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Food and Beverages


This unit is based on food & beverages sector in hospitality industry by organizing study of Frankie & Benny which is chain of Italian-American-themed restaurants in the United Kingdom. The study is related with various cooking styles, skills & management techniques required for operating food services. It also focuses on understanding study of different food methods which have developed over the years according to modern techniques at Frankie and Benny.

Introduction About Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage sector provides different catering opportunity to people within the hospitality sector and they are in relation with hotel line. As the economy is growing so demand for F&B is also increasing this rises growth of packed food which can cater need of people in different event. This sector is having huge innovation opportunity and value creation by reducing waste and factors polluting environment components. The management and arrangement of food processing was earlier limited to only packaging, food prevention and transportation but from the past decade certain changes have made to meet global standards with advanced technologies. The development was reflected in the form of food parks, cold food storage irradiation centers which resulted in rising index of food department. There is huge success for (F&B) as they are generating high values because the current level of processing is lower in comparison with the global standards.

The current research paper is based on Frankie and Benny’s Restaurant which is one of the famous restaurant chain performing their operations in UK. They are mainly focused towards offering quality services to their customers in order to retain them and enhance their profitability. This sector is focusing on changing demands of customers in order to grow according to changes in consumption pattern at market place. They recruit skilled people like chefs, operational manager, bartenders who can fulfill challenging demand of people.

Importance of Food & beverage service management

Food and Beverage sector uses interpersonal skill to keep their customer satisfied while the cost of operations is low. There are various factors which influence failure & success of business whereas effective management practice leads to reduces changes of failure for new dinning arrangement

  1. Controlling food cost plays a vital role in order to make business operations profitable by educating their employees on serving strategy, keeping stock of inventory and sourcing from supplier the ingredients which are cost effective
  2. Customer opinion should be taken into consider as it determines growth of business. If there is any problem faced by business, then FSM should control the damage for reducing negative business impact. Customer relationship management techniques is to be identified for retaining happy customers

TASK1 (LO1) Understanding different food and beverage production and service systems

There are different methods which are used by restaurant for cooking food in order to cater needs of customer by serving them according to their taste & preferences. Frankie and Benny’s are focusing on different cooking styles for making healthy food products & attracting customers. The purchasing of raw ingredients is very complicated task and need skilled personnel as the taste of food depends upon the quality of raw food purchased. The system of food processing is linked with using modern methods to transform raw ingredients into fresh goods which can be used for consumption of human beings. In Food and Beverage three factors are most important factor includes Studying the supply market, Development of purchasing specs with detailed study of protecting purchaser from doing threat and selection of skilled supplier. The different type of methods used for preparing foods are further classified on the ways used within Frankie and Benny’s

One off production:This is the method that is used when consumer makes order for something that he wants with his own specifications. Like for example, if Frankie and Benny’s get an order for wedding cake, then in this case, off production takes place depending upon the ways in which designs are intricate and ability of the chef to get involved in the same (Schreck, 2013).

Stir Frying: This method is used where food is cut into similar size so that it can cook at same heat. The food ingredient is moved by shaking the pan itself so that size of food remains similar. Frankie and Benny’s uses this method as customer does not prefer oily food and this method uses very little oil and food is cooked on high flame.

Batch cooking:This is the method that is used at the time when size of market is not specified and there are ranges of things to be done within product line. In Frankie and Benny’s, they may bake a limited number of specific baked goods and with help of batch cooking; they can estimate the number of consumers that will aspire to buy that product (Kilkenny, 2011).

Just in time:This method is highly used in most of the restaurants of Frankie and Benny’s. In this system, all the components of the product are available in –house and from that consumer make his choice (Ojugo, 2009). Then after with the fresh ingredient, that product is prepared for the consumer.

Call order:In this method, the description of service is provided to the customer in the form of a printed menu. This is also quite famous in Frankie and Benny’s where orders are taken from the customers and then they are served plated. The required cutlery is provided at the same time for the order (Jones, 2002).

Traditional style: Over here, the orders are taken from the people those who are seated in the restaurant at that point of time and the waiters bring in their orders. Chefs are also involved in it and the processes like chopping, grinding, blending, etc are undertaken manually. This style is not followed in a great extent in Frankie and Benny’s (Waldo, 2012).

Cook chill: This method of cooking and food production is used with the principle of low heat or temperature cooking. Thus this method helps in controlling to conserve the quality of food that has been processed (Williams and Uysal, 2003).

