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Management Theory To Specific Problem - Imperial Hotel

University: University of Roehampton London

  • Unit No: 3
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
  • Pages: 9 / Words 2223
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: QAB020C414A
  • Downloads: 532
Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • A review of management theory to one specific problem in the case with appropriate use of essential of Imperial Hotel.
  • An analysis of one specific problem within the case demonstrating anunderstanding of the processes and procedures for effective management.
  • Identify how your specific problem may be linked to any other of the 5 remaining problems identified in Imperial Hotel.
  • How useful do you consider the suggested actions are proposed by Peter Farnsworth to resolve your specific problem.
  • Consider two alternative ways that this specific problem could be resolved which have not as yet been considered.


Answer :
Organization Selected : Imperial Hotel


The management in an organization depends on how effective the leaders are in the business. The leaders and manger control and manages overall operations and activities within the organization. An efficient manager and leader within firm ensures effective performance of all the employees, staff and organization as well. The leaders in entity are non other than the managers, owners, CEO, COO and other high level authorities.

The present report is present in report is about the issues faced by the Imperial hotel, London the problem discussed in this report is related with poor and ineffective management by heads of departments who are no longer in the organization. The problems, was not only related with poor leadership but also with poor monitoring and controlling procedure.  The issues were related with high wages to staff and employees, bad performances in sales and poor guest satisfaction rates.  All these problems directed towards one major reason for their arising and this is a determined as ineffective leadership and management system in the Imperial Hotel.

The main reason for arising of the issue was with General manager of the hotel when he left his position in the organization. Another problem was that The departmental head were either  in hotel for more than 10 years or left their position with General manager. The managers and departments failed in having an effective control over housekeeping department along with reception and kitchen managements. In the following reorg the issues determined are presented with significant solution to resolve the issue to present hotel as a emerging competition in the hospitality industry.

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Ineffective leadership and management

Ineffective leadership and management in The Imperial Hotel which is done by previous general mangers has left hotel in unstable position. According to survey, hotel left with poor position with factors like high level of turnover, dis-satisfaction among guest, poor sales performance and high level of staff turnover identified in hotel. Suggestions which is given by Peter Farnsworth in his survey are:

Reviewing monitoring procedures and IT supports

Ineffective leadership and management was running under the hotel Imperial by which problem like high levels of staff turnover, disappointing sales performance got happened. To improve high level of staff turnover leaders has to appoint knowledgable staff which are able to perform company's objective. According to the view of Peter Farnsworth leader have to hire right people in performing specific job role. To sustain employees for long term managers have to apply motivational theories which is Maslow's hierarchy of needs and Herztberg two factor theory. According to Hertberz's two factor theory, leaders have to satisfy employees by offering competitive pay and have to provide effective benefits for their performance so that they work with motivation to achieve organisational objective.

According to the view of Garrette Phelps and Sibony (2018) leaders of the company has to regular conduct Swot analysis of company's performance by which they will able to identify strength and weaknesses factor which affecting company's performance and by which they will able to improve sales of company. Another factor by which leaders will able to improve sales performance of the company is to do promotion activities through social media by which managers will able to communicate directly with customers. Previous situation of Hotel Imperial is that leaders are not involved in company's promotion by which their sales has been affecting continuously, to improve that leaders have to analyse different factor by applying Porter's five forces model and by Pestle analyse so that internal and external factors get improved which increase sale performance of the hotel organisation.

In the views of Zameer and,(2018) market researcher has to perform research on factors which satisfy customer needs by which leaders and managers will able to manage effective policies which satisfy customer needs. In doing research managers have to identify current and future trends of the business market by which leaders and managers will able to establish customer needs in accordance with their expectations. Another role of market researchers is to find factor which their competitor is not able to provide to customers by that they will able to satisfy customer needs and guest will get attracted in hotel organisation. According to Peter Farnsworth survey previous leaders of the hotel are not able to satisfy guest which leads to poor performance of the company for that he suggest that company has to review and monitor their performance regularly so that company's strength and weaknesses will get identified which helps leader in establishing effective policies which convert weakness into strength and this leads to achieve overall growth performance of the organisation.

Incentivise supportive management

Imperial hotel is facing problem relating to staff turnover due to low incentives paid by the imperial hotel to the employees of the organization. Staff turnover has caused problem to the brand image of Imperial hotel. Imperial hotel is facing problem due to employee turnover which has affected its performance level in the industry. Employee turnover is caused due to low pay scale provided by the organization to its employees for performing various activities of the Hotel. This organization is facing lot of problem such as ineffective leadership , ineffective monitoring of the performance of employees etc.

Imperial hotel by implementing incentive supportive management system can reduce staff turnover by providing employees with proper incentives and motivation to work towards achievement of organization. According to the views of (Harhara, Singh and Hussain, 2015) staff turnover can be reduced by using incentive supportive management to support employees in providing them with fair wages for performing various functions of the firm.

