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Customer Experience Management- Black Axe Mangal

University: University of Warwick

  • Unit No: 6
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
  • Pages: 15 / Words 3874
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: BIZ104
  • Downloads: 430
Organization Selected : Black Axe Mangal


Customer experience management is a accumulation of various processes an organisation use to manage and organise the interaction between company and customer throughout the life cycle of customer. It is all about knowing need of customers and provide them better service to enhance their experience in an organisation (Adhikari and Bhattacharya, 2016). Managing customer experience is important for every organisation to enhance brand image and boost revenue by increasing sales. This report is based on Black Axe Mangal which is a type of restaurant in London, United Kingdom. In this report there will be a discussion about values and importance of understanding need and preference of target customer group and factors driving and influencing customer engagement. Customer experience map will create. Apart from this, use of digital technology employed in managing customer experience and customer relationship management will discuss. At last, strategies of customer services and development of strategies to meet need of customers and standard of business will discuss.

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P1. Values and Importance of Needs, Wants and Preferences of Target Customers Groups

Preference, need and want are the general terms of marketing which helps to taking strategic decisions to organisation. Every organisation have to know about demand of consumers and identify the target market for better position. Need are the basic requirement of a person like water, shelter, food, safety etc. Want is generally not a basic and also not necessary for survival but it occur as per taste and trends of a person. Preferences are indicates that there are different choices a customers have but they give preference only that thing by which they can satisfy their demand (Cetin and Dincer, 2014). Black Axe Mangal have to know about different types of customers and their needs. In hospitality business, it is a responsibility of manager to identify need of customers for the following reasons which are as follows:-

  • To promote transparency with employees and to take crucial decisions and implementation.
  • To know about target customers as well as market and innovate their plans and policies as per customers needs.
  • Manager of Black Axe Mangal need to know about customers demand for increasing their sales and profit.
  • To promote and encourage employees to meet customers needs and provide them training for better communication with customers and provide them better service.
  • To identify the impact of socio-cultural aspects and income level of consumers. It is also important to identify the buying behaviour of consumers.

Types of Customers and their Needs

There are mainly three types of customers who have different kinds of needs which are as under:-

Types of Customers First Need Second Need Third Need
Gym Instructor Healthy dishes, calorie information printed on the menu. Wi-Fi, smoothies, fruits and vegetables menu. Menu written in three to four languages. Nice view from the window.
School Children Local food, quality food. Smaller portions, fun food, entertainment. Crayons and colouring books, easy to eat food, fast food.
Business person Wi-Fi, meeting rooms, luxurious food. Intimate atmosphere, mobile charging points, pool side services. Comfortable sofa to sit on, meetings rooms.

Gym Instructor

Gym instructors are maintain themselves by doing exercise and eating healthy food which give them high calories. So, it is a responsibility of Black Axe Mangal to provide a menu with detailed of calories and printed of necessary information by which they can fulfil their needs (Garg, Rahman and Qureshi, 2014).

School Children

School children need local and quality food with low price. Crayons and colouring books are attract them. Manager of Black Axe Mangal need to focus of need of school children and provide a small portion to them with fun activities for their entertainment.

Business Person

Business person needs the facility of Wi-Fi in restaurants by which they can continuously execute their work online and also provide them meeting room by which they can conduct office meeting in Black Axe Mangal.

P2. Different Factors that Drive and Influence Customer Engagement of Different Target Customers Groups

Black Axe Mangal is a restaurant in hospitality sectors who adopt various factors to attract or influence customers engagement of different target groups of customers in their restaurants. Factors are as follows:-

Pricing Strategy- Black Axe Mangal make their pricing strategy with determining every income level of customers. They charge low prices of their food products and services. Every income level customers can easily afford their products. It attract customers and increase sale of their products (Homburg, Joziġ and Kuehnl, 2017). Only some food items are more expensive because of high quality of raw material and ingredients.

Offer Combo Meals- Black Axe Mangal give an offer to their customers where they get two or three food item with affordable prices. Customer want to prefer these type of offers which provide the good value of money and satisfy need of customers. This factor influence customer engagement and enhance profitability of restaurant.

Diversity in Menu- Diversity means varieties provided by restaurant to their customers. When Black Axe Mangal provide more varieties in their menu it give choices to their customers to get different types of food at a single place. It enhance customer attraction and profitability of Black Axe Mangal. Restaurant can include Chinese, Spanish, French and Italian food which are most famous in the world. They also provide the varieties in vegetarian and non vegetarian food items. It helps to influence large number of customer engagement in hospitality business.

Quality Food- Customers are prefer to visit that restaurant where they get better quality of food items. It is a responsibility of Black Axe Mangal to provide quality food with healthy ingredients to their customers (Jauhari and Bharwani, 2017). Food item should be fresh and healthy because now a days customers are more health conscious and they prefer to eat healthy and fresh food. It make a better brand image in front of existing customers and attract more customers toward restaurant.

