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Human Resource Management in Health and Social Care

University: Stanford University

  • Unit No: 8
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 13 / Words 3256
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: MOD003486
  • Downloads: 842
Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • Evaluate the factors to be considered when planning the recruitment of individuals to work in health and social care.
  • Provide in-depth Understanding of the strategies for building effective teams for working in health and social care.
  • Generate approaches for managing people working in health and social care.
  • Analyze various strategies for promoting the continuing development of individuals in the health and social care workplace.
Answer :
Organization Selected : St. Margaret's Nursing Home


Human resource management is considered as a function that works by focussing on recruiting and selecting new and fresh employees who are capable enough in performing their task. Managing human resource is very important in an organisation as they provides and explain the system for monitoring and developing the performance of an individual (Bratton and Gold, 2017). Following assignment is based on St. Margaret's Nursing Home which is going through various problems like high rate of employee turnover, poor working conditions etc., Thus, HR Director of this organisation is planning to recruit new employees so as to reduce turn over problem. This present assignment will include processes for recruiting individuals to work in health and social care. In order to perform well there are certain rules and regulations which are to be followed thus, effective strategies for building effective team for working in health and social care. Apart from this, through this report monitoring and promoting the development of individuals working in health and social care can be understood. Lastly, different approaches for managing people are mentioned in this report.

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1.1 Factors to be considered while planning recruitment of individuals in Health and Social Care

Recruitment and selection process is being done by an organization in order to reduce increased employees turnover. According to the case scenario, as St. Margaret's Nursing Home is going through difficult situations therefore, they are thinking of hiring new employees who are skilled enough in performing their activities related to health and social care (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). Thus, it is crucial that organisation set job profile so that recruitments can be done on an effective manner. Some of the factors that is to be determine are mentioned below:

  • Education and Credentials: In the sector of health and social care education background of potential workers is very important. For example: hired staff members of St. Margaret's Nursing Home should know the the process of giving first aid or other basic medical treatment in the absence of doctors. They must be capable of providing appropriate care of patients. For example: a person must possess Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care.
  • Work Experience: This is one of the most important factor that is considered by almost all the companies before selecting or hiring an individual. Therefore, St. Margaret's Nursing Home for most of the post, they are hiring employees who have an experience of around 3 - 4 years in this field (Mirowsky, 2017).

Moreover, organisation can also do internal recruitment so as to fill empty positions for a time being. Other than this, St. Margaret's Nursing Home can publish advertisements on newspapers or can do promotional activities so as to fill the required post.

1.2 Relevant legislative and policy framework of United Kingdom influencing selection, recruitment and employment of individual

Countries across the world have their own laws and legislations and policy frameworks which can have an impact on the selection and recruitment process. Thus, it is crucial that St. Margaret's Nursing Home follow all these laws strictly so that equal rights can be provided to employees’ workers who are working in the organisation avoiding gender, language, race and community. Some of the laws and legislations are mentioned below for better understanding:

  • Sex Discrimination Act, 1975: This law was profound in order to protect an individual from any kind of discrimination. Some of the common discrimination includes not hiring employees even if they are so skilled and knowledgeable, rejecting them from providing appropriate training, not giving them appropriate wages according to their work etc., Thus, it is important that St. Margaret's Nursing Home, follows this legislation act in order to hire skilled and eligible employees because if they not do so than organisation can face legal obligations (Macinko and Harris, 2015).
  • The Employment Act, 2010: This was developed in order to resolve the issue of labours in United Kingdom. It covers factors like proper implementation of minimum wages, maintaining the standard etc., St. Margaret's Nursing Home, is intending to hire diverse workforce that can provide better health care facilities to old aged people who are above the age of 65.

1.3 Different approaches which can be used for selecting best individual

There are various kinds of approaches in order to select the best candidate for the job but basically, there are two main approaches for the recruitment and section process and these are taking interviews and testing their skills by evaluating their knowledge. Therefore, both these factors are explained below for better understanding:

  • Interviews: This is considered as the foremost step of selecting eligible candidates for the vacant posts. In this, a panel of selection committee team conduct the entire process of interviews. Thus, interviewer ask certain questions related to skills and knowledge on the basis of this, they judge candidate's mentality and behaviour. One of the major benefit of interview is that interviewer can look out for suitable candidates. But interview has some advantages and limitations as well. Organisation can miss out some impressive individuals who are best in performing their activities (Shen and Benson, 2016).
  • Testing in Assessment Centre: This is an another approach in which skills and knowledge acquired by an individual are tested so that job roles can be provided accordingly. Thus, it is done in order to predict job attitude. Further to test candidates’ performance different tests are being conducted such as psychometric test, IQ Test, behavioural evaluation etc.,


