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Tourism Destination - TUI Group

University: ICON College of Technology and Management

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Table of Content

Question :

Evaluation of potential opportunities in the UK in respect of tourism destinations.

  • Identification of various destinations in the UK and their comparison with various destinations.
  • Identification of cultural, social, and physical features of destinations in UK.
  • Investigation of economic and political characteristics within destinations of UK.
  • Identification of the impact of issues on the popularity of tourist destinations of UK.
Answer :
Organization Selected : TUI Group


In present scenario, travel and tourism industry is rapidly growing over the world. Every year several number of people visit to come UK for personal and professional purpose. In addition, British government has also pay attention as well as recognition to tourism industry for economic development. Along with this, organisations which are associated with travelling business are also acquired various tools and techniques for promoting all of the integrated activities to get high competitive edge in a certain time period (Baker, 2014). The report is going to be described different tourists destinations of UK in order to assess the trends in tourist destinations. Readers will also come to know about variety of factors which has a vast impact on popularity of tourist destination. Comparison has been made over the features of a developing and a leading tourist destination and over the appeal made by a developing tourist destination and by a leading tourist destination.


1.1 Analyse main tourist destinations and generators of the world in terms of visitor numbers and income generation

Due to variations in environmental conditions and nature or patterns of the market a change has been seen within travel and tourism industry as well. These progressions are happening because of different components or qualities or highlights of an effective tourist destination. The number of visitors has expanded because of changes in nature and patterns of the market. In this world, there are various tourist destinations which are well known and attract visitors towards them by making a compelling interest (Becker, 2016). Diverse nations of the world have distinctive highlights which pull in the visitors.

TUI group is a multinational travel and tourism provider company which owns has tour agencies, airlines, hotels, cruise ships, retail stores etc. In this modern era, people like new places to visit, i.e. Spain, France, Italy, London, Paris etc. It has been analysed that living standard of people has been improved in UK which will support travel and tourism industry as well. As per the study, there was over 31.3 million people have visited UK , thus the popularity of the tourist destination is driven up in comparison with Thailand, Nepal, Switzerland, Mexico etc. In the 2013, number of overall world's travellers were 177.9 billion which was reduced in 2014 to 177.2 billion.

As per the study of past years, it get analysed that there is vast amount of tourists come to visit UK; it has driven up economic condition of the nation, in terms of raising revenues or income. Different popular destinations in UK, i.e. National gallery and British Museum have been visited mostly. According to 2013, more than 6.7 million tourists came over the world. It also get analysed that cultural heritage tourism has also contributed more than 4.5 billion in GDP rate of the country which is almost 35% of total revenues. Furthermore, another trend is emergence of Asian and African tourists destinations. Presently, countries like – India, China, Switzerland and Thailand are becoming popular tourists places due to here unexplored places and visiting these nations is more economically. This is the reason people are planning their holidays in such countries (Cohen and Cohen, 2015). Apart from this, a new trend has been occurred in tourism industry which delivers a vital growth to the nation, these are inbound and outbound tourism. In addition to this contribution of the study has reduced. Another study is conducted in order to know the impact of inbound tourists and international tourists.


2.1 Analyse cultural, social and physical features of tourist destinations

A tourists destination is a boon not only for tourists as well as for people who lives at there. Tourism contains adventurers and memorable experience for people who have visited there. Along with this, cultural of tourism varies from different aspects. In past decades, tourism is known for pleasure, leisure and gaining adventurers experience but as per the time changes its been turn out by having several objectives. TUI provides its tourism services over the world. London is the chosen tourism destination for completion of this task as presently it holds the title of most visited tourism destination and consists different attractive places for which tourist from domestic as well as international origin visit London.

Cultural features – People lives in society which have some values, attitudes, beliefs, artefacts and other meaningful signs which shows living patterns of people that differentiate them from others. Therefore, it can be said that tourism affects cultural of places as in CUBA there is demographical cultural of society (Cohen and, 2014). On the other hand, London which is known as most popular place for tourism perspective always invited people to visit there.

Social features – It is known as those factors that reflects holiday decisions or tour plan of people. For instance – senior citizens would like to visit historical or ancient places whereas youngsters prefer to visit adventurers places. Apart from this, society of London and CUBA is a point of consideration for visitors to decide whether to go these places or not. In London, people have open minded thinking whereas in CUBA individuals give more value to traditions.

Physical features – It is a multi facet aspect of tourist destination by having pros and cons. In London, government has extra concentration in order to maintain physical infrastructure of the country; tourism advancement is always in its priority list in comparison with other countries (Dickinson and, 2014). Apart from this, in CUBA there is higher involvement of people in tourism development which reflects negatively physical balance of the land. Although, government bodies also ignored interference of uninvited people which continuously decreases the number of tourists.

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3.1 Analyse issues that affect the popularity of tourist destinations

Tourism is a leading sector which generates higher revenues or income for UK's economy. In London is also known as greatest source of foreign exchange earning because in every year several number of tourists come to see its beauty. But there are diverse issues which can hinder popularity of that destination (Hannam, Butle and Paris, 2014), such are stated as under: -

  • Changes in climate – Variations in whether or climate conditions of the country affects the range of visitors who usually comes to visit here. As if bad nature of climate reduces customers' interest and they do not prefer that place. Beside this, some destinations remain cold in summers as well as it attracts visitors.
  • Natural disasters – There are various natural disasters, such as – flood, earthquake, Tsunami etc. affects infrastructure of tourism destination. Usually, people does not prefer to go such places where these activities have occurred recently. In 2001, UK was faced an earthquake that has hindered entire infrastructure of tourism in that country.
  • Terrorism – In present scenario, terrorism activities are rapidly growing in developed countries. It results people feel unsafe to go these locations or regions. In UK, there is a beautiful place to visit, i.e. Paris which is known as best tourist spot over the world but the region get affected by terrorists which reduces the number of tourists. Attack happen in UK in 2003, has affected the whole nation; beside this terrorists also hijack air planes which generated fear among people.
  • Tourism trends – As per the ever dynamic nature of environment, needs and wants of people get changed (Hartmann, 2014). Due to technological advancements, several trends has been occurred in tourism industry as well. The nature of services also has been totally changed, now people prefer to visit those more adventurous and attractive places where they can feel some thrills. Apart from this, some people prefer to go those place where they can feel piece. These trends affects sales and profitability of tour operators.
  • Communication and transportation facility – Some places has effective communication and transportation facilities which increases the range of people who visit here. On the other hand, places where there is lack these kind of services reduces the number of tourists. The situation occurs cause people prefer different places to visit and it is not possible for tour operators to meet needs and wants of all tourists in the best possible manner.

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