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On the other hand, the eight type of outlets that are available for food and beverage operations are as follows:

  • Hotels
  • Pubs, clubs and night clubs
  • Membership clubs
  • In-flight catering
  • Fast food store
  • Cafeterias
  • Takeaways (McDonalds, KFC)
  • Kiosks (Riley, 2009)

Staffing and financial implications are the major things or criteria that Frankie and Benny are at their restaurants should take into consideration. These elements are highly important at their food and beverage outlets because all of these help in making decisions on the availability of different kitchen equipments and cutleries, salaries to staff, etc (Church and Newman, 2000).
Cost implication

The costs and other expenses that are spent by Frankie and Benny’s on its menu designing differ in many ways when compared to other sized restaurants. If it is a small sized restaurant or a Kiosk, then the cost involved in it for purchasing raw materials, staffing and other infrastructural expenses will be low when compared to any other big hotel or restaurant chains (Ferreira and et. al, 2012). If the F&B outlet is running on a local or domestic level, then the requirement for highly trained and professional staff will not be much while on the other hand, in restaurant like that of Frankie and Benny’s, everything is expected to be perfect from kitchen equipments to the type of service offered along with the quality of food. But all these aspects involve great investments and infrastructural costs (Kacen and Lee, 2002).

This element in related to getting more of the industry professionals and experienced people to cook and serve for people, all the recipes that the restaurant has on its menu for its customers (Bharwani and Butt, 2012). In Frankie and Benny’s, people visit this restaurant from all over the world because of its brand name and image and the chefs here have specialties in preparing all kind of dishes. Thus it is required within the restaurant that it should have professional chefs for cooking food of almost all kinds like Italian, Mexican, Chinese, etc so that it can serve people who are coming to their restaurants from different cultural dialects and demographic locations (Hult and, 2001). This makes it very important for the organization to have staffs that are not only expert cooks but also are able to help the customers in all the ways of assistance. All these people work together to perform all round activities that take place within Frankie and Benny’s which in return will also increase the level of outputs and the costs that are incurred in staffing these individuals (Rehber, 2012).

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Thus the cost implication is in direct relationship and is extremely dependent upon the size of restaurants because these staffing and cost implications increase with the increase in size of the outlet (Tsai, Pan and Lee, 2011). Frankie and Benny’s follows most of the production styles like cook chill, cook freeze, and almost all of the traditional cooking styles which does not require much of the manpower, thus it has helped the organization in reducing costs. But when it comes to serving guests with the provision of special treatments to them, and then in that case they would require special butler services, and other additional assistance to the guests (Ottenbacher and Harrington, 2007).

Factors that affect recipes and menu of Frankie and Benny’s

Along with all these elements, there are also different factors that impacts the recipes and menu style and systems of Frankie and Benny’s restaurants like for example, location of the set up, consumer behavior, cultural elements, climatic conditions, flavors and presentation on the part of restaurant, nutritional value of food served, etc (Adeniran, Abiose and Ukeyima, 2010). If the restaurant expects customers from different countries, then it should keep the recipes on the menu accordingly. Menu of the restaurants should also consist of different sections within with different food description (Nwokah and Maclayton, 2006).

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Suitability of systems for Frankie and Benny’s

This restaurant needs to pay attention at its service styles which is kept as in dine and counter service. In dine is a typical style where people sit inside the restaurant and full dining service will be offered to the people.

Other than this, counter service involves proper table or fine dining where waiters come to take orders and serve food on the same. Location can be defined as the place where the business organization is set up, so if the areas nearby the restaurant is crowded or if it is located in a tourist place, then in that case, it is supposed to get more number of customers from different societal segments, thus it should keep its menu designs accordingly. Here the counter service will be the most suitable of all.

Self catering, banqueting is another form of dining that can be provided to the customers. Certain customizations can be made on the basis of guest’s order and the specification provided by the client.
The tastes and preferences of people should be kept in mind and the menu should be designed in the way according to the same like vegetarians and non vegetarian sections, seasonal food, sea food, etc (Horta and, 2013). Another important fact that needs to be kept in mind is the nutritional perspective which means that food should be served to people keeping in mind the health and richness value of the food and people who wants to avoid the fatty food, can then go for salads and other non fat items (Tikkanen and Silvan, 2012).

There can also be different theme based events that might take place in that locality where Frankie and Benny’s operate. Thus hosting such events might again support buffet services were food and appetizers might be served on the basis of specified themes.

TASK 2 (LO2& LO 3) Understanding the Financial Controls used in Food & Beverage Operations

The menu design that will be offered to Frankie and Benny’s will contain three categories of the dishes for each course for selection. The sample menu will be as follows:

The financial statements are very important for Frankie and Benny’s in their importance of food and beverage service operations and they have numerous uses for the same. These uses can be classified as follows:

Cost statements: These are the statements that help in showcasing detailed information of the different costs that are involved within the items that are being served in the menu by the restaurant chains till the time they are being delivered to the consumers (Webb, 2010). This is done on the basis of per item criteria for the items that are present in the menu.