Incentive supportive management assist in providing job satisfaction to the employees which will support the organization in retaining them tin the business. This method is adopted by Imperial hotel to provide benefits to employees regarding their job role and improve their performance to achieve the objectives of Imperial hotel. In the views of (Nica, 2016) incentive supportive management is an effective way to reduce staff turnover and provide motivation to employees to improve their performance to increase customer experience. Imperial hotel monitor the performance of employees and provide them proper training to increase their performance. Staff retention is important for Imperial hotel as they are the customer service providers. Employees provide customers with better experience and retain them in business.

According to the vies of (Kim and Fernandez, 2017) if staff turnover is high there is a reduction in customer due to less management facilities provided to them in their stay.  Incentive supportive management is solution to the problem of staff turnover which affect the overall business activities. According to peter farnswoth to manage the employees of organization it is important to provide them incentives and benefits.  There are various other reasons of staff turnover lack of training provided to staff regarding their job role, lack of rewards paid to them etc. Staff turnover is reduced by this management system as it will provide organization with various methods which will support them in retaining the employees.

According to the views of (Hom and, 2017) employee turnover can be reduced by hiring the right people, providing them compensation and rewards for their higher performance, make employees happy by offering them bonus on different festivals etc. Imperial hotel by adopting incentive supportive management which will support the management to solve the problem of employee turnover. Management by providing proper guidelines and leadership can also assist in reducing employee turnover and will support in increasing the market share of organisation. It will also help in providing employees with better experience by working at this organisation and thus organisation will be able to build a long term relationship with its employees.

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The cross-department functioning is one of the important for company so that common group goal can be achieved in a better way. The Imperial Hotel located in London has to devise cross-department collaboration which is required in order to make perfect collaboration with several departments such as finance, marketing, HR and operations. Kowalski, (2017) assessed that cross-department is required as it leads to attainment of common goal in the best way possible. Majority of teams are dysfunctional and fail on similar basis including not meeting planned budget, poor communication among staff, ineffective monitoring procedures. The Imperial Hotel is also facing same problems and poor leadership and management is key obstacle leading to failure of overall structure of firm.

It is suggested that focus group must be implemented which will have better way for company in attaining communication with ease. The challenges of making perfect communication among cross-department must be made by making list of problems in a better way. Moreover, clarity in roles and responsibilities should be made by which firm may be able to attain proficiency in a better manner. Another problem is supervisors and managers are failing on monitoring in effective way which has hampered standardised work daily in housekeeping, kitchens and hotel reception. It is suggested to The Imperial Hotel that it should prioritise the work and make schedule accordingly so that problems can be resolved with ease. By initiating work as per the schedule, monitoring will be perfectly handled and deviations if found, will be resolved by making improvement. Thus, overall performance of cross-department may be improved in a better manner.

It can be analysed that guest satisfaction is required to be attained in order to enhance overall sales of firm and generate growth in effectual manner. Tarrant and Thiele (2017) analysed that consumer satisfaction is the key for increasing sales and profits of the firm. It leads to achievement of not only increased customer satisfaction but they become loyal towards firm. It is suggested to The Imperial Hotel that better furnishings, good ambience, amenities available at competitive prices will have proper way for accomplishing customer satisfaction in the best way possible. Problem faced by firm can be improved by devising cross-department collaboration. This will have clarity in roles of each and every department and with better collaboration, there will be no poor communication between them and work could be accomplished with ease.

Firm will be able to devise collaboration between departments, housekeeping, hotel reception and kitchens will be well-equipped. Moreover, proper flow of communication will be flow from each of the department as they all are mutually interdependent. Failing of one department will lead to failure of all the departments which will have bad impact on overall performance of company (Manciagli. 2015). Thus, it can be said that innovative and creativity in The Imperial Hotel and effectively collaborating cross-department will prove to be beneficial for it and as a result, problems will be resolved leading to achievement of group goals quite effectually.

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From the above report it can be concluded that problems in the hotel was due to ineffectiveness and ineffectiveness of general manger and the head of all the departments.  Most of them are in the hotel for more than 10 years and hence no innovative ideas and creativity was introduces in those departments. 

Initiatives were taken as reviewing the process of monitoring and functioning of IT department of Imperial Hotel. The working and mechanism of incentive support system were being changes and in terms and conditions were added for all the staff and their related performances. Internal departmental connection and communication were enhances and channels for effective flow of information form one department with another is set.

The effectiveness in the monitoring processes was brought as implementation of new rules and regulation to be followed by all staff members. The housekeeping department has been regularly watched and they have to report their performance in card provided to them.  The interdepartmental communication process was made effective with team collaboration by conduction various interdepartmental activities and improving the roles of one department in another.

Further it can be interpreted for the above report that for an effective management and leadership the key to success is effective communication. With communication all departments get connected with each other and no lag has been identified in interdepartmental information flow and lead to reduction in complaints from guest and increasing their service receiving satisfaction.


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