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Impact Of Digital Marketing

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1. Title 

 To evaluate the impact of digital marketing on the online sales performance of a Company: A case study on Asda UK. 

2. Background

The study will be carried out with the aim of analyzing the impact of digital marketing on online sales performance. The topic has been selected so as to identify the methods that are adopted by business entities under digital marketing to improve the sales performance aspects. The study will be useful to ascertain the situation that drives the business entities to adopt the techniques of digital marketing.

3. Rationale for the study

The present topic is a research issue because it has a great impact on a company’s sales and performance aspects. It is an issue because it could allow the researcher to identify the importance of digital marketing on company’s sales performance. It is an issue now since the researcher aims to identify how sales ratio of Asda UK is improving through the adoption of digital marketing tools. The research will shed light on the role of digital marketing in the contemporary scenario along with the factors that drive business to adopt digital marketing tools.

4. Research Aim

The main aim of the proposal will be “To evaluate the impact of digital marketing on the online sales performance of a Company: A case study on Asda UK”.


  • To identify the concept of digital marketing in a modern scenario
  • To evaluate the impact of digital marketing on the company’s sales and performance
  • To ascertain the factors that drive the business entities to adopt digital marketing tools
  • To recommend the ways through which sales performance could be improved by using digital marketing techniques

Research questions

  • What is the impact of digital marketing on the company’s sales performance?
  • What are the factors that drive business entities to adopt digital marketing tools?

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  • H1: Digital marketing has a positive impact on the company’s sales performance 
  • Ho: Digital marketing has no positive impact on the company’s sales performance

Literature Review

According to Johnson (2015), digital marketing tools are being used by business entities because it is an irrevocable and unstoppable trend. All the business entities have been emphasizing on online digital marketing tools since that helps in enhancing business reach. This is a potential source through which a large number of customers can be persuaded towards the company’s products and services. Further, it can be said that online advertising is a cheap method of promoting products and services; hence it is widely used in modern scenarios (The Impact of Internet Marketing. 2017) 

Research Design and Methodology

  1. In the subsequent research proposal, the researcher will be utilizing Interpretivism philosophy will be used because it is associated with the philosophical position of idealism. Thus, in the study researcher will employ multiple methods to reflect different aspects of the research issue. Along with the philosophy, the inductive approach will be used by the researcher because it starts with the observation and theories are proposed at the end of the research process (Bernard, 2000).

  2. In the present research study, data will be collected through the method of desk research (that is secondary research) which involves summary collation and synthesis of existing research. It will be used because it determines what is already known and what new data is required to inform research design. 

  3. Sampling is the most important procedure through which the sample size for the research study will be defined. Thus, random sampling techniques will be used in the subsequent proposal (Bhattacharyya, 2009). On the basis of secondary research, data will be collected and various articles and journals will be utilized at the same time. 

  4. Further, data will be analyzed on the basis of the Qualitative technique in which Thematic analysis will be carried out.

  5. While selecting the approaches and methodologies, the researcher could experience a lot of issues regarding the suitability and acceptability of the tools.

  6. The researcher will have to emphasize on maintaining secrecy and confidentiality of the information provides by the focused studies (Bryman, 2008).

  7. To complete the research proposal financial, physical and human resources will be required.


  • Bernard, R. H., 2000. Social Research Methods: Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches. SAGE.
  • Bhattacharyya, K. D., 2009. Research Methodology. Excel Books India.
  • Bryman, A., 2008. Of methods and methodology. Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management: An International Journal. 
  • Johnson, L., 2015. Personalized eCommerce: The Impact on Online Sales Conversion.
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