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A Captivating List of 70+ Essay Hook Examples & Their Types

18 Jun 2024 403 16 minutes
List of Essay Hook Examples with Types

Do you want to skyrocket your essay with a compelling essay hook? Then, you are on the right platform. In this blog, you will find a captivating list of essay hook examples with their different types. An essay hook is a sentence that comes at the beginning of your write-up. Therefore, it is the most crucial part of this document because, from this line, you can grab the attention of the reader. So, if you want to know more about hooks for a college essay, read this blog till the end. However, let us first understand the meaning of the essay hook and read further to know more.

What Is the Meaning of Essay Hook?

An essay hook is the opening line of the document, and it comes at the beginning of your essay. You can take it as a weapon meant to grab the attention. Therefore, you should frame it to compel the reader to read your essay till the end. You can also read a few hook essay examples to understand it clearly. Moreover, to make it compelling, you can start by using different essay hooks like questions, quotes, anecdotes and more. If you want to read about the diverse essay hooks in detail, read the next section.

What Are the Different Types of Essay Hooks?

Do you know there are various essay hooks from which you can grab the attention? No? Then read the following pointers.

Bold Statement Hook 

The first type is called the bold statement hook in this, you have to catch the attention with a bold statement. In this, you need to think out of the box and come up with something unique that marks an impression on the mind of the reader. For more ideas, you can look at examples of hook sentences for essays.

Quote Hook

Quote hook, just like its name, means that you can start with an attractive quote that aligns with your subject. You can search for them on the internet, where you will find a list of remarkable lines that can make your essay stand out.

Question Hook 

A question hook is one of the most common but effective ways to make the reader intrigued about your write-up. However, remember to ask something relevant to your subject. Asking irrelevant questions will only make your essay vague and confusing.

Anecdotal Hook

Who does not like some humour while reading? So, in this type of hook, you have to frame a sentence that humorously tells a story to lighten up the mood. It is a very efficient way to grab the attention, but remember to use appropriate language while writing it.

Narrative Hook 

The narrative hook can help you to involve the reader through emotional sentences. You can use a relatable line to the spectators and present it narratively. Such hooks can be powerful when used correctly.

Argumentative Hook

In this type of hook, you can start your essay with a clear argument that can grab the interest in the document. Try to write a strong and catchy argument that wakes the curiosity of your reader. You can also look for a few argumentative essay examples.

Informative Hook

Such an essay hook provides the reader with valuable insights about the subject beforehand. In such types of sentences, you should be specific about the objective of your document. It can be beneficial for your essay and also for the reader.

Catchy Hook 

The significant purpose of a catchy hook is to generate curiosity among the readers. You should frame such a sentence that they can not stop themselves from reading your whole write-up. In such hooks, you should brainstorm different ideas and use your creative thinking.

Rhetorical Hook 

In a rhetorical hook, you should provide a different perspective to the reader so that they enjoy reading your essay. In addition, such essays can also be counted as informative ones, as their purpose is to make the essay hook multi-dimensional.

So, hopefully now you know about the types of essay hook. However, this is not enough, for better framing of hook sentences, it is crucial to know where, when and how to use it. Therefore, our experts have curated a table for your convenience, so read it for better understanding.



Suitable Essay Hook Example

To be Applied In

Not Applied Essay


"The only limit to our realization of tomorrow is our doubts of today." - Franklin D. Roosevelt

Persuasive Essay


Narrative Essay


When I was ten, my family moved across the country, changing my perspective on life.

Personal Narrative Essay

Analytical Essay



What will be your last option if you have one day to live?

Reflective Essay 

Technical Essay


Did you know that 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water?

Expository Essay

Descriptive Essay

Bold Statement

The world is heading towards an environmental catastrophe.

Argumentative Essay

Biography Essay


Life is a journey, full of twists and turns.

Creative Writing Essay

Scientific Research Paper


Success is defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

Definition Essay

Fictional Story

The above pointers must have cleared all your doubts regarding different types of essays hooks. Now, in the next section, you will find a list of compelling essay hook examples that may also help you understand how to write good essay hooks. Read further to know more.

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A List of 70+ Essay Hook Examples

Go through the following list of Ideas for great hook writing that would get you an A+ in your essay writing.

Strong Statement Hook Examples 

  1. "Do you want toreverse the effects of global warming?Act now before its too late."
  2. "Let's uncover the secrets that lie beneath the ocean."
  3. "Theresearch shows that if you work hard the luck will come in your favour.” 
  4. "Know the power of online reviews on consumer's choice"
  5. "Let's put an end to reckless driving, and end this epidemic."
  6. "Uncover the secrets of healthy communication and its positive impacts."
  7. "Learn the power hook sentences to get an A+."
  8. "Research suggests that taking regular naps can boost productivity, Good night."
  9. "Do you know that non-verbal communication is effective?"
  10. "What are you stressed about? Research suggests around 60% of teenagers are depressed."

