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What Are the Different Types of Essays? A Complete Guide with Type of Hooks

20 Jun 2022 327921 16 minutes
Different Types of Academic Essays

Essay 101: Types of Academic essays and Different hooks

An essay is written content designed to present an idea, propose an argument, and express emotion or initiate a debate. A student might encounter many types of academic essays within their writing journey. An essay can be as short as 500 words or can go on for 5000 words or more. It will all depend on its type. The topic of reports has no boundaries. They can be based on the world's political situation or the fictional adventure of a dog in space. If you want to know every minute detail about essays, then you are on the right blog! It entails everything that a student needs to know about an essay. So get your pen and paper out to make notes of important information. Mind you; this blog involves a lot of it.

The Essence of Essay Writing

Essay writing is considered the epitome of writing tasks. Every student in their academic journey must write an essay at least once. Moreover, it is the most common type of homework received by students. There are a lot of reasons essay writing is considered an important academic task. It helps in accumulating information, gain research skills, and its different types of essays improve your writing skills.

All You Need to Know About Different Types of Essays

Effectively drafting different types of essays is becoming crucial these days to grab the best grades in academics. Hence, essay writing is one of the most common assignments given to university students. Moreover, in exams as well, these essays have a significant weightage. Therefore, students cannot afford to get confused about different types of essays in high school.

Thus, the subject-oriented professionals of the Global Assignment Help have conveyed that getting confused about the different types of essays is pretty natural. However, essentially there are many types of essays with slight variations from one another. So, read further to know all about them and get to know how many types of essays are there.

1. Narrative Essay

In a narrative essay, the student narrates a real-life experience. Well, telling a story seems easy, but this is extremely difficult as it challenges the students to think more about themselves. One remarkable fact about narrative essays is that they are usually written in the first person. Using "I" in sentences relates the readers to the paper. You can utilise literary techniques in narrative essays to create an essay that reads like fiction. Consider including:

  • Metaphors
  • Analogies
  • Alliteration
  • Imagery
  • Dialogue

2. Descriptive Essay

Also known by the name, it is similar to the narrative essay. A descriptive essay paints a picture with the help of the words. A student may be asked to describe a person, place, event, etc., of particular significance. The main motto of the descriptive essay is to communicate deeper meanings through extended description. The best descriptive essay is the one that appeals to the reader's emotions and which is highly evocative.

3. Expository Essay

The expository essay can be considered an informative piece of writing that presents a balanced topic analysis. In this type of essay, the writer is free to include examples, facts, and other statistics to explain the topic in a better manner. However, these essays are not based on personal feelings; the writer cannot include their views. Instead, they should conclude from mere facts and statistics.

4. Persuasive Essays

This essay is the most exciting type and may need not to contain facts, figures or statistics. In this, the writer's focus is to justify their views and convince the reader. Although the writer presents all sides of the argument, he focuses mainly on explaining their ideas. Our experts can provide exceptional persuasive essay writing services, so your essays will always be top-notch.

5. Personal Essay

If you were wondering which types of essays are most likely to be written from the first-person point of view? The answer is personal essays. Regardless of the nature of the essay you receive, if it comes under the category of a personal essay, you can use first-person writing in it. Similar to Narrative essays, personal also allow you to put your thoughts down in writing. However, the spectrum of a personal essay is much more comprehensive than narrative ones, as you can use them to tell an individual experience or emotions. You can also use this essay to state your personal goals and life. Therefore, making them the best for university applications and other similar uses.

6. Reflective Essay

If you know a bit about an expository essay, then understanding a reflective essay can be easy for you. Because just like an expository, this type of essay also introduces ideas based on facts and evidence. But on the contrary, a reflective report mainly focuses and ponders on the main topic only and why it is essential.

For example, a reflective essay about the shortage of water workers in Africa: would not only cite facts and arguments with supporting evidence about this problem. Still, it would also analyse and interpret the facts to explain how or why they are significant to African people.