Dish costing sheets: It is the statement where different costs are incurred at the time of production of the food items till the time it is delivered to the final consumer. It is thus a basic cost sheet that is prepared by using software that is available for spreadsheet. Preparing this document involves different costs as well as different pricing decisions (Food and Beverage Industry, 2013).

Operating statements: The time when the orders are placed by the customers at Frankie and Benny’s, it goes into the kitchen of the outlet. Different elements and resources then start working along with the kitchen tools and human resources until the food reaches customer (Schreck, 2013). This entire process involves lot of people and the costs of the items are then measured according to the same.

Variance analysis: This is the analysis undertaken for calculating the actual costs which also helps in establishing the comparisons of the costs that are involved in processing the menu items with their expected prices (Kilkenny, 2011). There are also the sets of certain standards for the products that are purchased in the menu and in order to meet those standards, a proper control measure is undertaken which is also called variance analysis (Ojugo, 2009).

Sales record: These are the records that are maintained to keep up with the history of different recipes that are sold to the consumers. This criterion is maintained in every F&B department of Frankie and Benny’s restaurants so as to calculate the revenues at the end of the day and also to get to know whether they have generated sales or not (Jones, 2002). These records are maintained on daily basis and are generally used under cost estimation when the month ends.

Thus after the calculation of all the investments and expenses calculated, the average check for the menu will be framed on the amount of £ 1268 which can be incurred on the per day basis of the Frankie and Benny’s restaurant (Williams and Uysal, 2003).

With the objective to make purchases, the restaurant chain needs to deal with F&B and for that it needs to follow up with certain cost effective processes so that the requirements can be fulfilled in the desired manner (Bechet, 2008). The purchasing process that is followed within Frankie and Benny’s restaurant is as follows

All these documentations are after that sent to the accounts department where the comparison of copies of purchase orders is undertaken that was sent by purchase department (Saget, 2006). Collusion and Just-in-Time are the major and the two most important techniques that are used in Frankie and Benny’s staff members to come up with the more of the specialized techniques. This helps in delivering the goods directly to the production department so that they can undertake immediate production (Allen, 2010).

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TASK 3(LO4) Providing Food & Beverage Services for Hospitality Event

The budgeted amount is now all set for implementation in the event and one of the most important concerns over here is to keep in mind the aspects of health, safety, security issues at the place of event and also with the food that will be served. Thus it requires the maintenance of hygienic conditions from the time the restaurant starts cooking till the time it is served to guests through hot and cold buffet. There are a lot of options that are also available for drinks the management of the restaurant should take care of the hard drinks and cocktail section so that no problematic situation is created (Tsai, Pan and Lee, 2011). This is required to take care of the family of the teachers and the children who all will be present and for their security. With this both social and personal security to the people will be provided and for this purpose, the restaurant can hire a team of security people so that the event goes on smoothly (Ottenbacher and Harrington, 2007).

General health and safety issues found in hospitality workplace are as follows:

  1. Cuts and lacerations from blunt objects like knives, and other tools.
  2. Workplace violence and other homicide risks.
  3. Occupational stress because of workloads and restless shifts.
  4. urns from steam, heat, oil or hot surfaces.

Thus the event management team over here must take care of all such safety and health related issues with their catering teams as well. The entire event is designed and planned in such a manner that all the attendants will enjoy the “Come Dine with us” event and will definitely appreciate the type of service that will be provided by Frankie and Benny’s. This will help the restaurant in more of its oral publicity and motivate more of such events in future (Adeniran, Abiose and Ukeyima, 2010). More of the additions that could have been made to the event are that a separate menu could have been made for children. Including more of professional decorators and event planners than the regular ones could have taken the entire event to the next level. Restaurant could have also adopted the silver dining style rather than using buffet system which could have helped in delivering excellent service standards (Nwokah and Maclayton, 2006).

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Thus by looking at the entire report, it can be attributed that food and beverage play an important role in hospitality industry and no business in travel, tourism and hospitality sector can flourish without including F&B department. Food is the main binding agent as it involved heart and soul of the person who cooks so that the one who eats that can feel the warmth attached with it (Horta and, 2013). With the example of Frankie and Benny’s restaurant, different ways have been learnt with the help of which food is cooked and the raw materials are brought and the service procedures in the same. This report has also helped in understanding the financial controls along with the ways in which business operations are managed. The ways using which menus are designed and styled is also learnt in this report (Tikkanen and Silvan, 2012).

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