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Every project have several number of limitations and issues which need to understand by an individual properly so that they used to grow and develop the things in better and definite manner. Podcast is a digital audio available file which used to available on internet for downloading in a series as well as subscriber used to take it automatically.

This is a group presentation where we work in a group as a team so that we could determine the better and effective outcome (Schultz and et. al., 2014). This used to take place in differ environment which I used to better understand so that chances of stances and conflicts could be reduce. The power point presentation used to define about the cultural problem where cultural dimensions could be evaluated. It is really essential to understand about the cultural dimensions by me properly so that it will used to enhance my skills in future while working in a firm where dynamics is more. I belong to differ culture where as my group members belong to differ culture this used to enhance conflicts among us which need to understand by me and required better and effective steps to deal with them. Thus, major issue on which reflection suppose to take place is rituals. At the time of cultural preposition, rituals and values used to get vary from each other. Thus, chances of negative and inappropriate influence tend to rises. Although, I used to determine the rituals of villagers as well where I suppose to identify the aspects of different people. Such villagers used to belong to land and sacred spirits which define that their cultural aspects not similar in tenure  (Parlar Kilic and et. al., 2014).

Hence, I used to understand such cultural aspects in better and signified manner so that chances of barrier could be improve. This will assist me in deriving better and suitable gain as well as reduce chances of barrier arise in my project working. Hence, I need to determine such cultural dimensions properly which support me to define better and effective things. Through this podcast we are going to evaluate such considerations. Sacred spirit is a musical project which need to understand and listen by the villagers. I also like such musical night which facilitate me to involve in their culture properly. This will assist me in deriving better and effective understand of such individuals so that efficient and deriving outcome could be assess in define period.

Through this project, I used to determine that Uganda people are more devoted towards their work, culture and beliefs which need to understand by me in better and effective manner. This will assist me to take care and respect about each and every individual culture properly so that defining outcome could be assess for long period of time. Thus, I used to understand such stances in better and effective manner. As I applied the Hoftsede dimensional theory which enable me to get understand about the concept of individualism and collectivism. I get aware about individualism that  person only think about themselves not for others. This made me learn that at workplace or in community such kind of people also get found out. On the other hand, collectivism refer to as such process where group working is must and team member used to think about each and evert individual  (Luzan, 2014). Hence, I prefer to go with collectivism in this project evaluation where I determine the importance of team working and collaboration. Like in current world, still some people got found whom used to live in a society or at their mother land and do not want to leave them. I used to understand the another reason behind cultural problem because such people do not want to move some other place and lived at such location only.

Although, if such individual will going to find better and more effective facilities at new place then they are not going to move there  (Lewin, 2014). As they just want to live with their ancestors beliefs and values only. This signify them that they need to improve them in better and definite course of frame. Used to underpin that such individual live in a community which provide them strength and thus, this could be a reason which stated that they do not want to leave such area. This will bring me to understand about barriers which suppose to be evaluated at the time of cultural dimensions. This will assist me in deriving better and supportive outcome so that my knowledge regarding culture, values and their related theories could be estimated.

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