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Determine Development Needs

Introduction to Development

Development needs are considered as the most important part of any organisation. It helps in identifying the potential of employees so that it understand the effect of various programmes on the workers. It  includes the needs of training to increase the potential such as review the performance of team members, meetings with them, observation at work and to gather additional data(Chase and Barker, 2015). Present report is based on some cases and in context of that only considering and identifying the development and learning needs as per the requirements of organisation. Further, Our online assignment writing experts also covers the the development of individual employee on the basis of different methods and achievement of the goals and objectives. Moreover, it also covers the evaluation and monitoring the learning at workplace of employees and negotiate the modifications to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of learning.

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1.1 In order to identify and implement the learning and development needs as per the requirement of organisation so that it includes that the worker of supermarket who is getting training and so that in context of this it involves the proper assessment of capabilities of employee along with the understanding of current and anticipated gap between the knowledge and skills(Hashizume and et.al., 2016). It can also be identify through the observation on the performance of an employee and also by getting feedback from other people in the organisation. Further, there are some of the requirements of organisation which can affect the need for development of teams as it covers the anti-discrimination policy in which there is no aspect of such activity because it has huge impact on the performance of employees, there should be proper requirement of security as the employees are safe in the business premises. In addition to this, to make sure that the development of employees must be relevant and as per their capabilities of performing the task with an aim of achieving the goals and objectives of the organisation(Elliott and et.al., 2015). It is important to consider the requirement of the organisation in the development needs because it helps in identify the needs of training and development such as monitoring the activities of employees,  evaluation of performance, review of the employees and the tasks which are managed by them.

1.2 In order to record the future learning and development needs it is used to prepare a learning plan and so that it used to modify activities such as they overview of a team or learning of individual and development history. It is also necessary for the evaluation with the good intentions of the day to day work of a busy workplace(Dingle, 2013).

Thus, the team of the organisation works in such a manner with proper arrangement of all the activities of the company which is beneficial for them as well as business as teamwork is essential requirement of an organisation so that it created a positive work environment. It is important to develop the learning plan with the teams and individual so that it describes the process of enhancing the knowledge and skills of the employees which helps in growth and development of an organisation.

1.3 Self evaluation of people helps to identify the own performance with development needs so that there different occasion where there is evaluate the performance such as at the time of one to one discussion about the progress of the employees, assessment and observations of employees by following the formal workplace(Bradley, 2015). In order to encourage the self evaluation it includes the things which are important for appraising the training programmes and it is the best method for increase in the performance of employees. Further, there are some the areas where there is requirement of improvement which covers that increase in the experience, stretching knowledge of individual and helps the employees in achieving their ambitions of career.

In addition to this, it also includes the communication with different employees must be improve and it helps in enhance the morale of them and supervisors must evaluate the actions of the employees which is beneficial for the organisation(Cannon, Tenuto and Kitchel, 2013). They have to make sure that the activities performed by them should be in a appropriate manner and so that self evaluation helps in achieving the goals and objectives.

1.4 There are some relevant sources for collecting the feedback on performance of team members so in this context, to determine the development needs feedback is an excellent source of information so to understand what others see about the performance is purely beneficial for development of competence and confidence(Uthes, Li and Kelly, 2017). There are some of the sources from different places of getting feedback which includes clients as they can comment on individual performance which can directly or indirectly, to obtain feedback form colleagues who interact with the different team members, personal strategies of behaviour also easily give feedback to anyone. It also includes the conversations which offers the opportunities to discuss various things. At last it also covers the methods of organisation for monitoring the service delivery.

In addition to this, there is comparison with the team learning needs with the feedback on performance as the feedback might confirm the needs of development which are already known and so that they offer new development areas(Walsh and Mitchell, 2013). Thus, to update learning plans on the basis of current information as it is an ideal opportunity.

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2.1 In order to identify the development and learning program objectives and goals to the retail industry which includes to identify the needs for individual and planning for how to meet those needs so that it it might be appropriate for whole team in which there will be demotivating and waste of resources. This also includes providing training design and delivery, coaching of internal and external executive which is helpful in achieving the goals and objectives of the retail industry(Jonathan, 2014). Further, there is requirement of competency standards for the effective performance at workplace in a discrete area, function of work and process or activity in the retail industry. It is used as a basis for identifying the assessment benchmark and learning outcomes with the help of education and training. To ensure the learning goal which is required for the industry while considering the planning for learning needs. At the time of planning for the development needs it is useful to consider the skills and knowledge for a particular role in the organisation(Mitchell and et.al., 2013). There are three possible goals for Tom involves that he has to manage the department of production in an appropriate manner, there is increase in the identifying qualities of them and tasks should be complete in proper time frame.

2.2 Learning delivery methods are used to ensure the activities for the process of learning different objectives which helps to increase the performance of an employee in a retail industry. There are different methods for learning delivery methods to meet the needs of development includes training sessions which gives the employees ideas for the new activities and which enhance their performance, induction programmes which helps in enhance their internal efficiency, presentations, experience of work, to attend the seminars and conference and on the job monitoring and coaching also helps to meet the needs of development(Bailey, 2013).

In addition to this, there are four main learning styles of participant and it covers activist in which there are practical activities as they have to do instead of thinking. Another one is pragmatist is that in which they are interest to know that how the things will happen in work. Further, reflector are those who use information and consider it on their own before acting and last style is the theorist who are interested in implicit principles and theories and so that they want to understand it(Peake and et.al, 2013). However, there are various types of equipments and resources which are to be consider including the facilities of accommodation, transport and training rooms. There is also funding of the training activities which is comes from the organisation and the employees do not need to pay anything. The time is required for training must be seven days which is sufficient for the new or old employees.

