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Different Business Functions - Cadbury

University: Regent College of London

  • Unit No: 2
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: R/508/0486
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Table of Content

  2. TASK 1
Question :

The marketing function have developed and is now making efforts to build one on one direct relations with consumers. Marketing manager of Cadbury is appointed to carry out detailed marketing analysis of the company.

  • Explanation of role of marketing and how it relates to different business function performed at Cadbury.
  • Comparing the manner in which elements of marketing mix are employed in Cadbury and its rival business.
  • Using contemporary examples, determine how macro environment influences/impacts operations of Cadbury.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Cadbury


A business organisation has various departments who have different roles and responsibilities but work with a common aim It includes marketing, human resource management, financial department and more (Ormrod, 2014). Among all these, marketing division is an important part of a company whose main role is to promote the company and advertise its products or services in vast manner. For this assistance, managers in this department forms different teams and allocate various tasks such as search demands of customers, raise funds from sources available at marketplace, advertise brand of enterprise etc.

The objective of this assignment is to understand role of marketers in completing demands of customers and improving sales performance of a firm. It has been divided into three tasks- First part consists roles and responsibilities of marketing department, second segment shows different techniques like marketing-mix for advertising brands. The last part contains developing a plan. Therefore, organisation that is taken in this report is Cadbury. It is a British multinational company of UK which operates in 50 countries. This firm was established in Birmingham, 1824 by John Cadbury. Currently, more than 80,000 people are working in its various branches throughout the world.


P1 Marketing concept and its role and responsibilities in marketing function

Concept of marketing belongs to a study on demand and needs of customers along with trends of marketplace (Marketing essentials. 2016). Through this concept, a company can analyse in what manner products are needed to be manufactured so that desires of consumers can be completed on time.

As per present scenario, Cadbury is a multinational confectionery firm of UK which is the second largest brand after Mars Company in the world. Therefore, to hold this position and increase its growth, marketing managers have performed various activities.

Some major concepts of marketing that a company needs to understand are as follows:

Production Concept: It reveals that managers are needed to be focused more on the achievement of efficiencies of production on low costs. Generally customers are used to buy such products that are easily available in marketplace and at reasonable rates. Therefore, Cadbury Company uses this strategy in order to gain retention of customers. It has distributed goods on various stores that are nearby to customers so that they can easily avail them.

Product Concept: This concept states that a company should manufacture best quality of goods or services (Wirtz, 2012). In context with Cadbury, this firm deals in confectionery products so it is essential to focus more on ingredients and nutrition level of the same. Along with this, it is also necessary for them to make regular improvements.

Marketing Concept: This concept is based on four pillars that are targeting market, consumers’ demands, integrated marketing and increasing profitability. Therefore, associations are required to segment marketplace so that need of customers can easily be analysed and deliver goods accordingly. As products of Cadbury are liked by all age group, so it is easy to evaluate taste and manufacture products as per their requirements.

Role of marketing:

The main role of marketers in an enterprise is to make good connection with customers and build strong relationship with them. For this process, employees associated in marketing department uses communication in an effective way to convince them to buy products in large quantities (Peter and Donnelly, 2011). Along with this, on regular basis they take feedback of consumers in order to know if such commodities are succeeded in satisfying their desires.

Function of marketing: In a company, the marketing manager holds various responsibilities in order to increase sales performance.

In Cadbury Firm, some major functions are:-

  • MIS (Management Information System): MIS system helps marketing managers to make proper division. In this process, they gather information regarding demands of customers, situation of marketplace, purchasing power of people and more. After proper collection, marketers make proper data and distribute the same to other divisions so that they can make appropriate divisions and work accordingly for completing demand of customers in a proper manner.
  • Pricing: In order to minds of customers, Cadbury firm has provided its products on reasonable and fix rates. For this process, marketing managers keep an eye on price strategies of its rivals like Nestle in order to set own policies in better manner.
  • Distribution: Marketing managers also used to locate place where they can distribute goods of enterprise in a profitable manner (Pike, 2015.). Therefore, in this order Cadbury has a large network of distribution which helps customers to easily get product.
  • Financing: For operating all functions in a firm, it is necessary for employers to acquire proper amount of finance. Therefore, managers of Cadbury prepare a proper marketing budget to do all its operations in a proper manner so that they can raise necessary funds from various sources available at marketplace. It would help in getting sufficient funds.
  • Selling and Promotion: In order to increase sale performance and aware people about products or services, marketing department of Cadbury uses various application of internet (Puddle, 2015). Through online tools and techniques, they can connect with millions of customers easily and take their feedback for improvement of products.

budget in order to do all its operations in a proper manner so that they can raise necessary funds from various sources available at marketplace. It would help enterprise in getting sufficient funds.

  • Selling and Promotion: In order to increase sell performance and aware people about products or services of a company, marketing department of Cadbury use various application of IT. Through online tools and techniques, they can connect with million of customers easily and take their feedback for improvement of products.

P2: Role and responsibilities of marketing in wider organization

An organisation tried to gain sustainability at marketplace and gain advantage from its competitors. For this process, it is used to manufacture best qualitative products or services and distribute the same in populated area so that many people can avail the same in higher number. Therefore, to perform these operations in an effective manner, all departments of a firm perform various responsibilities.

Since these divisions have different roles but functions are interconnected with each other (Raj, Walters and Rashid, 2012). All are dependent on each other for carrying operations of business. Thus, it is necessary for the managers to make collaboration in achieving overall success of business.

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