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Partnership Working in Health and Social Care

University: University of Birmingham

  • Unit No: 5
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 14 / Words 3549
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: HCMG101
  • Downloads: 855
Organization Selected : TESCO


Health and social care is a vast area as many types of concern is needed to work smoothly in this type of sector. It is generally occurred that two or more individuals get together to work in partnership to gain maximum advantage of the available sources and profits are converted for the benefits and welfare of the society. In health and social care business the quality and experience of care of an organisation towards the public and society may lead it up to a peak. There are many legals polices that are relevant to the health and social care sectors (Berghs, Atkin and, 2017). The effective implementation can be done by the additional knowledge, confidence, and skills of the collaborating partners. The report includes the philosophy of working in partnership in health and social care along with the evaluation of partnership relationships within it. It also includes various models of partnership with the current legislation and organisational practices. Outcomes of partnership working and the potential barriers have also been discussed in the report. Also, it involves various strategies for making improvements in the outcomes for partnership in health and social care.

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P1.1 Philosophy of working in partnership in health and social care

Health and social care cannot be dealt with only one person due to its vast area of working. So there are many philosophies that has been developed to deal this in a managed way.

Empowerment: In this section all staffs, care takers, and people who are working in collaboration with that are taken care in a proper way so that they can work with their free mind. They are free to make their choice according to their own work that suit them best. For example they can take their meal at the time when they feel hungry, there is no pressure created to the caretakers or the patients to take their meal even when they are not hungry.

Respect : It should be given to the patients because giving is one the most caring way. This makes them feel better even in diseased situation (Glasby and Dickinson, 2014). Respect is one of the most caring centre for patients. It is very important to take care of this that an individual and a staff should give proper attention required by them. This is obvious enough that when a person is admitted in a health care, because of the changed environment, they can be already disturbed. So, any sort of mis behave or dis respect with them can throw a huge impact on their mental stability. Therefore, it is very important that maintaining an appropriate level of respect is important so that the patient can also feel comfortable enough. A well interaction with the patient can also help the patients to stay open about their ideas as well as issues so that it can be easy enough for the practitioner to analyse and evaluate the condition of their health.

Independence : Independence is given to everyone in health care centres so that any individual can take the right decision for better management that suits to everyone within centre. This in dependency is allowed so that better ideas and plan can be evolved for a superior management.

Making informed choices : Making informed decisions must be for the welfare of patients. This philosophy should be followed honestly for the smooth running of health care centre. It means communication between patients and caretakers should be clear. Decision of patients is superior because they have only rights to take it. No one can force the patients to take any decision against their will. For example if a patient is not capable to take admission in the first patient class, no one can force him\her to shift there. Health centres are established for patients.

P1.2 Partnership within the health and social care services

The good relationship among people working in Aldgate Health Clinic for Men (AHCM) play a very important role in smooth running of centre. Care taking staff, doctors, patients, vendors, finance team, and the top management team are basic components for health and social care services. The relationship among these must be very respective and polite to each other. Transport and security team is also one of important relative part of health and care services.

Mainly the relationship is categorised in three parts in health and social care services.

General relationship: It is the relationship created among people working in same team, whenever there is need of help they are always ready to do that.

Limited relationship : This type of team relationship is limited between two teams or among teams working in centres. For example a finance team interacts to vendors when there is need of supply of items related to the health care centre (Berghs, Atkin and, 2017). Apart from this, there is no communication at all between teams.

Care taking staff : These have close relation with patients. This comes under the general relationship. They have a great responsibility regarding patients because these staffs spend more time with patients. The care taking staff acquires a special responsibility that they have to ensure a proper way to deal with the patients because this is considered as a very effective step. Also, the care taking staff should be aware of the way they should deal with the patients because any sort of mis behaviour can actually throw a negative impact on their mental stability. Therefore, it should be ensured by the care taking staff to deal with an appropriate way, thus it can also lead to a happier and healthier atmosphere of the health care.

Medical staffs : The routine based worked is performed by the medical staffs for the regular check up of the patients. This depends upon the will of the medical staff when they are willing to go for a round with patients.

Top managemen t: Hospital CEO is the one of the examples for top management who does not have regular interactions with the teams so this also comes under limited type of relationship (Dickinson and O'Flynn, 2016) .