7. Compare and Contrast Essay

As the name suggests, compare and contrast essays consider two things in detail. And then states their similarities and differences for the reader. Therefore, a proper outline is necessary to tackle this type of essay. Because you will switch between two things, talking about their analogies and discrepancy. Creating a well-defined shape will help you to connect your ideas logically. And assist in writing an essay that flows smoothly and connects with your readers.

8. Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essays are written to convince the reader to agree with the writer's opinion or one side of an argument. To create these essays, you will have to rely on research heavily. An argumentative essay consists only of ideas and their evidence. While writing this essay, you should avoid using first-person words like "I" and" you". Moreover, if you want to oppose the other side, you should use words like "as the research suggests". Or "According to the Centers for Coal Control", and then present your ideas.

9. Classification Essay

In a classification essay, things are organised into categories, and then examples of each are given. For example, if you choose to write about types of coffee. Each of your paragraphs will define the quality of a different coffee type and provide an example of every one of them. This type of essay will proven helpful when you want to analyse the differences between objects. But most importantly, the classification must be precise, and you should link each item to another. An excellent approach to make everything accurate is to use single phrases while classifying different things. For example, you can use terms like "it is classified according to", "it is divided into", "in this type of", etc.

10. Analytical Essay

An analytical essay differs from other kinds of papers. The main goal of this essay is to explain something thoroughly and bit by bit to enhance the reader's understanding. An analytical essay is often written to explain a method, process, or idea. To start with this essay, you will have to be logical while presenting your ideas and using a lot of linking words can help you in doing so. While writing an analytical essay, be thoughtful of your reader and ensure that your writing benefits them.

11. Cause and Effect Essay

It is a form of argumentative essay that focuses on the cause and effect relationship between two objects. You can discuss one cause and several effects of the same, or one effect and several causes. This kind of essay is best for ecological and political topics. While writing this essay, you should use transitions and connectors to make it sound more effortless and understandable for the reader. Some examples of them are for this reason, on account of, consequently, because of, in addition to

12. Nursing Essay

A nursing essay is an academic document related to a nursing topic. It is either used in admission application to a nursing university or to showcase your knowledge in a nursing program. You should know how how to write this essay as a nursing student. However, because most of your grades will depend on this, if you are unaware of its specifics, you should take nursing essay writing services from our essay help experts.

13. Proverb Essay

This essay is one in which a proverb or saying is extended and explained to the audience. This essay is solely based on how the writer interprets the expression. Moreover, proverbs are not just presented. They have to be explained with examples. A good to remember while writing a proverb essay, the tone of your content should be sombre or reflective.

There you have it; this ends the list of types of essays in high school a student might ever face.

4 Types of Hooks To Bait Your Readers

A hook is generally the first of two lines of an essay or any other academic paper designed to grab the reader's attention. Just like a fish can get caught on a hook by bait. Similarly, you can hook your readers' attention through your words. Here are

Different types of hooks for essays you can use in your writing to get your reader's engagement.

Statistic Hook

A statistic hook gives your readers accurate info or fact to latch on to. This helps you gain your readers' attention and trust through knowledge. Moreover, this hook provides more information on your topic, supporting your arguments and intriguing your audience to continue reading.

Quotation Hook

If you want your essay to be memorable, choose a quote-style hook. Remember to match the wording of your quote to what you are writing about. This will grab the attention of your reader. And make sure to explain what you are trying to convey through your quote so the reader isn't staring at it blankly.

Anecdotal Hook

These hooks can make for an expressive opening that informs the reader more about you. Although there are rare chances to write an essay in the first person, there are times when you can use this hook. Like in the exceptional case of personal essay.

Question Hook

Asking a question directly at the start of your essay can pique your reader's interest. This grabs all of their attention and leaves them asking for the answer. Remember to keep the question open-ended so the reader can explore it in your essay.

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