Essay Hook Examples for College Students

  1. "You won't believe but learning can slow down your ageing process."
  2. "Do you know, a study shows playing video games can enhance your memory power?"
  3. "You shouldstep into the shoes of historians to unveil the ancient secrets."
  4. "Learn a few life-changing habits, that can boost your personal growth."
  5. "Let's unveil the latest fashion trends and stories behind designer clothes."
  6. "Do you know, listening to your favourite music can relieve your stress?"
  7. "Let's dive deep into the captivating stories of sports legendary moments."
  8. "Uncover the secrets of space universe and drive your creativity."
  9. "Want to know the truths behind the success of renowned business owners?"
  10. "Taking a balanced diet will sculpt your dream body and stable mental health."

Opening Hook Examples for Essays

  1. "Why is it important to plant more trees for saving the ecological system?”
  2. "Your essay topicis the most crucial part that impresses the reader."
  3. "Studies shows that children should read novels to boost their grammar."
  4. "Learn how to fight anxiety and fear on the first day at work."
  5. "Want to know about the benefits of joining a yoga class?”
  6. "Read as much books as possible to become knowledgeable.”
  7. "Do you know the first step proves to be most challenging but it is worth it?”
  8. "Do you know historical facts and figures are crucial for students."
  9. "Let's uncover the secrets of the ocean, the unexplored world."
  10. "Want to learn about the secrets of human nature, start the study now."

Captivating Hook Examples for College Essays

  1. "Does racial discrimination affect the relationships in workplace?"
  2. "What makes the art timeless and how does it inspire people globally."
  3. "Do you know that food choices reflect the culture, identity, and history?"
  4. "How do the contrasting ideologies of socialism and capitalism impact world politics?"
  5. "Learn about the power of one good gesture for the world."
  6. "Can a world without crimes and negativity exist?"
  7. "Learn how did ancient people lived in caves for over hundreds of years?"
  8. "Do you know that the human body consists of more bacteria than cells?"
  9. “Do you know a compelling topic can attract the readers and can get you A+?"
  10. "What are the implications of this digital world over people?"

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Hook Examples for Argumentative Essays

  1. "Give education your priority, as it is the key to your success and not everybody has it."
  2. "Is the technology a blessing or a curse?"
  3. "Take lessons from the best teacher, that is life and get the best results for a lifetime."
  4. "It is crucial to look at both sides of the situation to understand better."
  5. "Contribute your bit by not wasting water and cutting trees to save the environment."
  6. "How to bounce back from bad decisions? A tutorial."
  7. "How children becomes depressed at such young age?"
  8. “Know the importance of education system for child’s overall growth.”
  9. "Why does society judge things, without knowing the whole story?"
  10. "Life is full of challenges for everyone and every generation."

Creative Hook Examples for Students  

  1. "Do you know what lies beneath our world? Explore the ocean."
  2. "Do you know the power of human connection and regular communication?"
  3. "What are the benefits of reading books and novels for academic writing?"
  4. "Does the social media influence the conventional method of journalism?"
  5. "Role of cyber security in this rising era of technology."
  6. "Know about the secrets of film and movie stars"
  7. "Is social media bridging the gap or is it increasing it?"
  8. "What are the implications of racial discrimination over the world?"
  9. "How can philosophy help us navigate the easy way through life?"
  10. "Why should the government motivate art and artists to save the cultural heritage?"

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Question Essay Hook Examples 

  1. "Do you know that Earth had an unlimited source of energy and now it has depleted by 40%?"
  2. "What are the difficulties that historians has to face while discovering?”
  3. "How can government policies help in eradicating poverty?"
  4. "What is the importance of educational institutes in transforming students into better citizens?"
  5. "How is increasing pollution affecting the animals and forests?"
  6. "Do you know the power of meditation for mental stability?"
  7. "How does excessive use of non-renewable resources affect sustainable development?"
  8. "Why are the big industries replacing the cottage industries and affecting the poor?"
  9. "How do you write an interesting and compelling essay?"
  10. "How industrial waste is depleting the availability of clean and drinking water?"
  11. “How the increase in screen time is affecting the eyesight?”

You must have chosen the example of your choice from the above types of hooks for essays. However, if you still face some issues regarding your write-up, take our help and craft your perfect document. Want to know how? Read the following section to learn further.

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To conclude, you must have understood all about essay hooks, like their meaning, types, and some catchy essay hook examples to choose from. However, if you still face some issues with the writing part, you can take our help. We at Global Assignment Help provide you with personalized assistance and essay writing services at the most reasonable rates. Therefore, you should seek assistance for choosing the best hook sentence. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now!

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