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Effective Consumer Experience Management - The Ledbury

University: Torrens University

  • Unit No: 6
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 15 / Words 3842
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: H/616/1789
  • Downloads: 643
Organization Selected : The Ledbury


To manage the consumers is important for an organisation so that it can satisfy the needs of them. All customers have different types of wants and as per the desire of it, corporation try to fulfil the needs. In this report chosen restaurant is The Ledbury which is situated in London. The main aim of organisation is to manage the consumer experience through analyse the needs of them after sales follow up. It covers the following topics such as: needs & expectations of market segments, different factors that drive and influence customer engagement, consumer experience map to create business opportunities, impact of digital technology. Apart from this it discuss about effective consumer experience management in the restaurant. 


P 1. Importance and value of understanding the wants, needs and preferences of target consumers groups

It is not an easy task to identify the importance of wants, demands and needs of consumers to run a hospitality business. To evaluate the needs and desires of target customers in market segmentation is essential because it helps to divides the market on the basis of similar desires of people. The Ledbury can advantage from the market segmentation so that it able to focus variety of consumers with different expectations and wants. It helps the restaurant to offers various types of services to several people on the basis of their likes. The Ledbury restaurant target people which includes hospital patients, disabled consumers, business persons and gym inspector (Benhamza Nsairi, 2012).


Type of customer

Different types of customer needs


Convenient to take food, provide the meal at bedside

Changing and nappy facilities,

Transport facilities, pool services

Business person

Proper Wi- Fi facilities, quality food.

Charging point for phone and proper space to pass between table

Separate room for the business meeting,

Hospital patients guest

Calorie information
is mention at the menu.

Healthy food, purified water

Clean room for rest

A beautiful view from window

Charging point for mobile

Soft music

The Ledbury targets persons on on the basis of wants, preferences and needs which are discussed below: 

Holiday maker: The Ledbury focuses on the needs and desires of persons and on the basis of it provides best quality services to them. It involves charging and nappy facilities, better beverage and good facilities and provide proper transportation. As a result it makes strong relationships with consumers.

Business person: The Ledbury restaurant has focused on the business group persons and provides better services to them. The main aim of restaurant is to fulfil the needs of consumers and provides facilities as per the wants of people. It gives various facilities to its customers which involves: poolside services, Wi – Fi facility and separate meeting room facility.

Hospital patients guest: The Ledbury has focused on the preference and wants of consumer so that it can fulfil the needs of them. It provides various facilities to the people who come from various cities and countries for medical treatment. It provides facilities like: healthy food, soft music and charging point (Khodakarami and Chan, 2014).

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P3: Customer experience map for a selected service sector organisation

There are nine points which can be used by The Ledbury and it is based on consumers experience map.

Website: It is a tool which is used by an organisation to promotes its business. It contains several information about the company such as: products, price, and types of services, location, facilities etc (Website. 2018). The Ledbury can use its website which can help the consumers to get more reliable information and data. Customers can assess it and get useful info as per the needs and wants of its. Restaurant is updating its new information on its website so that people can easily know about the recent activities of it. It contains several photos along with current offers. The Ledbury is using very warm words which attract the consumers to come in there restaurant.

Telephone: It is a tool which is used by persons to make conversation with the persons. It is used by The Ledbury so that it can communicate revenant information to its consumers regarding orders related to food and other enquiries. In the website of organisation it provides contact number so that consumers can directly communicate with restaurant and receive relevant information as per the needs and wants. It is very effective tool which makes the conversation easy and convenient.

Review Sites: Organisation have its review sites which can make great impact in the mind of consumers. It can affect the decision of consumers to visit the restaurant or not. The Ledbury has it review site in which person give reviews as per their experience with company. By looking these sites customers can decide they have to go in a restaurant or not.

Restaurant environment: It is necessary for an organisation make healthy working environment so that consumers feel positive when they visit the restaurant with its friends and family. It develops peace in the environment so that customers can feel relax and comfortable. It helps The Ledbury to maximize its image in the market.

Text message: It is very effective tool for an organisation to provide the effective and current information to consumers. The Ledbury can use this so that information can be provided regarding new items in menu, events, discount and coupons. It makes strong relationship with customers and restaurant can remain in touch with its consumers. It can use text message so that people can know about offers and new services of organisation.

