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Tour Operations Management on Trailfinders

University: UKBC college London

  • Unit No: 14
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 5 / Words 1154
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: T/601/1753
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Table of Content

  2. TASK 1
  3. TASK 2
Question :

This unit state that you are working in development of Trailfinders to exhibit an understanding of the tourism industry, brochure, method for distribution to sell holidays and strategic decision making.

  • Give brief of tour industry within the travel and tourism sector.
  • Define several stages involved in creating holiday by Trailfinders.
  • Critique review of the brochures and methods of distribution for sell holidays.
  • Develop strategic & tactical decision making for Trailfinders.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Trailfinders


Tour operation industry is a very crucial element in tourism industry. It is a very significant part in a perdon's luxurious life. It is the business that is growing faster than expected generating the highest profits in the market. Trailfinders Ltd. is a travel company that belongs to tourism and hospitality industry. It is a bigger organisation which provides many services that are useful for the customers. This report states the effects of current trends and developments on the tour operators industry. It also shows the stages involved in creating holidays including different methods of contracting and calculating selling price of holiday. It also states the planning decisions taken for designing a selected brochure. The study shows the alternative of traditional brochures. Moreover, it also shows strategic and tactical decisions taken by tour operator.


1.1 Analysing the effects of current and recent trends and developments on the tour operators industry

As the trends are changing, the demands of the customers are changing with respect to tourism industry. Earlier, everything was done with simple process. And all work used to be done manually by the employees of the management but as the market is changing and with growing technology, everyone wants work to be done quickly and correctly. Nowadays, with growing technology everything has changed in the business. Work has become faster than before. More bookings or work is done within a certain period of time. Now, the changing trends have a great effect on the industry.

Easy Booking facilities

Due to growth in technology, people need not to go to ticket centres to book tickets. Different facilities are available for booking tickets conveniently like internet, online sites etc. It is the easiest way that is low in cost (Vongsaroj, 2018). It brings lot of effect on tour operation business as the customers don’t depend on tour operators for booking. They can book tickets on their own or from higher company agents so it is giving a loss to some small agencies. Tourists nowadays are resorting more and these services can be booked by client themselves and it can be a loss for travel agents.

Destination marketing

This refers to promotion of a destination with a purpose of increasing the no. of visitors. It is basically tourism advertising of a specific place. Earlier, advertising was done by distributing pamphlets to every person and that was the way to attract tourist to various offers given by the company (Shyju, and Lama, 2015). But nowadays, media is encouraging tourism by advertising and promoting destinations which helps the tour operators gain large amount of customers and more attention is given to customer's needs. So, destination marketing is done via new media.

Independent travellers

The more number of independent travellers are increasing in the market nowadays. These are the travellers who don’t use services of travel agency and do all the bookings individually on their own. This trend is increasing and giving a loss in business for travel agencies.


2.1 Assessing the stages and timescales involved in developing holidays

Holidays are the most vital and energetic part in a person's life so the process done in making holiday brochures should keep every possibility in mind and then make the plan. There are various stages involved in developing holidays:

Market research: This is the most important part that helps the organisation in developing the growth and increasing popularity among the people. It plays an important role in planning for an efficient holiday package that is up to the customer's satisfaction within a reasonable cost including the profits of the company (Robinson, Fallon, and Crotts, 2016). Trailfinders Ltd. conducts the market research and helps the employees find the customer's requirement and then developing a plan according to that. The company also research many other organisation and create a view on various destinations.

Plan and scheduling: After the research of market is done, organisation executes their research in the organisation to create a plan according to the demands of the clients. Scheduling is basically the time when the holiday is going to be executed but the client according to their conviniency. Scheduling helps the employees to plan holiday according to the customer's desire. It is basically preparing an itinerary of the holiday package selected which includes full details of the holiday from departure to arrival as per requirements of the customer.

Forecasting: This includes the part where the management takes care of the climatic condition of the certain place chosen by the customer (Redjem and Marcon, 2016). If the time and place chosen by the client does not suit the climatic condition, the management does not confirm the booking and advice customers for some other holiday plans that suit their requirement.

Developing final cost: This involves finalising the price of the holiday plan which is selected by the client. The common method that is used to calculate the price is calculating package cost and then adding profit margin. The organisation must know certain factors while finalising the cost of package: government policies, package cost of other organisation, tourist demands fulfilled, exchange rates changes, etc.

Brochures: They play an important part in creating plan for a holiday package. It is the best way to get interacted with the clients. It contains all the details about the destinations and holiday packages. So, it becomes easy for the client to decide a place for the holiday. The brochures are distributed among people via various centres. Also nowadays, e-brochure is available on the company's website so client can also get it from there by downloading it.

Post tour evaluation: This is a general feedback on the performance of the operators .This helps the management to improve the facilities of the package according to the feedback given by the clients in order to get efficient and best in the market.

2.2 Evaluating the suitability of different methods of contracting for holiday and tour operators

There are different ways for an organisation to conract for different types of holidays and operators. It is basically done to save the extra cost of the extra demands done by the customer and give them best services in the desired cost.

Fixed Contract: This type of contract includes a constant type of holiday package.

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