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Sustainable Tourism


Tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors nowadays. In this regard, main concept of sustainable tourism is to make positive impact on the environment. It takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impact as well. One of the major reasons of incorporating this tourism is to ensure that local community should get benefited from tourism in terms of cultural and social responses. The present study is based on a developing tourism destination and which requires more development in future as well. For this, India will be taken into consideration which is one of the biggest developing countries these days. It comes under the fastest growing countries nowadays as millions of tourists visit different places in this country (Ripp, Eidenschink and Milz, 2011). However, it is essential for the government of country to take several measures in order to maintain sustainable tourism. Further, this study gives appropriate description about the sustainability in tourism planning and development. It also analyses all the relevant national and regional policy issues in order to integrate sustainability concepts in the process as well.

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1.1 Ways in which tourism stakeholder will get benefitted from tourism development planning in India

Stakeholders can be individual or a group of people which plays a crucial role in attaining higher success of any business. Within the tourism industry, there are different types of stakeholders such as local government, tourists, travel agencies, local community etc. These are the major people and play a most important role in developing the tourists within the particular country. Considering the most important stakeholders tourists are the major one and for increasing tourism government of India is taking several initiatives (Hankinson, 2005). It is quite essential for local government of India to fulfil the needs and expectations of their visitors.

From the planning of tourism development in India all their tourists might get benefited as they can acquire expected services. On the other hand, local community is another major stakeholder and most important part of tourism industry. It is quite essential for them to provide an appropriate and suitable environment to the tourists through which they can make their experience more memorable (Comfort, 2014). In addition to this, travel agencies are the group of people who provide required services to their customers such as places to stay, travel tickets, etc. Due to this, the entire tourist will get benefited and they can easily take any of the required information easily.

Further, it can be stated that without appropriate contribution of all the stakeholders, tourism sector cannot be easily developed. With the help of the sustainable tourism country can provide most quality travel experience to all their visitors along with the development of local community (Timothy and Nyaupane, 2009). By going through the appropriate planning and developing an good and sustainable tourism, India would become the most developed country. For this, proper contribution of all these people is very crucial.

Some of the most common benefits that stakeholders will get from the development of tourism in India are as follows:


They will be able to gain foreign currency and will also achieve great foreign tourist arrival in India. It will also increase their income which will help in the development of nation.

Travel agents

These people will get great revenues in the form of fees and commissions.

Audience (Tourist)

Able to get an appropriate environment which can fulfill all their needs and demands.

1.2 Advantages and disadvantages of public-private sector partnership in tourism planning and development at India

The whole tourism industry is becoming more complicated day by day, and there are various issues faced by this industry. One of the best ways to maintain sustainable tourism is to make better collaboration between public as well as private sector (Comfort, 2014). For this, PPC model can be very much beneficial which can be defining as a private public collaboration. Through this, country can generate various employment opportunities and maintain whole protection for all the natural sources.

The major advantages of using this collaboration model in India are effective growth of economy. India is the wide nation which is growing on the fast rapid pace. Further, it is quite effective to use this model in order to eliminate different barriers of funding. With the help of public private collaboration good revenues can be set for both public and private firms as well (Rodgers, 2007). On the other hand, at the time of making such time of agreement there must be several types of risks which can be occur. These types of risks might leads to develop an ambiguity as there are several things which might not be clear between parties. At the time of proper planning for tourism development both of these parties can go together and promote the total infrastructure as well as natural resources and many more. It is the best way through which more number of tourists and visitors are attracted towards the company.


2.1 Key steps of tourism development and roles of various authorities and features at different level

In order to go through the appropriate tourism development there are several key steps which local government of India as well as local community must have to follow. From past several years it has been founded that country is facing wide range of issues in terms of development of sustainable tourism (Grimwade and Carter, 2000). For this, appropriate collaboration is one of the most important and effective approach. In this, government need to set up a structure where proper partnership can be established with local communities as well as several other private authorities. Several government website for visiting such places online can be the effective step for tourism development. By this, the whole experience of visitors can be made more exciting and interactive. They must have to focus on the quality services as nowadays people are highly concerned about the quality. They require suitable and relaxed services and it is the best way to nurture the experience of visitors (Ray and McCain, 2009). Further, the whole natural resources must be preserved by taking good care of them.

In addition to this, it has been founded that different authorities are having different responsibilities in the appropriate tourism development. Local authorities are requires to go through the proper analysis of all the national policies so that proper understanding can be attain (Sustainability tourism, 2005). National authorities are responsible for making appropriate funding for the local authorities so that proper development can take place. They are also responsible for making appropriate visitors policies which tourism agency should have to follow.

2.2 Interactive planning and its importance

Interactive planning system plays a major role in advancements of tourism industry. This system helps in keeping whole focus on the area of future development as well as designing. It determines that all the actions of planning are most important part. With the help of adopting interactive processing system all the authorities can design appropriate plans and procedures (Ray and McCain, 2009). By maintaining this proper plan, India might leads towards the proper development as well. In addition to this, there is a great importance of using this system as it helps in overcoming with the communication gaps between government and society. It makes a processing more interacting and government can easily understand the requirements of tourists. Whole local and national tourism agencies of India can easily meet out with their goals as well as mission and vision. Further, it can be stated that by implementing interactive processing system Indian authorities are able to modify their learning and communication in relation to the top tourism (Hankinson, 2005). Within this area of field, they can easily attain appropriate tourism development and go through the proper development planning of sustainable tourism.

2.3 Tourism impacts and methods to measure those impacts

The whole tourism development of India can be highly affected by the several factors such as:

Social factors: Due to this, India can go through the appropriate modification within the area of holiday activities as well as work related activities. In the community of India there are different types of holidays and holiday which highly affect the total tourism of country in a positive way (Jackson, 2008).

Seasonal factor: Different vacation patterns might affect the total tourism. At the time of winter season people not choose any place of India where heavy snowfall takes place. In the summer season people would like to go to such places where they can enjoy little winter as well. Further, this factor can be easily measure in terms of rise and fall of tourists.

Economic factors: At the time of economic recession government will lead to impose high duty on the custom (Pizam, 2012). Tax rate as well as Vat rate can be increased in the different travelling activities. Airline fares will increases due to the increasing tax rate and it might leads to decrease the number of tourist

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