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In recent times, change management has emerged as very important approach for a business to grow and develop. It allows business to implement change and identify growth opportunities. Also, by this business can improve its product quality and efficiency (Goetsch, & Davis, 2014). Managers and leaders play a crucial role in effectively implementing change within organisation. They develop strategies and plans. Along with this, by developing a systematic communication structure within team, the managers implement change. This helps teams to work in proper way by communicating with each other. It brings efficiency and creativity in completing task. This assignment will throw light on how managers use communication models in implementing change (Chang, 2016) The models help in providing efficiency in work process.

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Implementing change within an organisation is very difficult task. It becomes very complex for manager to develop strategies and plans on how change will be implemented. It is because implementing change modifies the entire systems and process. Also, employees resist change as it makes them lethargic to work (Stark, 2015). It becomes difficult of employees to adopt change. For this, they are given effective training and tools to adopt change. Managers are main pillars of business. They are responsible for implementing change. It is their duty to find out effective communication model by change can be implemented. A manager performs various roles that helps business to grow and develop. It allows business to identify vast opportunities for growth. Change can be related to reducing cost, improving product quality or providing additional services to customers. It can also occur due to change in technology or business environment. This forces business to implement change. It can occur at one or many levels depending upon type or nature of change. But, it creates risk as if change will be beneficial to not. If not properly implemented it can lead to huge failure (Olins, 2017). It will highly affect business operations and employee productivity.

Implementation of change brings various barriers along with it. It makes activities complex and changes employee behaviour. The change in behaviour brings negativity in organisational culture. Besides this, it is necessary to reduce impact of change because it can affect business to a great extent. Also, it can lead to reduction in employee productivity. There are various ways by which impact of change can be minimised. These are taking employee feedback, providing training to them, etc. (Dell, Newton, & Petroff, 2016). It helps in identifying ideas and thoughts of employees so that accordingly decision can be taken. But, continuously communicating with them is the best way to reduce impact of change. It helps in sharing their views. By this, it is easy for managers to identify weak areas so that it can be improved. Change management highly affects the teams as their roles and duties are modified.

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