Laundry team also does not have direct connections with other working staffs. They have limited work responsibilities so they also come under the limited relationship.


P 2.1 .Models of partnership working across health and social cares.

Models are the structures which are very helpful in partnership working. There are many useful models described here.

The unified model: This structure of the management includes the staffing, mainly the training of the employee's training may be delivered by the different sectors but they all are provided to work in collaboration with the same management team. There are several benefits of this model. It includes all the health care related activities. This provides a single system for al the services' delivery. This is helpful in carrying the single strategic approach for the well defined goal and objective.

Coalition model : The staffs and the training given there is related to each other with the help of federation but the work performed by the individuals are different. The motto of this model is to perform the activities and the services in joint actions. It also provides convenience to the individuals that they do not need to keep all the informations related to all the activities and the segments. The single segment is allowed to perform only the duties, it has been assigned for. Cleared defined objectives, clarity of the professional accountability are shown clearly by this model(Dickinson and O'Flynn, 2016). In this model the actions of the other is not affected by the individual assets so this provide more cost effect result.

Hybrid model : This type of model is generated when two or more model come together to work in collaboration with. This type of example can be seen among the private, public and the third sectors organisations. It may have its own benefits and drawbacks. The polices agreement may be one of the issue for the working organisation in hybrid model.

Coordinated model: In coordinated model work is done together by different services in a planned and systematic manner in order to complete the shared and agreed goals. The individual work in separate organisations with different locations to develop the formal ways of working across the boundaries.

The needs of individuals are assessed separately by the professionals of the different agencies but they come together to discuss the findings and goals related to the need of individuals. Care coordination is one of the service provided in this type of model. This is a service in which there is involvement of two or more agencies to provide the services based on the need of individuals and their families. Information is shared faster and the gap is identified easily when we work in coordinated model.

P.2.2.Current legalisation and organisational practice and polices for partnership working in health and social care

These are the sets of rules and regulations organised by the government to protect and secure the patients and the working staffs that belong to the health and social care centres. The Aldgate Health Clinic For Men is also being influenced by the legal rules and regulations organised by the government(Glasby and Dickinson, 2014). There are mainly two current legalisation and the organisational practices and polices organised by the government for the partnership working in health and social care :

Mental capacity act 2005: This policy is made to provide the empowerment to those people who are not able to take their own decision to make heir life standard. This act conveys that that everyone has right to take their own decision to stay happy. This act is also applied for the patients who are admitted to the mental hospitals. The mental ill person is undertaken the decision of the professionals agencies such as mental health authorities, local services, police and the family before sending him \her to the mental hospitals. This is done so that standard of an individual life can be raised to a normal life. This act is made so that no one can be sent to the mental hospitals by the wrong decisions of society or the third party.

Children's act 1989: This act s made by the government so that no child can be exploited by the society or any individual one. The main aim of this act is to provide security and safety to the children. This act is aimed towards the fulfilment of the basic requirement of the children like foods, educations and many more (Berghs, Atkin and, 2017). There are thousands of children who are not able to get foods in time and the good education. This act works against the child labour in the society.

By making this act effective, the future of children could be made better so that they may be the good citizen of a country. It is said that children are the future of a country. Overall this act is saving the today's life for the bright future.

P.2.3.Differences in working practices and polices affect collaborating working.

Polices are always made by the government either it is single working organisation or a collaborating working organisation. The polices are assigned by the mutual understanding of the working partners(Redmond, 2017). There are both positive and negative affect of a collaborating working. In collaborating working one organisation is get influenced and motivated by the other one because it may be possible that a policy which is made by one causes the benefits of the whole working organisation.

Business advertisement is one of the benefit in collaborating working. This is the positive sign of collaborating working. On the other hand it is also possible that if one takes the decision or make its own policy which is not suited to the other one and it may cause the conflict ion. Overall bad results is occurred due to the conflict ion and the bad results is always counted as the negative point of any business.


Fact Sheet

P3.1 Evaluate possible outcomes of partnership working for user of services, professional and organization

There are various outcomes of partnership health care services in the organization. Out comes are positive and negatives. Both the outcomes in the working user of services, professional and organization.