Better Environment- Environment of Black Axe Mangal should be good and attractive. Quality of products are good and behaviour of staff members are should polite with customers. Eating area should be clean, safe and hygienic which attract more customers towards restaurants.

All these factors are helps to attract customer engagement toward Black Axe Mangal and enhance their profitability.


P3. Create Customer Experience Map for Service Sector Organisation

There are different types of factors through which customer give experience to restaurant as per their experience. There are following elements used by customers are as follows:-

Websites- It is a collection of accessible web pages that share a single domain name. It is created and maintained by group, organisation or individual. In a website there is a set of information and data about a specific subject that is available on internet. It can be reachable through internet protocol such as local network and uniform resources protocol. There may be different types of websites for corporate sector like personal website, business website, government websites etc. These are use to provide news and information. Black Axe Mangal provide their site to customers where can can share information with customers and also get feedback from visitors (Lin and Bennett, 2014).

E-mails- This techniques use to share information through each other via a electronic media. Black Axe Mangal share their E-mail ID with customers where customer share their experience in restaurant.

Telephone- It is a device of telecommunication through which two or more person can communicate with each other. Black Axe Mangal share their telephone number on their website by which customer can give feedback or any complain through this device.

Restaurant Staff- Staff of Black Axe Mangal are behave politely and ethically with their customers. It attract customers to visit again and again in restaurant and have a great and positive experience of food and services of hotel.

Text Message- Text message is an activity in which message are compose and send from one person to another via electronic device. Customers of Black Axe Mangal use this technique to share their experience with restaurant it may either be positive or negative.

Review Sites- It is an important site which provide review from customers through rating and comment format. Customer give rating to Black Axe Mangal as per their services and food items. Restaurant use this site to get review from customers and improve their products and services.

Restaurant Management- It include overall activities of hospitality business. It is a responsibility of manager to manage and control all the activities in restaurant. When all things are properly managed in Black Axe Mangal then it give a positive experience to customers.

Restaurant Environment- It the environment of Black Axe Mangal is positive and ethically then customers are m,ore satisfied have a great experience in restaurant and give positive feedback.

P4. Customer Touch-point Through Customer Experience Create Business Opportunities

Customer touchpoint is refers to the appreciation from customer perspective. It is a process of from beginning to finishing (McColl-Kennedy, and et. al., 2015). There are different online applications are available which show dishes, prices, rating and reviews of food products. It is a responsibility of manager of Black Axe Mangal to improve their overall performance and enhance their brand image. Touchpoint is a technique through with a company is reach with their customer through advertising, social media and through other sources. It helps an organisation for better growth and success. Black Axe Mangal make a website for their customers in which they can get all the information regarding to products and services provided by restaurant. They can also give their review as per their experience.

Now a days customers are more health conscious and they prefer to that restaurant which provide them better service with healthy food. Through customer touch point, Black Axe Mangal gain opportunity to interact with customers and provide them better quality products.

Stage direction: It involves different phases which are determined as under:

Waiter makes eye-contact with the customers: Waiter is a person who deals with visitors of taking orders and rendering services (N. Bolton and et. al., 2014). They also analyse their needs. It is necessary to give attention by waiter to customers which give a positive experience to customers. Attendant should be pleasant and polite while dealing with clients because it satisfied their needs and make them feel happy with good experience.

Waiter: Good Morning, Sir.

Customer: Very good morning.

Waiter: What do you want to take Sir?

Customer: I want to take coffee and snakes.

Waiter: Wait a minute sir, I'm just serving it.

Customer: How much amount I have to give.

Waiter: Only 50 it.

Waiter: Thank you very much sir.

Customer: Thank you.

Above discussion between consumers and waiter shows the demand of customer which is satisfied by waiter. Customer want polite response from waiter by which they feel happy with services.


P5. Digital Technology Employed in Managing Customer Experience

Digital Technology

Digital technology is a branch of scientific knowledge which deals with practical use of digital devices, system etc. It is a application which is developed to save time and modernised business activity. It includes all types of electric equipments which are used to get information and ideas. Digital technology is used in Black Axe Mangal make relation with customers through digital media and satisfy their needs.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

It refers to the strategies, practices and technologies that are used by an organisation to analyse and manage the interaction with customers with an objective of improving relationship between customers and management of Black Axe Mangal to retention of customers for long time and increase their sales to earn maximum profit.

Digital technology make a significant impact on CRM in Black Axe Mangal. It not only helps to identify the need of customers but also make an interaction between customers and management of restaurant. Through the proper interaction, managers are able to find out the need of customers and make products and services as per their requirements. It helps to satisfy their needs they get a good experience in Black Axe Mangal.


