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100+ Interesting Higher English Persuasive Essay Topics

17 May 2024 326 12 minutes
100+ Higher English Persuasive Essay Topics

Students need to write various essays during their university days and one of them is persuasive essays. It requires you to convince the readers to see an issue from your point of view. These essays tend to be a little kind, gentle and attempt to convince the reader that you have a believable argument. 

Writing a higher English persuasive essay requires you to select a topic that wins the heart of your readers. Hence, it is okay to feel helpless in that situation but no more, we have the solution for you. You will get the necessary information about the persuasive writing prompts in this blog.

However, before moving towards the list of higher English persuasive essay topics, explore some tips to find the appropriate one for you. 

Tips to Select Perfect Higher English Persuasive Essay Topics

Higher English persuasive essay topics do not require in-depth research. So, that makes it great for you to quickly start with persuasive writing assignments after selecting a topic. So, without wasting any time, move forward to the issue of an effective persuasive topic for higher English selection. Here are some useful tips for you:

Tips to Select Perfect Higher English Persuasive Essay Topics


Search for a theme that has a connection or relation to you. It will allow you to present your views with better examples. Thus, research work will be more fun and easy for you for higher English persuasive essays. 


Higher English persuasive essay topics should be something that you and the audience already know a little about and something you and the audience would like to learn more about. It should be relevant for both of you to present an essay on it.


This term refers to the briefness of your topic. It must provide a lot of information in a few words. In other words, the title should be enough to brief the reader about the content.


The Higher english persuasive essay topics must be engaging enough to make the audience interested and hook to read the complete content. The topic must be something that the reader cares about and is forced to stick to the end.

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List of 100+ Higher English Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasive Essay Ideas allow you to present counterarguments by application of three elements of persuasion. These are ethos, pathos, and logos; you can emotionally and logically appeal to your audience through them. See the list below for the most trending Higher English Persuasive Essay Examples. 

Not only persuasive, but we also have examples to assist you with writing argumentative essays

Higher English Persuasive Essay Topics

Amazing Higher English Persuasive Essay Topics 

  1. Should families be allowed to choose the schools for their children?
  2. Is classroom learning significantly better than online learning?
  3. Which is better: year-round university or summer vacation?
  4. What is the most crucial scientific breakthrough of your lifetime?
  5. Is it ethical to sell the information of customers to companies?
  6. Why should the government spend resources on renewable energy?
  7. How can a healthy lifestyle and eating become the norm for every person?
  8. Are renewable energy sources crucial for saving the planet?
  9. Why everyone must respect their elders?
  10. School uniforms are mandatory to maintain academic discipline.
  11. High schools should offer specialisation in arts or sciences courses.
  12. Magazine advertisements and promotions can harm young women.
  13. All schools must regulate bullying awareness programs.
  14. There should be a mandatory high school entrance exam for students.
  15. High school campuses must guarded by police officers.
  16. High-speed internet access must be regulated like a public utility.
  17. Why five continuous yearly driving tests should be mandatory after getting a license?
  18. Legal weed should be taxed like tobacco or alcohol.
  19. The US should build a border wall with Mexico and Canada.
  20. Is Public safety more important than the right to privacy of an individual?
  21. Should climate change be the primary political concern for the president?

Impressive Higher English Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Should teachers use social media platforms to communicate with students?
  2. Do high school students deserve the same rights as adults?
  3. A family should encourage mobility, not limit it.
  4. State the reasons why people should quit smoking.
  5. Why junk-food can not qualify as food?
  6. Do we need to implement specific strategies to combat sexist language?
  7. Communication skills are crucial for a successful business leader.
  8. State the reasons why you think college should be free for students.
  9. Which is better: Grading systems or Pass/Fail?
  10. Clinical trials that use placebos are ethical or not?
  11. Is animal testing ethical and completely legalised?
  12. Should parents be able to choose their baby's qualities before they are born?
  13. Early European exploration was good or harmful?
  14. How was America’s atomic bomb use in World War II necessary?
  15. Why companies are allowed to donate to political candidates?
  16. Explain how democracy is the best form of government.

Useful Higher English Persuasive Topics

  1. Is climate change real and is it happening?
  2. Should companies be allowed to create pollution?
  3. Teaching deaf children: How it is a vital part of deaf kids’ mental development.
  4. Parents should control the effect of television on their kid's behaviour.
  5. Community services for disabled people should be highly developed.
  6. Should recycling become mandatory for everyone?
  7. Should businesses invest money in innovations?
  8. Genetically modified food should not be dangerous for humans. 
  9. Children and teenagers must not be quiet regarding domestic violence.
  10. The government should prohibit sports betting.
  11. We should drink enough water daily.
  12. Do the generation gap is crucial for healthy family relationships?
  13. Should drug tests be mandatory for high school sportspeople?

Good Persuasive Essay Topics For Higher English

  1. Companie's behaviour and theories are vital in leading a successful business.
  2. Public sector financesplay a crucial role in the general well-being of the country.
  3. Should scholars learn sex education in high school?
  4. Is a college education necessary to have a good career?
  5. Should every school have security guards?
  6. Exams are the best way to test students’ learning?
  7. Eating disorders among teenage girls should not be underestimated.
  8. Motivation is incredibly effective in students'education.
  9. Self-esteem is crucial for a student's health conditions.
  10. Alcohol negatively affects health: Parents should monitor alcohol consumption.
  11. A felon has completed their sentence, is he allowed to vote?
  12. What is the unjust law in the nation?
  13. How America is the most powerful country in the world?
  14. Gender equity issues should be considered while creating a healthy working environment.
  15. The proper application of social concepts is crucial for general well-being.

Best Persuasive Essay Topics Higher English

  1. Children who are born in another country have the citizenship of that nation?
  2. Significance of limits to the freedom of speech?
  3. Should members of the government receive a salary during shutdowns?
  4. Should America finance another trip to the mars?
  5. Is excessive screen time harmful for students?
  6. Conflicts and interactions are the most significant parts of sociological theories.
  7. Customer data collection should be considered as a future of e-commerce.
  8. How Scotland’s tourism productsdeveloped the tourism market economy.
  9. Is playing online games the best way to spend free time?
  10. Why overconsumption of social media is bad for society?
  11. Should schools ban religious education?
  12. How do professional sports hurt young people?
  13. Why mobiles should be essential for teenagers?
  14. Why people must learn to cook food?
  15. Should supplements and vitamins regulated strictly?
  16. Should women receive guaranteed maternity leave?
  17. Significance of prayers for students in school.
  18. Why should Americans have a fundamental right to healthcare?
  19. Do celebrities deserve more privacy rights?
  20. Why are teenagers more rude than other generations?

Ideas for Great Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Why is it fair to provide money to homeless people?
  2. Should all countries use a military draft?
  3. How to encourage people to be physically fit?
  4. Why do healthy people pay less for healthcare services?
  5. Which is the best sector to make a career in?
  6. Which is the best season for you to enjoy?
  7. Should robocalling be outlawed?
  8. Is age 10 young for babysitting?
  9. Should the use of mobiles never be allowed while driving?
  10. Significance of passing driving tests for students before riding.
  11. Why beauty contests are the reason for increasing body shaming?
  12. Why should the voting age lowered to age 16?
  13. Speaking English is crucial for every immigrant.
  14. Should professional sports remove cheerleaders?
  15. Mention the most special moment of your life.
  16. A gap year is a great idea after finishing the school.

So, this was the list of ideas for great persuasive essay topics. You can select any of the topics as per your preference and start writing. However, if you also need higher english discursive essay topics, feel free to check out our other blogs as well. You can read the below section to learn more about us.

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