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Know Everything about Different Types of Essays in Academic Journey

20 Jun 2022 328584 13 minutes
Different Types of Academic Essays

What are Different Types of Essay? A Complete Overview About It!

An essay is written to present an idea, portray an argument, express feelings, or debate a specific topic. A scholar might come across various types of essays in their writing journey. On the contrary, an essay can be 500 words long and go up to 5000 words or more. It depends on the type. The essay topic has no boundaries. It can be about a world crisis or a personal story. Whether it is an expository essays or any other essay, it is a vital element to consider. If you want to know every minute detail about the essay, you have landed on the right blog. It will give every detail the student wants to know in the essay. So get ready for an informative yet good journey to get the takeaways. Let's head out and get started.

Importance of Essay Writing

Essay writing is considered the heart of writing projects. Every scholar on their academic journey must write an essay once. You know that writing different types of essays can help you in various ways. Some of them are given below. There are reasons why essay writing is one of the essential academic projects, such as explanatory essay, expository essay, etc. Look at the following pointers to understand the importance of essay writing in academics.

  • It helps to gather information easily.
  • and improves research skills on complex topics.
  • Writing different types of essays improves your writing abilities.

Now that you understand the importance of essay writing, let’s understand the different types of essays.

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12 Different Types of Essays

Types of Essay

Efficiently writing different types of essays is becoming more vital day by day. It is to uplift academic performance and get the best scores. Hence, while writing an essay, you know it is one of the most common assignments given by the university, unlike expository essays. Moreover, in exams, essays also have an equal amount of weight. Therefore, you can miss a single step and get confused about multiple types of essays in college or high school. However, there are various types of essays with certain variations. So look at the information below to know every bit about it and how many different types of essays are there.

Narrative Essay

In narrative essays, students portray real-life experiences. Well, it is about telling a story to make the audience understand. Well, telling a story does not seem easy. It is written in the first form of the tense. For example, using sentences that relate directly to the reader's interest. Therefore, you can use multiple techniques to write narrative essays, like metaphors, analogies, alliteration, dialogue, etc.

Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay is a detailed description of the subject. It could be a person, thing, place, or event. It focuses only on one subject. While writing a descriptive essay, you can include vivid imagery, thoughts actions, sensory details, and emotions to develop the reader's interest. You can also use strong verbs, descriptive adjectives, vivid descriptions, etc. It will make the content more engaging and help the reader get connected and involved with your essay.

In descriptive essays, you describe the characteristics of the person or event in a detailed form in your own words. There is no need to write such an essay with proper structure. A descriptive essay is written by introducing the main object of your description and ending it by drawing an overall view of it.

Expository Essay

The expository essay is an informative piece of writing that presents a balanced topic analysis. In these types of essays, a writer can use examples, statistics, and facts to elaborate on the topic better. You can demonstrate your knowledge or expertise in a specific area.

Expository essays are assigned to evaluate the understanding of the topic. It does not give importance to emotions or opinions. It comprises factual information or concept clarification. These essays provide a properly balanced analysis of the subject, incorporating facts, statistics, and examples so the reader can draft his own opinion. Expository essays are written to inform not persuade.

Definition Essay

Definition essays are a type of expository essay that describes a term or idea. It is a different type of task that examines complex or abstract topics for in-depth analysis and explanation. These essays are more common in academic and research settings. A definition essays elaborates on a word in a detailed manner. You can write such essays by using simple sentences to make the reader understand.

Process Essay

Process essays come under expository essays, which describe how to do something or how something works. You can even write essays in chronological order to maintain organization and clarity. This type of essays is written with the following elements. Write an opening paragraph about how well you introduced the process. A process essays contains an introduction elaborating on the process.

Compare and Contrast Essay

As the name suggests, compare and contrast essays comprise two things in detail. It states similarities and differences for the target audience. You need to maintain a proper outline for this type of essay. It comes with a lot of comparisons, such as analogies and discrepancies. Creating a well-defined structure and flow of the content will help you with idea framing. Writing compare and contrast essays includes an introduction, which can be at least one paragraph to elaborate on the topic similarities, etc.

Comparative Essay

A comparative essay contains information about the comparison between the two terms. It depends on the topic. But, the overall information you write is based on the comparison factors. It showcases a comparative analysis between themes or topics. In this type of essay, you analyze a subject by drawing out a comparison to determine if there is a difference or similarity.

Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is written to persuade the reader to acknowledge the target audience's point of view or argument. To write these essays, you will have to put focus on research. These essays consist only of ideas and supporting evidence. While writing argumentative essays, you should avoid using first-tense words like "I" and" you". Moreover, if you want to write in other words, you should use words like "as the research says or "According to a specific theory, etc to present your ideas. 

Persuasive Essay

This essay is the most engaging and does not always require factual data. Your focus is to justify your views and develop the reader's interest. Although in persuasive essays you must present all about the argument by explaining the ideas. It gives the reader an emotional reason to connect with them. Thus, persuasive essays target the emotional appeal of the readers and not just factual information.

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Cause and Effect Essay

Cause and effect essays is a type of argumentative essay that focuses on the cause-and-effect relationship between two things. You can elaborate on one cause and effects, or one effect and several problems. The cause and effect essays are best for geography and political topics. While writing this essay, you should use transition words to make it understandable to the reader. Some examples are consequently, for this reason, because of, on account of, in addition to, etc.

Critical Essay

Critical essays provide a detailed description of the topic. Many college courses, especially literature, and humanities courses, require such essay types to evaluate their ability to think and examine evidence from work done. Critical essays use factual data to draw opinions. For example in a movie testimonial, you cannot denote a movie using vague dialogue. You could support it by citing certain lines from the film. In such an essay, you need to describe the topic. Critical essays rely on factual information.

Analytical Essay

An analytical essay differs from other kinds of essays. The main objective of this essay is to explain the information thoroughly to improve the audience's understanding. An analytical essay is written to explain a method, process, or idea. To begin this essay, you have t be logical while portraying your ideas. While writing an analytical essay, write from the audience's perspective.


Tips for Writing Different Essay Structure Types

Stay Updated

A good writer will always stay updated with news, events, and upcoming trends. It can be sports, fashion, or politics. Thus, if you need assistance, you can also get essay writing help from experts.

Read Thoroughly

Reading is the best way to enhance your writing skills because you see techniques of people successfully applied.

Pre-Write the Information

To pre-write, you first get a piece of paper and note down the primary thought and phrase that come to mind. If you need assistance framing your thoughts, you can get essay help from experts.

Proper Structure

An outline is a plan for your essay that helps you outline your information so that it seems organized and precise. Even while writing a narrative essay, structure plays a significant role.

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