in a professional and tactful manner.
  • To maintain overall food quality within the restaurant.
  • To evaluate staff and take their feedback so that customer’s experience can be improved (Heiens and, 2017).
  • To estimate future needs of kitchen supplies, cleaning etc. and place order accordingly.
  • To ensure that staff complies with health code as well as sanitation standards
  • To look out for ways by which operational costs of restaurant can be decreased and waste can be reduced.
  • To generate reports on a weekly, monthly and annual basis.
  • Carrying out training activities for new as well as old employees.

Qualification requirements

  • High school diploma and bachelor’s degree is a must which should be preferably in Administration or Hospitality.
  • Significant work experience is needed in hospitality industry preferably as a supervisor.
  • Strong knowledge and understanding about food and beverage service.
  • Ability to utilise restaurant management software for everyday operations.
  • Presence of strong leadership and communication skills.


From the above report it can be concluded that Hospitality industry of UK is a fast growing sector which has done immense contribution towards gross value added of the nation and also provided employment opportunities for the people. There also exist diverse kinds of organisational structure which are different as per the sector of operation. Various professional bodies given overall working of the sector and include British Hospitality association; Association of British Travel Agents as well as Visit Britain among others. Staffing requirements also vary as per the operations of the firm. 

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