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Argumentative Essay Examples | Types of Formats & Evidence

01 Sep 2021 2024 11 minutes
Argumentative Essay Examples

Argumentative Essay Examples | Types of Formats & Evidence

“Don’t raise your voice, improve your arguments”â€"¢ Desmond Tutu

You may have seen some people raise their voices when they have no strong point to present. But, by doing so, the point is not considered right. One has to present strong arguments to convince the people. The Quote implies the same.

If you have an argumentative essay, then you also need to write convincing arguments. Many Canadian students don’t know how to write an argumentative essay. So they look for good argumentative examples.

When you read the examples, then you get to know vital information. And you realize where you can make mistakes while writing.

If you face problems understanding the meaning of an argumentative essay, then read below. Here you will get the simple definition.

Argumentative Essay Definition | An Easy to Understand Explanation

An argumentative essay consists of both sides of view, and the topic should be controversial. It must be debatable, otherwise strong arguments can’t take place. Canadian students have to write such types of essays when they are in high school and college. It can help you beat peers because generally, students find these essays difficult.

Now, you must have understood what is an argumentative essay. Read the below-given essay examples to clarify all your doubts.

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2 Important Argumentative Essay Examples with Analysis





Analysis 1: Freedom of Speech

You can notice in the first paragraph the writer introduced what is freedom of speech. It is very important because until the reader knows about the topic properly, he can’t understand the arguments. Then the writer talks about the benefits and drawbacks. Both sides are very important for the student.




Analysis 2: Education:

In the first paragraph, the writer indicates how important the education system is. The writer covered the significance thoroughly in the first paragraph. Then it gradually moved to the main issue. He emphasized making the education system practical. Students should focus on practicing rather than mugging up things.

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You must have understood the argumentative essay definition and examples. But when it comes to writing, then several things create hurdles. The most important is the argumentative essay format. Canadian students can’t understand what is the best format for argumentative essay writing.

But you don’t need to worry, as the professional writers of Global Assignment Help make you aware of the 2 models of essay format. Have a look at these models below:

Argumentative Essay Formats- 2 Must-Know Models

Two models are used for argumentative essay writing. You can pick any format to produce an impressive essay. So, without any delay quickly look at them below.

The Toulmin Model: 

You can make your arguments clear and effective with the help of this model. In this model, you have to break the arguments into six elements. Read the names below.

  • Claim: It is a statement that you want to write in the essay.
  • Grounds: It is a background of the statement and the support for it.
  • Warrant: Write what drives you to provide the claim and choose the particular evidence. It is a link between a claim & evidence.
  • Backing: It is additional support to the warrant. You can use it to provide arguments in support of the warrant.
  • Modality: It shows how certain is your argument. Firm and straight arguments leave a good impression.
  • Rebuttal: In this element, you have to acknowledge others' arguments, and provide counterarguments for your claim.

The Rogerian Model:

In this type of model, you have to present a mutually satisfactory solution. For this, common goals have to be identified. The model focuses on conducive cooperation. If you want to use this model of essay format, then read the below steps:

  1. Introduce the Issue: In many argumentative essay examples, you can notice that common yet burning issues are used. You also have to find an issue and introduce it impressively.
  2. Present Opposing View: The next step is presenting the opposing arguments. Understand the claims of others and then write.
  3. Write Your Claims: In this step, you have to put forth your claims with respect to the others.
  4. Find Common Ground: This is a vital point of the Rogerian Model. You have to read both sides of the views and find a common ground. It makes the essay different from other essays.
  5. Provide a Solution: After finding a common ground, you have to provide a solution. Write this part in the body of the essay, don’t leave for the conclusion.

This is the argumentative essay structure of the Rogerian Model.

You can use any format for your argumentative essay. Before picking anyone, first, ask your professor to avoid any mistakes. Choosing one type of essay format can be easy, but not writing arguments in it. For this, you have to use evidence, because, without it, an argument looks weak.

Know the types of evidence below and write different examples to make your arguments strong.

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5 Types of Evidence to Make the Arguments Strong

  • Facts: When information is proven after investigation and proper research, then this is called a fact. You can provide strong support to your arguments if you use this type of evidence.
  • Judgment: It is a statement and decision given by the high authorities. They can be court, organization, department, and others.
  • Case Study: After extensive research, crucial information is found. For this, several sources help. You can support the arguments with this type of evidence and make them impressive.
  • Quotation: You can notice in numerous argumentative essay examples the writers use quotations to support their arguments. The quotations make the arguments convincing.
  • Testimonial: It is a formal statement to prove the claim correct. If you use this type of evidence, then your argument can become lengthy. But it will look impactful.

These are the types of evidence you can use, and bring variety and quality to your arguments. If still, you face issues while writing an argumentative essay, then seek experts’ assistance. Global Assignment Help provides the best essay writing service in Canada. If you want to know more about us, then read below.

Who Can Help Me to Write a Perfect Argumentative Essay?

Canadian students want to achieve the highest marks in essay writing, but they face several writing issues. Some students don’t have time for intense research, while some lack writing skills. If you also have writing problems, then our essay writing service can resolve all your queries. We have a team of professional writers. They offer high-quality and affordable papers. You will not have to worry about plagiarism as well. It is because our certified writers provide you with 100% original paper in a short time.

Not only this, if you get stuck while selecting an essay topic, then also the professional writers will help. Here are some topics suggested by the experts.

  1. Can we trust media for all types of news, if not then how to identify the news is fake?
  2. Do you think the death penalty is necessary to curb crime?
  3. Technology has made our life easy or lazy. Share your comments.
  4. Annexation policies of countries are ethical or not. Share your views.
  5. Should all the citizens of a country join the army to make the military strong or support it?

If still, you have any doubt, then you can visit our website and read the free argumentative essay examples.

The professor can assign you an essay to write. So, you must be ready to write any type of essay. Read the argumentative essay examples provided in the blog meticulously and produce a perfect paper. If you face writing problems, then Global Assignment Help is here to assist you. We also have an essay typer tool and it is free. Use it in case you don’t want to hire a professional writer.

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