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How Do You Explain Motivation in an Essay? 6 Tips to Achieve Success

18 Sep 2021 1022 17 minutes
What Is Motivational Essay?

How Do You Explain Motivation in an Essay? 6 Tips to Achieve Success

  • Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you.
  • The harder you work for something, the greater you'll feel when you achieve it.
  • Don't stop when you are tired. Stop when you are done.
  • It's going to be hard, but hard does not mean impossible.

These quotes sound motivational & inspirational, filling you in with lots of energy to do your work and achieve your goals. The same should be your goal when the professor asks you to write a motivation essay. They want to see some inspiration & enthusiasm in your writing so you can praise others to actively work & achieve their aims.

It can become hard to decide where to start your writing and where to finish when it comes to drafting something like an essay or assignment. That's why most Malaysian students reach the essay writing services online to get the best essay for their final submission. The professionals at the Global Assignment Help are the most approached writers by the high school, elementary, college, and universities students.

Our experts are highly motivated with the help of which they have achieved the aim of their life. They became academic writers, and now, they are here to answer how they explain motivation in an essay, as many students ask them.

For better understanding, let's begin an introduction to motivation essays.

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What Is a Motivational Essay?

A motivational essay can be defined as an academic task assigned by the university or school to the students. It helps the professor to check the student's knowledge they gained through the study course. These writings enhance the student's skills and abilities with which they can be able to write the best quality paper.

But the biggest question that comes to students minds and they ask our professionals is- "˜how do you explain motivation in an essay?'For which, the following is the answer of our experts.

How Do You Explain Motivation in an Essay?

You can use the following 6 tips by assignment helper to explain motivation in your essay.

  • Do the Research First

You need to complete your research first as per your genre "˜motivation essay'. Find some ways or an inspirational story that can be a part of your essay to motivate your readers in an entertaining way. Think of some theme that can build a better path for your writing.

  • Try to Be Personal

You should add your personal approach in your points. Your writing should touch the feeling & emotions of the audience. Make it relatable to the problems a person faces in the way to achieve their goals. Share how they fight with multiple hurdles & get what they want undoubtedly. Use the issues that can be relatable for your readers.

  • Know the Importance

You should know the importance of writing this motivational essay. Why is it necessary to motivate people & why do they need to be inspired? Inserting some examples can be the best way to encourage people while using real-life examples.

  • Conduct Surveys

You can conduct a survey, like what inspires people the most or what kind of quotes do they find inspirational in their life. This calculation will help you write an essay as per the reader's requirement. Also, you can add the survey in your essay as a graph that reflects some statistical observations.

  • Write to the Point

Instead of writing round & round, you should prefer to draft to the point aspects. Keep your focus on the primary theme and insert points that can straightly take the readers towards the work they need to complete.

  • Know Both Personal & Professional Goals Matters

You should not only talk about achieving professional goals in life. Add on some points that reflect that achieving the personal aims are also as important as others. For example, leaving a Cigarette habit, non-veg food, or any other bad habit in life is the same as others. Motivate them to work hard and make these personal goals the priority in life.

Above are the tips that can be helpful for you to explain motivation in an essay quickly. Just identify what type of motivation you will add to your writing to make it more appropriate & relevant. To achieve this goal, you need to know 'what are the types of motivation?' that can be helpful for your readers to get inspiration & start working to achieve the goals.

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Let's understand the 2 major types of motivation in the following section.

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What Are the Types of Motivation?

You may find different types of motivation, like for the workplace, in business, at the schools or college, or your own personal inspiration. It helps many people to get to their work with full inspiration. Every person divides the motivation into types as per their own requirements.

These various forms can be divided into two major types of motivation, which are: self-motivation & motivation by others.

Let's elaborate and understand both of these terms better.

  • Self-Motivation -When a person makes their own ways to motivate themselves and achieve their life's goals, that is the self-motivation type. These people enhance their internal drives to produce, develop, keep moving forward,and achieve what they want. Different people have different ways to motivate themself.
  • Motivation by Others -When a person get inspiration & enthusiasm to do something from other's act, it is the motivation by others type. In short, it is a type of motivation that comes from other people around you that can be anyone, like a film star, colleague, other celebrity, or a real-life story of someone.

