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Important Barriers of International Business Marketing

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International business include many proceedings which are associated with trade and this needs to be done at international level. This comprises number of items, techniques, methods, skills and so forth. It demonstrates that when an organisation operate their business in another nation (Abdi and Aulakh, 2012). For this, it is required for manager to analyse business surroundings in an effective manner so they will easily reduce risk. Some appropriate actions need to be taken by company which help them to run business in a significant manner. This assignment help is based on Rahat Continental Limited which a small business firm and established in India. Now, they want to expand their business in global market. For this, they are taking assistance of e-commerce methodology; therefore, they will easily provide cotton wear items to people in UK. There are many kind of strategies are using by affiliation to maintain business over there. In addition to this, there are some factors, such as culture, judicial and cross society and some ethical problems are going to discussed into this project.

Part 1

Detailed Strategy Proposal

Manager of organisation needs to formulate some strategies; thus, they will be able to maintain sustainability in market. This assists them to comprehend business surrounding at global level (Beamish, 2013). It is fundamental for management to modify their targets and goals; therefore, they will be able to develop favourable circumstances for them in upcoming time. Superior needs to obtain judgement for business to achieve coveted objectives significantly. To expand business, certain theories or plan will used by employer. In context of Rahat Continental Limited, there enlargement proposal plan is stated as beneath:

Executive summary: Company is operating their business at small level and providing shipment services to customers. Surety is giving by them to users that product will be delivered to clients on time. For this, airways are using by them, that help them to build image in country. Now, they want to internalize their firm and enlarge activities in UK (Doz, 2011).

Company description: Rahat Continental Limited is offering their services to consumers at affordable prices. Hence, they will easily send their items to other places at cheap rates. This will help them to capture attention of many individuals towards them. This has been examined that, they are not having sufficient resources which will develop obstacles for them. Maximum operations of firm is doing at global level. There are many federal agencies i.e. IATA, CIT A, ACAAI who provide award to them due to effective services. Whenever, any person want to send good to other nation, Rahat is their first choice.

Market analysis: Organisation wants to enlarge their business activities in United Kingdom. They are providing effective items to people and these are cotton wears for child. It is entirely unique aspect which is never been utilized by any firm over there. Therefore, this type of concept is much beneficial for them (Dunning, 2012). This segment is increasing continuously; thus, it is required for Rahat Continental Limited to analyse their contenders and formulate strategies accordingly. There are some organisations who are already doing business in similar segment, for example H&M, Naartjie and Earth child. Almost US$ 11,240 was earned by these affiliation in the year of 2017.

Marketing Strategy: Effective methods are using by affiliation; thus, they will be able to attain coveted targets and goals in an appropriate manner. Main target customer of company is infants and in addition women who are pregnant. If they want to obtain competitive benefits then, at initial phase they have to develop items at lesser price by maintaining quality. There are many methodologies which are using by them, like social sites, websites etc. as this enables them to gain attention of numerous individuals towards them at a single time (Killing, 2012).

Financial projection: Economical circumstances of India is not effective as comparison to United Kingdom. It will develop maximum cost for company, like Rahat Continental Limited needs nearly 25000 euros to enlarge business activities in UK. This will comprise various sectors office, registration charges, bank account and other work. Location which is selected by them must be appropriate otherwise this will lead to huge losses.

Benchmarks: It is foremost component which need to be taken into under consideration by firm at the time of enlarging business activities in United Kingdom. It is required for manager to set some standard for staff members; thus, they will complete their work accordingly. It assists them to maintain their reputation in market effectively (Kolk, 2016).

Part 2

Key business drivers behind expansion

There is high competition at international marketplace. As Rahar Continental Limited is going to launch cotton clothes at marketplace of UK. It is must for them analyse entire market situation while enlarging business at global level. To regulate firm appropriately, it is required for them focus on those areas which are less significant. Therefore, they will create some strategies in this relation (Michailova, 2011). There are many key drivers which aid enterprise in enlarging business and these are stated as beneath:

Market relevant factor: E- commerce is most effective for any organisation to expand business at global marketplace. In context of Rahat Continental Limited, they cater appropriate services to clients which help them to improve brand image in market. They are much popular in Asian nations. Risk is assessed by them on regular basis; therefore, they will be able to improve profits effectually. On the other hand, they want to launch cotton clothes for child which assist them in improvisation of revenues and in addition market share.

Financial resources: Various types of items and services are providing by company to their clients. This will help them to gain maximum profits in India. Financial resources need to be used by them properly; therefore, they will be able to attain desired targets within limited time span (Reis and et. al., 2014). Along with, superior will formulate some strategies which enable them to fulfil requirement of clients. In this manner, they will take benefits from rivals at marketplace effectively. This has been analysed that economical situation of India is also enhancing but not like UK. With support of e- commerce, firm will easily fulfil desires of consumers as international level.

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