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Relevant Theory of Motivation - Waitrose Case Study

University: Bucks new University London

  • Unit No: 5
  • Level: Diploma
  • Pages: 6 / Words 1439
  • Paper Type: Minor Case Study
  • Course Code: MKT601
  • Downloads: 951
Question :

Preparation of a proposal in which portfolio is created regarding learning and development of opportunities.

  • Preparation of a proposal by using a range of sources in chosen situation.
  • Investigation of needs and problems within chosen situation.
  • Examination of requirement within chosen situation.
  • Establishing of communication with the help of verbal and written reports for given situation.   
Answer :
Organization Selected : Waitrose


A business become successful in nature when they become able to sustain themselves in any kind of environment. It is really essential for managers to understand the need, demands and opportunities of concern situation so that better and supportive working could be done (Bergh and et. al., 2010). Thus, with appropriate analysis of such situation management become able to reflect strength towards their working and abilities which further assist in designing and deriving suitable and beneficial gains for long term growth perspective. This project is emphasis on Waitrose which is one of a famous retail sector enterprise of Australia and have good growth market command. Their profit generating ability is also more which enable and assist them in deriving better and appropriate outcome. From past few months, their profit growth is getting decline due to lack of motivation provided by company to their human resources. Although, employees are the ultimate ones which assist a business to get sustain at market world in more derivative manner. This project is based on Waitrose situation so that managers of a company could utilise better and supportive theories to overcome this consideration. This will result in again tracking back company on appropriate path which further enable them to get sustain in define frame.

Literature Survey

To apply relevant theory of motivation so that profit margin could be track again - A study on Waitrose

As per the aspect of Blake and Isard (2012), it has been identified that a business used to face so many critical situation in working operations. A manager and leaders are the one whom used to assist an organisation to deal out with such constraints properly and better so that effectiveness and efficiency could be maintain and manage. Whenever any hurdle and barrier got underpin, managers have to determine appropriate and suitable path to deal out such consideration. Thus, it is a moral responsibility of managers to identify situation better and then formulate appropriate technique to manage such aspect proper.

Waitrose is facing a crucial problem in their operations from past few months where their production not been so similar previous. This could be analyse due to lack of motivation provided by company to their employees. Thus, management have to analyse the need for reason to manage this situation which define that if they do not done with such aspect then chances of decline in their name and goodwill are more in tenure. Thus, management need to estimated such consideration properly through which they could again maintain their keen position at market world. This will enable them in gain better world opportunities which assist them in managing and maintain effectiveness in their operations. Thus, management of HR is must and essential for Waitrose which could be done only when their needs and demands get fulfil properly. Like if they want some holidays from hectic working schedule then management could provide them offer of rotational shift. This will enable them in recruit more individuals whom have better potential to perform task as well as provide some relaxation to all employees as well. Henceforth, management become able to again gain position at market world with suitable faith and trust of their customers.

On the basis of Brabham (2010, there are certain needs and wants of each and every individual which motivate them towards perform work and task better. Thus, for this perspective, Maslow Hierarchy theory is appropriate which enable and assist in deriving better and effective outcome. As per this theory, basic needs and accomplish demands have to determine better so that effective and suitable delivery of work could be done at workplace. This theory have certain pyramids which have to follow and estimated properly through which better and suitable working operations lead to take place at firm.

As per the consideration of Brigham and et. al., (2016), a human being have some physiological needs and wants which supposed to be standardise as air, water, sleep etc. All needs to be understand be managers of a company properly and fulfil them so that other needs could be fulfil properly. Waitrose managers have to provide their individuals proper shelter and food at one time which used to motivate them towards higher and better productive working.

The next alleviated is safety needs on which a person focus on security of job, home, family etc. All these needs to understand by managers of a company so that they could provide them appropriate and suitable security regarding job. Like company can secure their family through insurance. This will enable them in defining the things better and appropriate in nature so that signified outcome could be drawn.

On the basis of Grant (2016), a person could work more properly and motivated when they used to get love at workplace. Like if they found a healthy and appropriate environment at workplace with their colleagues then they used to went to workplace regularly and reduce chances of absenteeism. Waitrose employees could face an unfair environment at workplace which define them lack of motivated towards their working and options. This required to understand by managers of a company properly so that they could reflect a better working environment which further enables in designing effective and suitable consideration of working.

Another alleviation is self-esteem which define about own competency of an individual. Managers have to determine their own needs and demands properly and try to fulfil them properly so that they could provide better and effective outcome in nature of frame. This will result in deriving appropriate and suitable working because each and every individual become motivated towards their working and operations. This will result Waitrose to again generate profit which further assist them in defining suitable and beneficial gain in nature. Thus, management need to understand this aspect of Maslow in better and signified manner so that appropriate and suitable gain could be estimated in long period of course.

The last step is associated with self-actualisation where a person have to understand their own perspective properly which assist and support in designing and deriving beneficial gain in nature of frame. Thus, a person have to understand their own desires and try to fulfil them in a beneficial manner so that beneficial gain could be drawn. Managers of Waitrose have to identify and analyse all needs and wants of their employees so that their desires could be fulfil in better and supportive manner. This will result them in again track back their determined growth with appropriate analysis and fulfilment of concern individuals needs and wants so that effective and better working used to take place in long period of course.

As per the aspect of Romero and et. al., 2014, it is really essential for a firm to understand appropriately utilise the concept of Maslow Theory of motivation so that beneficial gain could be estimated. Managers of Waitrose need to include and understand such consideration better and properly so that beneficial and suitable gain could get underpin in long period of course. This will enable business to gain and generate more and more profit in near future course of time. This assist management to again sustain at keen competitive world for more and long period of time. Thus, management have to understand all related constraints behind such decline in their growth and working so that effective and beneficial could be estimated for more and more tenure in frame.

This is not sufficient to accomplish the goals and targets of a company. Although, management also have to provide better and appropriate training to each and every individual of a company which enable and assist them in designing and support in achieving the targets of a company. As business have to consider and determine the engagement of their employees so that they could facilitate and provide better and supportive outcome in nature. Although, business performance completely focus on the employees engagement and working operations so that effective and supportive gain could be estimated. This result in defining beneficial outcome in nature of frame so that appropriate and suitable gain could become possible in tenure. Employee engagement is not an easy thing for any kind of business association where it could use to take place through providing appropriate reward scheme as well. Bonus and other kinds of incentives need to provided by an organisation to their ultimate employees whom working over there from past 3 years.

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