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Argumentative Essay: Guide | Ways of Topic Selection | Best Ideas to Choose

19 Nov 2021 1207 9 minutes
Coolest Argumentative Essay Topics

At some point in your academic years, you will be asked to write an argumentative essay. This essay is exactly what it sounds like, here students have to present different arguments on argumentative essay topics and research to support the point.

But not all argumentative essays are written equally. Every essay has different features and writing processes. So, not only the structure should be good but also, the choice of subject matters impact the readers mind. In this blog, you will see the basics of an argumentative essay, including what is an argumentative essay, how to write a strong one, and how to pick the topic that makes a great impact on your marks. So, check out this write-up to get the coolest argumentative essay topics for your next paper. So, let's move further to know what is an argumentative essay in detail. If you want any assistance you can take essay writing service from us.

What Is an Argumentative Essay - A Detailed Information!

An argumentative essay is one of the papers that makes an argument through research. This paper takes support through the evidence. But unlike the other essays, they express some arguments that are supported by the research and evidence. But when you have to write a good argumentative paper, you should not depend upon your own thoughts. It is necessary to do some innovative research to get the information for the essay.

For example, you want to argue about schools uniforms. You can offer one or two arguments in your favor

  • The school uniform is mandatory because it should be.
  • The school uniform is mandatory because of the culture in education.

The first argument is based on feelings and whereas the second one is based on evidence. The people will react to the second one the most as the students and people have demonstrated that every other school is following. And it is in the culture of education. So, the reader would give more impact on the evidence-based statement rather than the feelings.

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This is the solution to your query what is an argumentative essay? After reading this, many students have a concern about ways to write an argumentative essay. So, let's move further and get to know more about it.

How to Write a Strong and Impactful Argumentative Essay?

Most of the students are concerned about how to write an argumentative essay that leaves a strong impact on the readers mind?

You should know how the argumentative essay would look strong and impactful. Further, to have an ultimate structure, you need an argument, a strong thesis, and solid research.

  1. An Argument: While writing an argumentative essay, you need to prove your point with a piece of strong evidence. It will help you to change the readers mind. However, do not explain or describe the topic. It is necessary to construct an argument to change the readers thinking.
  2. A Strong Thesis: The thesis is the heart of the paper. It gives a specific message that you want to give across the world. Your entire essay will depend on this. So, you have to make sure that it is strong and well-reasoned.
  3. Solid Research: A strong argumentative essay is not dependent upon the feelings and thoughts of the writer. It should have a reason behind it. So, make sure you do the research properly to get in-depth and strong information about the topic. Also, you can go through the library books, articles, newspapers, web, and many more things that can help you to get authentic data.

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Ways to Come Up with an Interesting Argumentative Essay Topic?

  • Sometimes, it happens that you can find an argument that you don't believe in it. That is absolutely fine. You don't have to wholeheartedly believe in the points in order to write a compelling essay.
  • So, there are two components that will help you to have a good argumentative essay. Those are a strong stance and an assortment of evidence. So, if you choose a topic that you are passionate about, it would be easier for you to write and do research for the essay.
  • The next way is to choose the topic that you think strongly about. No matter how you think about that-positively or negatively; you have to narrow down the list of ideas, then hit on those topics that you want to get on.
  • The last way is to decide between the topics that you have listed. But make sure the topic you choose has 2-3 different pieces of evidence to support each of the points. So, choose the topic that interests you to research further.

Now, you know how to come up with an interesting topic. So, let's know some coolest argumentative essay topics for your next paper.

10+ Coolest Argumentative Essay Topics for Your Next Paper!

If you are struggling to get an amazing topic for your paper, go through this list of ideas to get you started with your argumentative essay.

  1. Should fracking be legal?
  2. Can the death penalty be effective?
  3. Should abortion be banned?
  4. Is there a fake news problem? What is the source?
  5. Which political party has the right ideology?
  6. Is capitalism the best economic system?
  7. When will LGTBQ individuals experience equality?
  8. Should people have a right to own a gun?
  9. Is life incomplete without faith?
  10. Why girls shouldn't choose STEM programs?
  11. Your past does not define you.
  12. Parenting should be gender-neutral. Roles should not be defined.
  13. A well-read person is not a necessary smart person.
  14. Politics can never be clean and fair.
  15. Hard work is not enough for being successful.

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