Restaurant staffs: To satisfy the needs of consumers it is necessary to deliver best and qualitative services and it is not possible without the help of staffs. Employees are the key assets for an organisation. The Ledbury has good staffs which fulfil the wants and needs of consumers so that more number of people can visit the restaurant and take advantage of better services and facilities which build the good reputation of it in the market (Blázquez, 2014).

E- mail: It is communication tool which is using by companies to convey its message to the persons. The Ledbury can use it so that proper information will communicate to consumers which includes its product with prices, discounts and special offers. It attract consumers so that they visit to restaurant as a result profits will be maximize.

Restaurant management: Management of restaurant can improves the coordination between the functions of organisation and as well as department. The Ledbury has good management because all tasks are delegated as per the skills and abilities. All persons have know their duties and according to it they have to perform their roles. It improves the efficiency and productivity also (Garg and Qureshi, 2014).

Paper mail: It is used as a communication tool so that consumers can know about the products and services of organisation. The Ledbury is using paper mail to send the information and message to its guests through physically form.

P 4. Customer touch-points throughout the customer experience create business opportunities

Touch- point is consider as most effective point of client contract from starting point to finishing point. For example, consumers or suppliers can analyse whole business of company through online reviews, websites, rating etc. These all things are covered under the main list of touch point of business consumers. Touch points are consider as some time period of a potential client which comes in contract regarding brand of business. It involves after or before the buying of something from the industry. So to analyse the touch points of consumers The Ledbury restaurant provides facilities during after and before buying any item. All organisation provides proper details to its consumers about its products or services before the purchase. There are various tools which makes its process easy such as: online social media, advertisement & marketing and word- of mouth publicity. Before buying anything, customers makes proper survey and collect all required necessary information through office, websites, phone call etc. In order to after purchase product The Ledbury gives various facilities in context to online help centre, billing, marketing billing etc (Joon Choi and Sik Kim, 2013). Up selling, acknowledging, greeting are the touch points which are associated to the consumers. Some of the important stages that are associated under this are mentioned in detail below:

Direction stage: It involves different stages which are analysed as under:

Waiter makes eye - contact with the consumers: In this context waiter can make eye contact with consumers so that it help to maximize their experience in order to enhance interpersonal skills which provide advantage to the company. To build healthy customers loyalty waiter can try to provide better feel to the consumers in order to maintain better image of organisation.

Waiter: Good morning, sir.

Consumer: Good morning.

Waiter: Do you want anything, sir ?

Consumer: I want to have breakfast and bring also juice.

Waiter: Just a second, sir. I am serving it

Consumer: How much money I have to pay?

Waiter: 20 dollar.

Waiter: Thank you so much, Sir.

Consumers: Thank you.

This conversation is takes place between the waiter and consumer which shows the experience of customer in restaurant. It makes the customer satisfy because waiter provides quality services to them. To provide good and fast services are important and beneficial for the success of organisation in context to achieve sustainable growth.

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P 5. Digital technology is employed in managing the customer experience within the service sector

It is essential for a company to use digital technology in the business so that its operations can be perform smoothly and efficiently. The Ledbury is using latest technology in its business so that delivery time of services can reduce which enables company to improve service delivery to customers. Consumer experience has enhanced through this because efficiency and productivity will maximize. As a result organisation is able to satisfy the needs and wants of customers. The Ledbury can use artificial intelligence and virtual reality so that customers experience can be enhanced (Miao and Mattila, 2013).

Answers of the questions are given below:

  • The name of company who is making presentation is Black & White Hospitality.
  • The name of person who made the presentation is Julian Hook.
  • Name of software which programme is OPERA.
  • Key elements of their programme is links with: Open table; book a table; etc., bookings, Late Room etc, reservations; housekeeping; etc., EPOS system, used by nearly all major four and five star hotels.
  • Current customers of company are as below: Macro Pierre White Restaurants, IHG ( Intercontinental Hotel Group) ,Travelodge, Hilton International
  • They have been in business from 1970s (OPERA), 2014 (Black & White Hospitality).
  • Company see these programmes developing in future on the basis of: increased functionality, new market entrants for example, Zonal EPOS system, further integration with guests, identifying trends for example, afternoon tea is the new “ Lunch”, better analysis of feedback.