2.3 Workplace learning opportunities is to provide the different ways for the learning to enhance the situation of sales meeting and the goal of the learning is to enhance the performance of employees at workplace so that it gives them various opportunities for learning new things in the organisation itself which includes the process of conducting the sales meeting with the clients  on the basis of coaching and monitoring which is ethical and fair aspect and sharing the information must be clear and complete(Stelfox and Straus, 2013). Further, the activities must be non-discriminatory which helps them to present and promote their collective group. The feedback from other people also helps in evaluating own performance which is recognize that the work is right or wrong in context of others. Thus, through coaching and monitoring also helpful in solving probllems at workplace through effective coaches and mentors. In order to develop the presentation skills there is requirement of confidence, proper style of communication and the skills of explaining various topics which is helpful in presentation.

2.4 There is large range of activities are required for the workplace learning opportunities includes the cost of training and development where there are so many things that motivated and encourages the people at workplace. Thus, these all activities of learning helps to achieve the goals and objectives and creates an individual for the competencies within the organisation. In addition to this, to achieve the identified competencies there is requirement of support form other employees of an organisation(Johnson, 2014). Thus, this activities helps in  enhancing the performance of employees which is creating a different working environment of the organisation. There are some of the resources which are required in the achievement of the learning objectives such as proper allocation of the work, observation of the work of team members, analyse the performance of the employees as it helps in identifying the learning objectives.


3.1 In order to identify and implement the improvements in future arrangements of learning there is requirement to use feedback from individual or teams which includes the example of feedback which is taken by the management of organisation that Jim as an employee at aircraft manufacturer as he go to learn to drive a crane and so that he successfully completed the course as after some time he has to do the work in real as he forgot the things so that if Jim was allowed to the practice so that his learning and skills were must be same(Chase and Barker, 2015). Thus, the feedback can be taken  from various options such as team meetings of employees in which Jim can share their opinion in context if this problem. Thus, the team members of the organisation all gives a feedback regarding the practising of particular skill and knowledge and so that it is helpful in the future times. The feedback was taken in a positive way so that they are able to do more training sessions and seminars which is useful for the organisation. The improvements in the arrangement of learning as a feedback is to provide better training materials, various trainers, different location and with the different practical arrangements.

3.2 In order to asses the outcomes and performance of an individual or team there are many ways which includes direct observation which helps to analyse the activities of an employee, to obtain feedback from other employees who interact  with individual or team and this helps to determine the effectiveness of training by increase in knowledge and skills which is the important aspect which asses the performance of employee(Cannon, Tenuto and Kitchel, 2013). Further, there is another to asses the out and performance of employee by reviewing the progress with other individual and it is important as it is the opportunity to identify the problems and make enough output from that practices. It is also possible to determine the effectiveness of training by allowing more time for the training sessions which provide the different aspect convey the information. There are some of the methods to assess the performance including observation of the individual directly and performing the tasks which have been trained. Further, asking questions in order to determine the knowledge and understanding, review the progress of the individual.

3.3 To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of learning plan there are some of the modification which are used for the organisation which includes that the learning goals must be redefined so that it helps the employees of organisation to manage the things in such a manner so that they can easily accept it. Further, to allow more time for the development of knowledge and skills which is useful and efficient to maintain the proper assessment of the activities and it encourages employees to work more in any situation(Uthes, Li and Kelly, 2017). The modification also includes that to provide better training at the time of job so that this enhance the performance of employees and it will also increase the evaluation process. Thus, this are the modifications which are take at the time of learning plans which also improve the quality of the learning delivery which is also considered as the important aspect of the learning needs. It is essential to agree people with different modification and this includes individual and team in the training and supporting other people also. There are some of the reasons to modify the learning plans because it provide better training on job, allow more time for the development and there is improvement of the quality of the learning delivery.

3.4 As per the requirement of organisation, it is necessary to maintain the report and records of competency which will includes the output of the learning program and there is improvement in the function that are being performed which involves online record of all the transactions which required for internal/external certification or for the purpose of audit as a evidence. This record helps to contribute to the learning of history and used for the purpose of future. It shows the level of competence which is achieved by the organisation(Jonathan, 2014). The nature and format of the records is on the basis of the organisation requirement considering the learning. Further, it the reports are useful in making individual plan for maintaining their competency level which is useful for the organisation and helps in achieving the goals and objectives of the organisation. So the organisation must maintain the records as per the requirement of the organisation which also creates a good reputation in the market. It also helpful in identifying old data which is required for the organisation. The records of the data helps in managing the team development and individual as it gives idea to perform the various activities and to manage the resources effectively in the organisation.

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From the above report it can be concluded that needs for the learning and development is the essential part of an organisation which is managed by them as per the requirement of the employees. Further, evaluation of performance which helps to improve and encourages them in context of feedback on their work through different employees and clients of the organisation. Moreover, this report helps in understanding the programmes for development of goals and objectives to ensure the requirement of competency relevant to retail industry. It also includes the various learning methods and style which helps in enhancing the performance. This report also includes the monitoring and evaluating the learning at workplace to find out the outcomes and to determine the effectiveness of the programmes. Thus, it can be said that determination  of  development needs is important for the organisation. It also covers the modification to the learning plans for the improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness of the learning which is important for the business.


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