2.1 Theories of how individual interact in group in accordance with types of team working in health and social care

In order to work in an organisation, it is crucial that company has an effective team. This will assist firm in achieving their set goals and targets in a speculated time frame. St. Margaret's Nursing Home, can use two theories Bruce Tuckman and Belbin theory for building an effective team thus, both of them are explained below:

Bruce Tuckman Theory: This theory was formulated in the year around 1965 and consist of four elements which are:

  • Forming: This is the first stage in which new employees are highly dependent upon leaders for guidance. Roles and responsibilities are unclear thus, while recruiting organisation can face this difficulty but by effective strategy this issue can be eliminated.
  • Storming: Here team focus more on goals and objectives and as the time passes employees have clarity for the role and responsibilities. Complications can also be faced but adjustments can resolve the issues (Mayosi and Benatar, 2014).
  • Norming: This is the third stage in which roles and responsibilities that are assigned are clear and workers tries to have mutual understanding so that work can be performed in collaboration.
  • Performing: In this stage employees show their efforts of performing the task that is allocated to them. Even if issues arise than these are resolved with negotiation. Therefore, workers work for providing benefits to the organisation.

2.2 Different approaches which can be used for developing an effective team

In the nursing sector effective team is very much important as it assist organisation in performing their task in a better manner. In relation with St. Margaret’s Nursing Home, their work has been divided amongst clinical and non-clinical staff. Thus, on the basis of this work are assigned so that goals and objectives can be achieved. Therefore, these teams work under supervision so that proper guidance can be given to employees (Aveyard, 2014). Some of the ways which team can consider for interacting with each other are explained below:

  • Team of clinical staff majorly consist of nursing sections that are responsible for care and treatment of patients. For this, both horizontal and vertical are used for receiving and delivering message.
  • Team can include board of directors who can assist them in formulating policies and strategies so that organisation can get into a better position and can be able to provide effective services in return.

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3.1 Ways through which performance of an individual in health and social care can be monitored

Performance refers to as a completion of task with the application of knowledge, skills and abilities they acquire. Thus, an effective performance is stats the ability of dong an activity by themselves. In addition to this, performance management is a procedure that provides a clear understanding of things that are to be achieved and how it is can be achieved. Along with this, performance management tries to manage all the activities so as to increase the profitability for attaining success. There are various approaches through which performance can be measured and on the basis of this performance appraisal can be given to an individual (Bircher and Kuruvilla, 2014). Generally, performance appraisal includes five main components and these are feedbacks: in this, information of employees is given to employees on the basis of their performance thus, this assist them in knowing their strengths and weaknesses etc., measurement: with the help of this, organisation evaluate the performance of an individual by measuring how much work they have done in a speculated time frame. Sharing of ides and thoughts: In this, whatever happened in the past is measured so that they can act in an effective manner for the next time. This will assist them in reducing the repetition of mistakes. Positive reinforcement: Feedbacks are very important whether it is in a positive manner or in a negative way. But if compared than positive feedbacks help in developing the and boosting the morale of an employee within the organisation. Thus, with the help of monitoring the day to day activities performance of an individual can be raised. Agreement: This is the final phase, in which employees discuss and understand the activities they have to perform so that set goals and objectives can be achieved in a speculated time frame.

Therefore, these are some of the factors through which performance of employees can be monitored (Haynes, 2015).

3.2 Individual training and development needs can be identified

It’s a human tendency that they want to grow with the change in course of time, thus, they long for appropriate training and development programmes so that skills and knowledge can be enhanced. Thus, in context with St. Margaret's Nursing Home, if the organisation wants to identify training and development needs than it is necessary that they re-evaluate business goals, addressing critical activities, on a regular basis monitor the performance of workers etc., all these will give aid organisation in understanding what kind of training and development programme company is required.

Nobody is perfect, for improving their skills and knowledge they must try to expand their area of learning. Therefore, in relation with the organisation superiors can evaluate the same by monitoring the performance and progress because through this, they can get to know about which employee is giving how many efforts while performing the task (Patel and Saxena, 2014). As a result, it can further assist management of organisation in evaluating which are the areas where company should provide appropriate training. As a result, it will aid them in giving appropriate training to workers this will not only improve performance of the organisation but also increase the efficiency of workers for performing any kind of task.