Positives outcomes : Positives outcomes improves the services and decision making of organization. Through optimistic outcomes is to help in achieves the partnership strategies and policies. These outcomes may be improves professional and organization user of services. These outcomes are improves management and self direction. The partnership working and professional both are working relationship is better for care take of customers (Burwell, 2015). Positives outcomes of partnership working is to help in improves in work practices, define clear mission and shared policies and procedures. In the Aldgate health clinic, all the employees roles, responsibilities and duties should be clearly define. In the organization, employees has to effectively use of resources in the work. The relationship between the partnership and professionals how to maintain for better health care services in the Aldgate health clinic (Cameron, and, 2014).

Negatives outcomes : Negatives outcomes includes no proper utilization of resources, no communication skills in employees, frustration level was high of employees. There is no relationship between the partnership and professional workers, no one can help with each other. In the Aldgate clinic, the practices of employees are not proper done, it is negatives outcomes. There is no contribution of employees in a team work in organization. Negatives outcomes includes policies and provision of services is not done, management is not done by the leaders, working environment is not good, no coordination of employees, cost of services is increased, waste of time, avoid mistakes done by leaders and staff as well. Aldgate clinic is to needs that all negatives outcomes is to be improved. There is no communication between the partnership and professionals working user of services. In these outcomes, includes misuse of roles, duties and responsibilities of staff and management (Glasby and Dickinson, 2014).

P3.2 Analyses the potential barriers to partnership working in health and social care services.

In any organization, there are many barriers and challenges of their services, so that in the health and social care services has many barriers and challenges faced by partnership and professional working user and organization. In the Aldgate clinic,

Lack of communication : There is not understanding between the staff and management and no communication between them because all the employees different from other, their attitude, knowledge, skills and abilities are different (Nyström and, 2018).

Lack of sharing : There are different working styles, no training for employees, information is not to be shared, no sharing principles and policies of partnership, any avoidance, misbehave, abusing by employee and management as well, is the barriers of partnership and professional working user of health and social care services. There are controlling on the funding is the big challenges for Aldgate clinic (Ocloo and Matthews, 2016).

No contribution: There is no contribution and coordination by the employees for difficult situation. There is no social responsibilities of employees, no one can solve the problems, time management is not done by services user of partnership, professional and organization. In the Aldgate clinic, there is no followed policies and strategies is the barrier in organisation. The impact of cultural and political factors affected of partnership, professional and organization. Any of policies and procedures should not to be understandable there is barrier of organization (Cameron, and , 2014).

Lack of training: Any new employee is entering in organization, their training and practices related to work, there are spending huge amount of training costs. Nurses should qualified for qualified work.

P3.3 Devise strategies to improve outcomes for partnership working in health and social care services.

The Aldgate health care clinic is to improves outcomes from different strategies. These strategies improves negatives outcomes and more efforts on effective positives outcomes. These strategies includes

Training and practices: Time to time training given by leaders of employees for improvement their skills, knowledge, abilities and attitude for better performance and for providing better services of the patients (Glasby and Dickinson, 2014).

Partners coordination: Contribution and coordination of all employees in the work, following the all policies and procedures of working. All the partners and staffs are contribution in critical accidents and diseases.

Communication: Skills of communication is very important of partners, professionals, staffs, employees, customers, visitors and reception because there is lack of communication is not good so that there is no understand of any thing (Ocloo and Matthews, 2016).

Usage of resources : They can usage of funding and resources for providing better health and social care services. Utilization of resources is must be corrected and usage of funding is also must in the organization and partnership.

Responsibilities and roles: There are clearly defined that all the partners have been clear their responsibilities, duties and roles in the Aldgate health care clinic. Not only the partners but also staffs are responsible for their duties (Cameron, and , 2014).

Improves outcomes : They can adopted strategies for overcomes of negatives outcomes and making more effective positives outcomes in the health care partnership.

Aldgate health care clinic is to analysis and improves their outcomes for providing better health and social care services and better performance in the health and social care sectors.

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In this report it concludes that evaluate all possible positives and negatives outcomes in partnership services user of health and social care. It identifies that how to overcome of negatives outcomes. It explains that what are the barriers in an organization and how to reduce them. It also explains that which types of strategies they used in their services. Aldgate health care clinic can adopted strategies of overcomes in barriers and negative outcomes. There are many ways for overcome of barriers and outcomes. They can efforts in positives outcomes is more effectively in partnership working of health and social care services, so that the partnership working is better performing in health and social sectors.


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