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Marketing communication is defined to an approach which has been undertaken by an organisation in conveying messages from one end to another. The messages can be either conveyed to the customers so that they are influenced to avail services of this organisation. This tools is often emphasised to create brand awareness which relates to an organisation and for making sure that repeated purchases from consumers are carried out (Mihart, 2012). This assignment focuses on mega-ride sharing organisation known as Uber and various communication strategies which has been undertaken by them (Albarracin, Johnson and Zanna, 2014). This report attempts to explain business and buyer context in relation with this organisation. The marketing strategy in this company will be audited so that major discrepancies could be identified.

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1. Context analysis of Uber of United Kingdom

Marketing communication is one of the important method which is used by the organisation for providing the information about their products and services. It includes the activities relating to building of effective communication with customers which helps in influencing their behaviour. The present report contains the information regarding context analysis of Uber. In this regard need to evaluate the profile of organisation which provides the opportunity regarding go through next procedures.

Uber profile and background

This organisation was established in 2009 by Travis Kalanick and Veterans Garrett camp as a start up in San Francisco. This company provide different kind of services like ride-sharing, food delivery and transport network. It provides their business activities in more than 633 cities worldwide. It also provides the opportunity to access their services with the helps of websites and mobile apps. The main aim of organisation is make the transport facilities more good which contributes in making of the travelling process more ease. It is observed that this company expand their operations after March 14 in more than 33 new countries. At present, more than 400 employees are working in organisation for effective providence of their operations. From their large number of business operations huge amount of revenue is earned. The amount of revenue which is earned by organisation in 2017 is around US $7.5 billion.

Context Analysis

It is effective method which helps in evaluation of the business environment in which all businesses operates. Scanning of environment includes determination macro-environmental factors which has impact upon business operations. But context analysis includes consideration of both internal and external environment. It helps the management of organisation regarding preparation of new strategies which contributes in accomplishment of desired objectives in effective manner. All such measures are required to be undertaken before formation of project and providence of the information regarding the impact macro-environmental factors upon different segments at early stage for the purpose of attaining sustainability in their operations. It is considered as primary stage of planning where new areas are identified which have significant impact upon the business operations. This approach also provides emphasis on the analysis of internal factors. This helps in ascertaining the information regarding their internal strength which provides chance in future to grab the opportunities in more effective manner. This report includes the context analysis of Uber. It is multinational organisation which provides their services worldwide. The main aim behind application of this approach is about the development of effective marketing strategy (Kaplan, 2012).

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