These are the two types that you need to focus on while writing your motivational essay. You need to decide which type of motivation you will share with the readers, like your own ways or a story, or anyone else idea.

It is necessary to set an example for the audience so that they can relate & get a visual idea of what they can do with the story you shared. But you may wonder & ask, "˜what is the best example of motivation?' Don't worry! The essay helpers have shared the answer in the following section. Let's have a look at it for better knowledge.

What Are the Best Examples of Motivation?

Many students have asked essay helpers, "˜What is an example of motivation?' But to know the answer, you should know the two types of motivational examples. We will share the two types of motivation examples with you - Intrinsic & Extrinsic.

The intrinsic motivational examples are the tasks that do not have any external rewards but are enjoyable & engaging for one. The extrinsic motivation examples are the tasks that one performsto avoid punishments or get external rewards.

Now, here are the 10 examples that will lead you to a better understanding of motivation.

  • Extrinsic Motivation Examples
  1. Doing a job or business as you need to earn money.
  2. Students study to get a good grade and degree.
  3. You may help others in the hope of praise.
  4. Some opt for volunteering as they believe in humanity, and some opt for it because it looks good on resume.
  5. Shopping from the same store to get loyalty benefits.
  • Intrinsic Motivation Examples
  1. Playing sports as you feel joy & good doing it.
  2. Reading success stories to inspire yourself & achieve your life goals.
  3. Traveling to explore the world & other cultures, or nowadays for social media
  4. Investing money to get a financially independent life
  5. Becoming a better leader inspires others and motivate them to work hard.

These can be some good examples of motivation that you may need to understand for your essay writing. Still, you may have noticed that many people give up on their aims & dreams, even after getting a lot of inspiration & motivation. Here are the various points shared by the experts after a survey what are the reasons to give up?' that will clear the truth behind it.

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Let's have a look at the pointers.

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What Are the Reasons to Give Up?

You may find a lot of reasons behind why do people give up on their dreams & aims. But here are the 7 major ones that can be helpful to understand the level of demotivation that can fail a person to achieve the various goals in their life.

  1. Lack of self-confidence that one can fight with the problems and can achieve the goals.
  2. Dreams & goals always come to a person when they leave all their comfort and work with dedication, but some people prefer to stay in their comfort zone, which is the main reason for giving up.
  3. Some people lack determination increasing which can take them beyond all the difficulties to their goals.
  4. Some people do not believe in themselves and get easily humiliated or demotivated by other people's words.
  5. Some people listen to others' advice more than using their own minds or making their own decisions.
  6. Some people back off looking at the hard work the goal demands from them.
  7. Some people face the fear of failure. They focus more on what other people will say if they do not achieve the goal they want.

These are the reasons why people give up easily on their dreams and fail. You should always add points in your motivation essay to give an easy way to the people to get their inspiration & achieve goals.

For such people, here are the various ways shared by the online essay helpers to gain their motivation back and ways that you can insert in your essay for sure. You can also go with tools like free essay typer for easy work.

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How Do You Gain Motivation?

You may have lost your motivation in the way to achieve your goal. But it is vital to gain it back. Your motivation essay should also give your readers a way to gain their motivation back, so do add points that can be helpful as per your essay topic & motivation type.

For now, here are the 5 ways shared by the experts that can be helpful for many people to gain their motivation power back.

  1. Eliminate everything and just focus on one goal at a time as per the requirement.
  2. Find inspiration in yourself or from others. Write the quote that motivates you on a page and paste it on the mirror, fridge, or wall that you look at daily.
  3. Get yourself excited about the result, which means for the time when you will achieve the goals.
  4. Set a date on the calendar till which you need to accomplish your goals for sure.
  5. Make determinations in front of people and make your fear of failure & judgment your motivation to achieve your goal without stopping.

There are more & many ways to get yourself motivated that depend on person to person that you can add in your essay.

Who Can Write the Best Motivation Essay for Me?

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