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Global Factors of Business Activities - Marks and Spencer


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Question :

Present unit scenario states that in order to assure long term survival organisation must have strong ability to adopt change. Tesco is also required to undertake numerous form of business activities, decisions and processes existing in business environment in effective manner while having their emphasise upon given questions.

  • Brief description of different organisations purpose.
  • Evaluation of economic environment impact upon business operations.
  • Analysis of organisation behaviour within its market environment.
  • Global factors significance upon company business activities.   
Answer :
Organization Selected : Marks and Spencer


Business environment determines all the external and internal factors that influence a business and company functions including customers, employees, management, demand and supply. In this report includes different types of organizations purpose to the business and how to operate (Bah and Fang, 2015). It will also define the behaviour of organizations in their market and significance of the global factors that Shape national business activities.

TASK 1 1.1 purposes of different types of organization:

Different types of organizations have different purpose in business. All organizations have some kind of underlying structure. Some organizations start business to earn profit and increasing organization's growth like public limited company and some organizations start their business for social care like home care, N.G.O etc. and some organizations for public profit like charity, municipality etc. in organizations mainly three types of organizations profitable, voluntary and metropolitan police they have different to operate business.

  • Profitable marks and Spencer – Main purpose of marks and Spencer to supplying their customers to goods and service make maximize profit.
  • Voluntary cancer research- Main purpose of cancer researcher to care people which is caused by cancer ( Belás and et.al ., 2014).
  • Metropolitan police- in this organizations purpose to provide security to public.  And they give 24 hours service to public.

1.2 Organization meets the objectives of different stakeholders.

In the organizations stake holder are the individuals. Stake holder in an organization in a company include government employees and customers creditors. Marks and Spencer objectives is tying to achieve in the long term profit. Their main objective to increasing their products quality and make profit they trying to meet with customer sand clients to make profit and supplying their organizational goods. In the cancer researcher organizations main objective to provide better treatment and procedure for patients and also research about the cancer how to make better treatment for the cancer patients they meet with stakeholder which gives charity for all home care. In Metropolitan police their objective to provide safety and security to public from theft and criminals. And gives better security procedure to public people. Metropolitan police provide a 24 hours service to public so people feel safe in their home.

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1.3 responsibilities of an organization and strategies employed to meet them.

Responsibilities focus on different types of organization marks and Spencer responsibilities to provides people to quality products and supplying their goods to their customers, these organizations also responsible for solved problems customers related to products. This organizationals main aims to provide their customer to quality products and also provide high quality and low pricing products. In Voluntary organizations responsibilities to care people like cancer patients, cancer researcher have responsibilities to find the better treatments for the cancer and aware people to this dangerous diseases (Cai and Yang, 2014). Cancer researcher gives advised to cancer patients be aware from infect other people. In the Metropolitan police these organizations responsibilities to secure public from criminals and they give punishment to those people who harm public people. Those people have authority to punish criminals. These organizations main responsibilities to provide proper safety to the people which are not safe and feeling secure.

TASK 2 2.1 economic systems attempt to allocate resources effectively.

Price mechanism plays vital role in defines the what to produce and for whom to procedure.  Economic system are allocated resource organizations indirectly. Economic system do not directly interface with the working of any organizations still they help or assist the ,manager in assuring that resources are allocated in the best possible manner. Different kinds of organizations adopt different kinds of economic system. Following organizations are:

  • Marks and Spencer are that types or organizations which gives their products to customers in the lowest price. They provide high quality products in low pricing. Marks and Spencer are the largest business enterprise in now days they provide highest to lower price products.
  • In the cancer research organizations their allocate resource to customer a new technological therapies which is gives the best quality treatments to a cancer patients also gives quality new advance treatments which helps to recover patients faster.

2.2 impact of fiscal and monetary policy on business organizations and their Activities:

Fiscal and monetary policy directly affects every business in organizations. Some main reasons that why this policy impacts on business like taxation related policy and investment related policy. Fiscal policy defines the tax policy in these governments attempts the tax to those organizationals which gain large amount of profit in their fields. And monetary policy to check business growth and this policy provide by governments. Impacts on the policy to the business they give bunnies to borrow and spend policy and help to incensing business growth. Like banks are provides policies where they give discount rates policies to their customers.  In marks and Spencer organizations they both policy impacts on their business activities (Cascio, 2018). Organizations pay tax of each products. In cancer research organizations this policy helps to provide funds for resources for the cancer patients.

2.3 impact of competition policy and other regulatory mechanisms on the activities of a selected organization.

Competition policy refers to pressure to offer the best possible range of goods and in possible price. This policy defines to the market competitors make competition in market to provide better products in possible price. In the free market competition policy try to give their efforts in market to provide their customer to better policy it helps to determine which organizations provide better quality products. Like marks and Spencer provide high quality products according to their competitors and according to their competition other companies are also provided same products in lower price so customers are, more than attract to lower price materials. Marks and Spencer provide planing products which their customer to most and also uniquely products., for example supermarkets provide their customers to huge numbers of products as the same other organizations also provide their customers to same products. Both organizations try to give the best products in possible price (Šoltés,  and Štofková, 2016 ).

TASK 3 3.1 Market structures determine the pricing and output decisions of businesses:

Market structures determines to several tools which are sellers, buyers, products. The most tools are which defines the market structure-

Potential collusion among agents, level of productions, forms of competition, ease of entry to or exit from the market, buying and selling strengths of agents and ability to influence prices.

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