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How to Write an Essay Introduction? Examples & Steps

01 Jul 2024 348 11 minutes
How to Write an Essay Introduction? Find Here

Do you ever start reading any essay or other write-up and move on to the next segment without even realizing it? If yes, it only happens when the introduction is written well. So, if you also want people to read your essay till the end, you first need to write a perfect introductory paragraph. You must read this blog if you often wonder, "How to write an essay introduction?". Here, you will find out why the first paragraph is one of the most essential parts and the steps to write it. So, let's go delve into this blog's further section.

What Is an Introduction?

An introduction is the first paragraph that you use to start your essay. In this you define the scope of your essay, the gist of your topic, and provide background information of it. Through this, readers understand what they can expect from the further sections. However, you do not need to make it too lengthy or narrow; you should keep it within the standards. When preparing your English essay introduction next time, keep this in mind. If you find writing difficult, you can always get help from our essay writing service. Our writers will definitely assist you with composing a perfect, eye-catching introductory paragraph.

What to Include in Essay Introduction?

While thinking about preparing an essay, students are occupied with several questions. The first query that hits their mind is, "How to write an introduction and what to include in it?" Well, being a writer, you must know it, as it can help frame an incredible opening section of an essay. So, are you curious to know about it? If yes, then read the below points.


A good introduction paragraph always has a hook in it. If you don't know what it is, do not worry. The hook is an opening statement that grabs readers' attention and makes them move toward the next sections of the essay. If you want to hook your readers, you must make your essay interesting, use correct language, and keep it concise.

Example of Hook

Wrong: GPS (Global Positioning System) is one of the greatest inventions of the USA.

Right: The invention was the greatest invention of the USA; it shook people's minds.

You can also check out our blog, A Captivating List of 70+ Essay Hook Examples & Their Types, to better understand it and get some ideas.

Background Context

When reading an introduction for your essay, always remember to add background information about the topic. A reader should know what your essay is about. Although they get the brief from the title, in your introductory section, you must mention what you will discuss further in the document in brief.

Example of Background Information

We will continue the Global Positioning System invention and provide its background information, which will be addressed in the essay.

The USA is famous for its greatest inventions, but one of the most famous creations is GPS, which stands for Global Positioning System. It helps people navigate and is important for various reasons. Here, we will discuss its history and importance in today's world, so let's read.

A Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is a sentence through which you define exactly what you need to say in your essay. It is placed at the end of the introduction. A thesis statement is considered the most essential part of the paper. Its main goal is to define the main point to the reader.

Example of a Thesis Statement

If your paper is about "How can high school students do better in university?" Then, you can write a thesis statement as follows.

All high school graduates should take a year gap to prepare themselves to do better in their careers.

When planning your essay, the first question you need to ask yourself is, "How do I write an introduction paragraph?" If this question is already in your head, then we have provided you with the answer here.

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How to Write Essay Introduction? Easy Steps

Every student sits and thinks, "How to write an introduction?" Some of them find the answer, while a few still cannot find the right answer. So, if you are also one of the scholars, we will provide you with some easy steps to follow to prepare your essay.

Decide a Tone

While framing an essay, you must know what tone you use in the introduction and the entire document. For example, you might use slang in a personal essay but not in an argumentative essay. So, every essay has its limitations, to know more, you can also check the introduction paragraph examples in our next section.

Add Background Information

While writing your essay introduction, you do not only need to introduce the topic. However, you also have to provide background story of it. Doing this helps to set the information readers needs to know before diving into your essays.

Add a Hook

As we already discussed, a hook is one of the most essential parts when you are writing an essay introduction. You must add a spark in your first section to keep your readers engaged in your paper. So, if you are thinking, "How to write an introduction paragraph?" the first thing you need to know is adding a hook.

Map Your Essay Structure

Having a clear structure ready before you start your essay introduction is so much essential. Some essays are long, like argumentative, so you must draft their structure prior. You need to specify many aspects; hence, always prepare your intro structure in advance to easily complete your task.

Read our blog on Argumentative Essay Examples

Revise and Proofread

Once you finish writing your essay introduction, you must revise and proofread it. These two processes help you to leave no room for mistakes, and you draft an error-free introduction. While writing, making mistakes is something common, and you must always check before sending the final write-up.

These are some of the easiest steps that can be used to write a polished essay introduction. We know initially, the thought, "How to write an introduction? is common among students. Instead of worrying about this, you can use these steps or hire our experts for an instant solution.

Further, let's explore some examples to understand more about it.

A List of Examples of an Essay Introduction

There are different essays that you have to compose while in university. So, each of them is different, and while writing their introduction, you need to follow a specific tone and way. To understand more about this, and “How to write an essay introduction?” you can explore some examples of an essay introduction below.

Expository Essay Introduction Example

Topic: Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet

In today's world, the Internet has taken over our lives. People spend half of their time on social media and other sites. It has surely made our lives easy, but there are disadvantages too. So, through this essay, you will read about the pros and cons of using the Internet.

Argumentative Essay Introduction Example

Topic: Are Human's Actions Reason for Climate Change?

The question, "Are Humans Actions Reason for Climate Change?" has always been debated. Some people agree on this, while others deny it. So, in this essay, we will discuss whether humans genuinely affect climate or not with the correct evidence.

These are examples of two essay introductions. By going through them, you must have understood, "How to write an essay introduction?If you still have any questions, you can contact us and get clarity for framing your paper.

Let Us Help You to Write a Good Essay Introduction

It is not easy to frame a perfect introduction that catches readers' attention easily. So, if you often think, "How to write an essay introduction?" this blog has given you all the necessary details. We hope you will write a paragraph to hook your reader. If you get stuck and need help, our writers are here to help. From introduction to an argumentative essay, argumentative to narrative, they can prepare all for you. Apart from the introduction, if there are any other issues you are facing, you can share them with them and get help from them to achieve good grades.

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