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Skills and ability is one of the main and essential part of the all person because without this they can not work effectively. Higher skill is help the people to accomplish their personal and professional objectives. The present assignment is based on case study of three groups, each group includes 7 members in their business operations. This report cover different points and sub points such as identification of problems and its solutions (Yoshida and et. al., 2014). There are different aspects which is used by the company in order to deal with given situation such as conflict management, negotiation skills and motivation. This assignment also include meaning and implementation of Servant leadership principles.

Task 1

Problem Identification

As per the case study, there are numerous problems identified such as increasing hostility among best performing members naming Adam and Sara, increasing inferiority, declining morale of team members and declining performance of Jane. As a manager it is essential to deal with such pertaining circumstances within the organisation so that performance and sales value of a business could be retained. The people in the team thinks that there is a unfair division of the holiday destination which equips some with advantage while other struggle to achieve the minimal targets established by the organisation. The rise in the feeling of partiality and unfairness among team members is the major contributor to challenges which are experienced by team members. Company has some rules and regulations for providing sales team of the month, bonus and many other benefits for teams achievement which are implemented in improving morale of employee is not achieving its objectives. The elements of conflict and misunderstanding between team members contributes to decline in the overall performance of business (Tedeschi, 2017).

Causes to described conflict

Conflicts can be said to be an indispensable part of an organisation and needs to be managed before they harm an organisation. There can be numerous reason behind a conflict in an organisation such as difference in thoughts, perceptions and temperament leading to hostile situation in an organisation. As per the case study, three are mainly three groups by which conflict can occur among them. According to the case there are some reasons which are described the conflict are as follow: 

Lack of attention: This can be said to be one of the prime reason behind rising of conflict situation in an organisation. The previous manager who was appointed to manage different resources in an organisation paid full attention to the strategy formulation and did not focus on maintaining harmony and ideal relationship in an organisation.

Different working Conditions: It is another issue which is arise in the organisation as employee are provided with distinct circumstances to operate. Some members in the team are provided with easier packages to sell where as some employees struggled to meet the defined targets. In this one group members are not comfortable in working and another are easily do their all work on deadline.

Issue with management: it is very important to address matters of employees with the right approach (Metso and Kianto, 2014). The unresolved issues with the employees emerged to be one of the leading cause of conflict and inadequate performance.

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