For instance: In St. Margaret’s Nursing Home, needs to maintain a better environment and the reason behind this is to develop effective communication skills so that they can give appropriate service to people who are living in care homes. Therefore, it will aid organisation in improving their image.

3.3 Various strategies for promoting continuing development of individual

For having an effective progress in individual behaviour performance feedback and incentives are the two fundamental needs. This will assist a person in improving themselves especially in the sector of health and social care. Further to understand the same in an effective manner both are explained below for better understanding:

  • Performance Feedback: This is one of the common and most appropriate method for boosting the morale of an individual (Bratton and Gold, 2017). With the help of performance feedback one can know about his/her strengths and weaknesses therefore, performance feedback can both work as a positive and negative aspects depends upon the situations. If an individual takes this as a compliment than he/she can update the mistakes but on the other side if the person takes in a negative way than it can reduce the morale. But this has to be understood that performance feedback should be taken in a positive aspect because not all performance feedback tells about the mistakes.
  • Incentives: This is provided on the basis of performance of a person like in St. Margaret's Nursing Home, superiors can give incentives to those workers who are showing dedication towards the work. This will not only motivate staff members but also create a sense of belongingness towards the organisation.

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4.1 Theories of leadership which can be applied in workplace of health and social care

Theories of leadership

Leadership refers to a process in which an individual influence other persons to achieve a specific goal. In this present report, the chosen organisation St. Margaret's Nursing Home is using various theories of motivation in order to improve their employment turnover.

(a) Behavioural Theoretical Model

This theoretical approach states that if people understand the work of leadership then it is easy to teach every member about leadership. It will help St. Margaret's Nursing Home in identifying their real market prospective in a competitive business environment. According to this approach, if St. Margaret's Nursing homes have strong leadership then it will result in efficient role behaviour from its employee's.

(b) Situational Theoretical Model

This theoretical approach states that style of leadership depends on a various levels and positions (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). It includes three leadership styles which are authoritarian, democratic and laissez fair styles. These leadership styles should be used by St. Margaret's Nursing Home in according to a particular situation. For instance, authoritarian style should be used at the time of crisis, democratic theory should be used at a time when consensus is required, laissez style should be used when leader don't want to take control.

According to a present scenario, behavioural theory can help St. Margaret's Nursing Home in improving its employment turnover because it is related to achieving a conclusion.

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4.2 How working relationship can be managed

In order to get effective results, it is crucial that organisation allocate roles and responsibilities according to the skills and knowledge acquire because this will allow organisation in maintaining better relation with each other (Mirowsky, 2017). Apart from this, each employee of the company must know about the work or job roles they have to perform. Along with this, there are some attributes such as trust which is an essential component so as to work in collaboration. For example: St. Margaret's Nursing Home, must hire employees who are honest, trustworthy and reliable in nature. But here workers are not the only one who has to look after all the things organisation should also provide effective working environment.

As a result, it will provide a platform to staff members in using their mindful thoughts for providing better solutions to organisation so that issues and problems can be eradicated. Other than this, one should respect their co-workers because this approach will manage working relationship in St. Margaret's Nursing Home. Therefore, it can be said that if organisation maintain an effective communication and interaction skills than firm cannot find it difficult in managing activities and relationship amongst others.

4.3 Own development has influenced by management approaches

There are various issues that influence me in developing y own development, thus, below are some of the issues that have been encountered by me so that it can be understood in an effective manner (Shen and Benson, 2016).

Leadership:Person who possess some kind of traits like leading the team from front are tend to have leadership qualities. They have the nature of influencing others and motivate them for performing activities in a better manner. Therefore, difficult situation in St. Margaret's Nursing Home gave me opportunity of dealing with the different situations according to circumstances. This assisted me in taking appropriate decision which can provide benefits to the organisation.

Team working: Working in the sector of health and social care it is important that a mutual understanding is developed because with this manner core organisational goals can be achieved. Apart from this, it assists in knowing the nature and behaviour of other members and this has created a sense of belongingness in me. Other than this, working as a team improved skills and knowledge in a specific field (Mayosi and Benatar, 2014).

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From the above mentioned report it has been concluded that human resource effectively works for providing best services and facilities in return. Therefore, after considering various components managers recruit employees and workers. Thus, after determining all the points likes rules, act, legislations company can hire suitable candidates for their firm.


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