What is the name of the organisation?

Ans. Black Axe Mangal restaurant.

What is the name of software system that they incontestable?


What are the key factors of their programme?

Ans. Links with:, Book a table, Housekeeping and reservations, open table etc. EPOS system.

Name of their existing consumers?

Ans. Hilton International, Restaurants, Travelodge, international hotel group etc.

From how many years they have been in this sector?

Ans. Late 1970s (OPERA) and 2012 (Black Axe Mangal)

How does the business see these programs processing and developing in the future?

Ans. New market entrance, integration, increased functionally, analyse of feedback.

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P6. Illustration of Customer Service Strategies

It is a quality of effective manager who support their employees to understand the value of their customers' experience. In hospitality sector, it is very necessary to satisfy the need of customers because brand image of hospitality industry is depends on customer experience and satisfaction (Ordenes and et. al., 2014). It is essential to identify the need of customers and change their products and services as peer their requirements. When Black Axe Mangal provide better services to their visitors then it helps to make better relation with customers and increase the profitability of restaurant. For example: A customer is satisfy with the services of Black Axe Mangal then they will again visit restaurant it enhance the brand image of organisation and more customers are attract towards restaurant. It is also necessary to focus on behaviour of staff members with customers. It should be ethical and polite which helps to make positive experience of customers. Some strategies of customer service are as follows:-

Reward loyal consumers- There are large number of customer who visit Black Axe Mangal on regular basis. They also take their friends, relatives and known persons in restaurant. So, Black Axe Mangal have to make strategy to reward their loyal customers who support in rising sales of restaurant and enhance brand image of Black Axe Mangal (Pansari and Kumar, 2017).

Hire Right Employees- It is a responsibility of manager of Black Axe Mangal to recruit right staff who have better skills of customer service and behave politely with customers. It improve the customer satisfaction as well as brand image of restaurant in hospitality industry.

Deliver on your promises- Restaurant have to deliver their promise which they give to their customers regarding better quality of goods and service, better atmosphere, satisfy their needs etc. It is a strategy which enhance the customer service and satisfy need of customers. Black Axe Mangal have to focus that only advertisement cannot attract more customer. They have to deliver their promises for attracting customers (Peppers and Rogers, 2016).

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P7. How Customer Service Strategies Create and Develop Customer Experience

Customer Audit Trail, Critical Observations

Name of hospitality business visited:

Black Axe Mangal Restaurant, London

Date and Time of Visit:

30 November, 2018

First Impressions and Ambience

Things that I observed that were positive, or good ?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business?

Soft music and interior attract more customers.

Colour combination of wall is not match with interior and furniture.

Make positive environment with combination of wall colour and furniture.

Tariff Boards, Signage, Labelling, etc.

Things that I observed that were positive, or good ?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business?

Sign of danger, do not touch, fire exist etc. sign boards are placed on several location.

I observed that there is a confusion between vegetarian and non vegetarian food.

I will provide clear sign of green and red colour for identification of veg and non-veg.


Things that I observed that were positive, or good ?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business?

Prices of products are reasonable and affordable by every customers.

High quality food and bar facility are more expensive.

I will provide different brands of drink which are affordable by every customer easily.

Products Range

Things that I observed that were positive, or good ?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business?

Black Axe Mangal provide different varieties of food products.

Taste of Italian food is not much delicious (Reason, Løvlie and Flu, 2015).

I will prefer to call Italian chef to make delicious food.


Things that I observed that were positive, or good ?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business?

Right number of staff member with polite behaviour.

Food serving faculty take more time to serve food.

Recruit skilful employees for kitchen service.


Things that I observed that were positive, or good ?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business?

Services are delivered at a particular time.

Large number of customers are stand in a queue for waiting their order.

I will open more order counters by which customers don't have to wait for giving their order.

Supplementary Items

Things that I observed that were positive, or good ?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business?

Supplementary services are offered like charging points, napkins, Wi-Fi etc.

Due to slow speed of internet, business persons are highly affected.

I will select best option of network and provide high speed of internet.


Things that I observed that were positive, or good ?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business?

Different options of payments are available like cash, debit card, credit card etc.

Sometimes issues are arises in digital mode of payment (Spiess and et. al., 2014).

I will improve digital mode of payment.

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From the above mentioned report, it can be concluded that there are different types of group of customers who have different needs, wants and preferences. There are different factors which attract customers to engage in organisation. There are different ways through which customers can give their review and feedback regarding products and services of hospitality sector. Through customer touch point, business get opportunities to identify need of customers and provide them better quality product to give them better experience. Digital technology make a high impact on customer relationship management system. There are different strategies in customer service which give them effective experience. Organisation need to create more strategies of improvement to meet with customers need and enhance their profit.

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