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Digital marketing refers to pace of changes in which business persons seek to formulate new strategies in order to understand customers' choice. For engaging clients with products or services of a company, management needs to identify trends of marketplace first. Marketing managers are required to follow some principles like they should clarify business objectives as well as use innovative teams to identify and evaluate opportunities for engaging customers (Rice, and Atkin, 2012). With this assistance, a project has been developed in a digital company of UK i.e. Greenlight about how to formulate new strategies in order to solve problems of other companies. Its most popular sites are Yahoo and AOL. It provides innovative solution to other industries in terms of improving their marketing skills. This report has evaluated that experience of team-members who made this project in context with their individual experience and problems.


Greenlight Digital Company

This agency is a multi-award company of UK who builds and execute digital campaign for its clients having diverse culture in more than 42 countries as well as in 32 languages. Its main business operation is to design and build sites to drive digital growth which help in connecting clients with customers (Ennew, Waite and Waite, 2013). Due to rapid changing in technologies, choice of people also changes. Therefore, in order to identify their needs like what they want to intake, managers of Greenlight Digital Agency firm has made a project. For creation of this project, its managers has made a team of experts. Members having high skills and expert knowledge aid to make such project more impressive.

Along with five members I m also a part of this expert team. Company has given a task to us in which we have to identify new techniques of promotion and advertisement through marketing research for product development of retailers firms of UK. For this project, being a leader of my team I have analysed abilities and capabilities of each person first. It has helped me in distributing activities according to their skills. Along with this, in order to judge of each person's personality skills and my own I have taken a jung personality test. This test helps in dealing with diverse people, process information as well as in making decisions. In order to measure experience of all, I have used Gibb's reflective cycle also which includes six stages of reflection. It describes roles of persons in particular task, respond of them in a specific situation, compare experience of each etc. (Khang, Ki and Ye, 2012). Therefore, these two models help in evaluating capabilities of each person in order to distribute responsibility to them accordingly for execution of a program.

Team Development:

This was my first experience when I work in a team. Several things I have learnt in project execution like how to cooperate and communicate others in same task. Furthermore, our marketing team have much experienced therefore, we have divided difficult activities into smaller ones and distributed among all accordingly. But before to carry out operations, I have arranged many meetings and conference with team members in which we discuss about project. Along with this for assistance of proper guidance, I have set a clear objectives of project by proper planning. This objective has helped my team to know what they have to achieve.  Through group discussion, we have shared opinions with each other as well as provided equal chance to all individuals to come in front and speak out about it. We have evaluated basic necessities first like resources, capital and labour source etc. need to carry out operations of each activity in an adequate manner. Including this I have set out a proper direction to all members in which they could take their operations very well. All things have arranged properly but due to diverse culture and high experienced of each persons many problems have occurred among us which produce various barriers in project execution. It includes lack of trust which is crucial part of team, low engagement of each and more all these problems leads to arise conflicts among us (Hastings and Domegan, 2013). For working in a group, people need to be acquainted with each other which starts with knowing each other first, both at professional and personal level. For executing a project where tensions will run on several points, engagement of members is essential. As all group-persons have a unique set of skills, knowledge and experience therefore, they are required to share opinions with others. It helps in making project much better as well as coordinating the team in proper manner.

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