P 6.Illustarte consumer service strategies in a specific services sector context

For a hostility industry is very essential to provide effective consumer services so that large number of persons can attract towards this and its help to maintain customers engagement. Quality services improves the brand image of organisation and its leads to success and growth for corporation because it engage their consumers and guest in business. Now a days there are healthy competition in market in context to hostility industry so it is important for an organisation to provide better services to customers. The Ledbury can deliver quality foods and services to people and it is the responsibility of manager of it to make better strategies which leads consumer services (Peppers and Rogers, 2016). These strategies help to provide good experience to customers and build strong relationship which brings higher profits. There are various strategies can be implemented which are as follows:

Deliver on your promise: For a hospitality industry it is essential to deliver the services on the specified time frame as per the needs of consumers. It maximize the believe of people towards the organisation and it improve the brand image of company in market. The Ledbury can fulfil its promises by provides goods and services within specific time duration so that consumers has satisfied and happy. As a result their experience get better with organisation and its makes strong relation in context to that company. So it gain customers loyalty with strong consumer engagement. You can ask for homework help from professionals.

Reward loyal customers: To provide royalty rewards to the consumers is an effective strategy of an organisation in context to better customers experience. The Ledbury always try to feel their consumers happy by delivering quality services to them through it persons gets satisfy. It makes arrangement for special offers for who those people who visit the restaurant on regular basis. They also makes offers such as: discount, combo offers, buy one get one free etc. These things attract the consumers and their interest had increased to visit the restaurant on continuous basis. As a result persons prefer to come only that particular restaurant and also recommend its relatives and friends. It develops strong relationship among organisation and customers (Sheng and Teo, 2012).

P 7. Consumer service strategies create and develop the customer experience in a way that meets the needs of the customer and required business standards

  • Customer Audit Trail, Critical Observations

Name of hospitality business

The Ledbury, London

Time & date of visit

18th of November 2018

First and ambience impression:

Things which I observed were good or positive ?

Things which I observed were bad or negative ?

What things I can change if it would be my business ? 

Structure, decoration and location of restaurant is better.

Sitting arrangement in restaurant is not appropriate.

If it would my business than I make sitting arrangement better and more comfortable.

Tariff Board, Labelling and Signage etc.

Things which I observed were good or positive ?

Things which I observed were bad or negative ?

What things I can change if it would be my business ? 

Signage such as fire exit, no entry way.

Tariff board is was available so that consumers does not know about the prices of products (Tax and Wilkinson, 2013).

If it would be my own business than I use tariff board which include all information about rates of food and services.


Things which I observed were good or positive ?

Things which I observed were bad or negative ?

What things I can change if it would be my business ? 


Prices of food items are economical

Restaurant is charging very high prices on some food items and services.

I would focus on delivering quality services at reasonable price.

Product range:

Things which I observed were good or positive ?

Things which I observed were bad or negative ?

What things I can change if it would be my business ? 

Variety of food products and services and also Wi- Fi facility

Premises of restaurant does not clean

I would focus to clean the premises so that people feel good when they visit.


Things which I observed were good or positive ?

Things which I observed were bad or negative ?

What things I can change if it would be my business ? 

Staffs performs their duties effectively and as per the needs of organisation.

Some unskilled staffs does not able to satisfy the needs of consumers (Torres and Lehto, 2014).

I recruit those persons who are good in customer service and also provide training so that their skills can be enhanced.


Things which I observed were good or positive?

Things which I observed were bad or negative?

What things I can change if it would be my business? 

Services are delivered on time as per the discussion with waiter

Service in context to breakfast takes more time.

I would delegates the task as per their abilities so that efficiency will increase as a result delivery time of service can be reduce.

Supplementary items:

Things which I observed were good or positive?

Things which I observed were bad or negative ?

What things I can change if it would be my business? 

Front office manager instruct all employees to deliver fast and better service.

Restaurant does not provide complimentary service like drinks.

I would provide some complimentary drinks so that people can feel refresh after drinking it.


Things which I observed were good or positive?

Things which I observed were bad or negative?

What things I can change if it would be my business? 

Restaurant accepts payments through cash or cards

Restaurant does not take payments though mobile banking so it create difficulty for them 

I would accepts payments through both modes such as online and offline (Wong, 2013).


From the above report, it has been concluded that Consumer experience management is essential for a hospitality industry so that it can provides better services as per the needs of customers. The Ledbury can provides services on time so that people can be satisfied and it improve the brand image of organisation. Use of digital technology can maximize the efficiency and makes the work smoother. To provide the quality service as per the wants of consumers can develops beliefs and makes the strong relationship with company. 


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